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Monday, October 5


Diary of a restless soul Insert 58


Insert 58
In class i kept checking my phone.
I was hoping that mandy will tell me that my mom is back,
but she never texted me.
I waited for that message untill school was dismissed.
I got home and mandy was watching tv.
Me: hey girl.
Mandy: hey you.
Me: i waited for your text but it never came through.
Mandy: well mntase that's because mom is still no where to be found.
Me: now i am starting to be worried.
Maybe she was kidnapped or something.
Mandy: or maybe she went back to where she drank yesterday.
Me: but my mom is not a drankard.
She only drank a bit yesterday,
that doesn't mean that she went back there,
so early in the morning.
That's not like her.
Mandy: well let's wait untill in the evening then,
if she doesn't come back
only then should we start to panic.
Me:yeah you right.
But i have a bad feeling about this.
Mandy: i hope that feeling involve her coming home drunk.
Me: it doesn't.
I don't think she will go back to drinking again.
No!!! Not my mom.
i know her,
i know what she likes and drinking is not one of those things.
Mandy: ohk then if you say so.
I went to change into my casual clothes.
A track pants and a vest with sleepers.
I quickly washed my shirt and socks,
hanged them on the washing line.
I went back to the house took out mutton meat and defrosted it.
I made a quick snack for my self.
And i went to join mandy in the lounge.
I watched tv while muffing on my snack.
At 17;00 i started with the pots,
i cooked mutton stew, marshed potatoes, canned mix veg, beedroot and rice.
I then did a carrot with coslouw and raisins salad.
After cooking,
i dished up for the three of us.
I was about to put my mom's plate in the microwave when i noticed that:
The plate from the previous night was still there,
and the food was untouched.
So my mother didn't eat before she left.
I throw the food away.
And took what i just dished up to her room.
I nicely placed it to the headboard.
I called mandy to take her food and i also took mine and we went to eat in the lounge,
since the was nobody to stop us from eating there .
After eating i washed our plates and placed them where they belonged.
I went back to the lounge.
It was now 20:45.
To be honest i was really worried about my mom's where abouts.
I kept on staring at the clock as it kept on going.
My heart was beating so heavily.
I was so scared.
Mandy: ai no its getting late and
i am starting to be worried now.
Me: i thought i was the only one getting worried.
Mandy: maybe we should call the police.
Me: and say what.
Mandy: tell them that our mother is missing since morning.
Me: ah the cops will not take the case,
they will tell us the same shit of waiting for 48hours before they can consider her missing.
Mandy: what if our mom doesn't have 48 hours.
Me: i think we should go look for her.
Mandy: where.
Me: around,
we can firstly ask the neighbours.
Maybe someone saw her.
Mandy: ohk lets go.
Me: let me quickly go and wear some proper shoes.
Mandy: make it snappy.
I quickly rushed to my room.
I was putting on my tekkies when i heard a knock on the door.
I heard mandy opening the door.
"owh yhini bawo" she said
i quickly ran to the door to see who it was.
And to my surprise there was my mom,
hanging on some guy's shoulder.
And to say yesterday she was drunk was an understatement.
She was wet drunk and
she could hardly pronounce any word.
Guy1: ekse bo sisters my name is zuko maan,
i live in this street
i met your mom kwa zakes.
And i saw that she had too much to drink so because i know her
and we are neighbours i decided to ask my friend (sipho) to help me carry her here..
And i think the guys she was drinking with searched her.
When they saw that she was wasted.
Me: owh mama maan.
Guy2(sipho): and i am sure those guys would have done more than searching her if we didn't show up.
Mandy: how do you mean.
Sipho: i mean they were busy brushing her breast and ass.
And she was too drunk to even stop them.
Me: owh my god.
What kind of thing is this.
From a perfect mom to being a alcohol abuser in just a day.
Thixo Mandoyiswe.
This is just too much for me to swallow.
Mandy: thank you guys for bringing her home,
please carry her this way.
(she told them to carry my mom to the lounge,
and they did.
They put her to the 3 seat couch).
I went to take a R50 note from my lunch money.
I gave it to the guys as a way of showing my gratitude for what they did for my mom.
They took the money said their goodbyes and left.
I went to lock the door,
and went back to lounge where my mom was snoring like a cow with saliva drooling from her mouth.
My eyes became teary in an instant.
I just blink and the tears fell aimlessly.
Mandy: sshhhhhh sulila(don't cry) maan.
Atleast she is home safe.
(she said while brushing my back). Me: home safe or not,
this right here is not my mom mandy.
Where is my mom.
What happened to the woman who raised us.
Because this is not her.
She kept comforting me,
while i cried silencely on her shoulder.

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