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Thursday, October 8


Diary of a restless soul Insert 60


Insert 60
it was a saturday midday.
Nwabi and luyolo were at home.
We've just came from the salon with luyolo.
I got my hair, nails, lashes and eyebrows done.
Yeah today was the big day.
Our matric farewell day.
It was the 29 of october 2010.
I had the honor of attending because nwabi bought me a dress and shoes.
And luyolo paid for the trip and the salon.
I didn't have to worry about the car because NCEBA said he will handle that.
Yeah he was my partner and sibu was gonna go with zimkhitha.
I did a tara weave which was highlighted with a blue color in the front.
I went to take a bath because a shower was gonna mess my hair style.
After bathing i wore my dress,
it was blue.
its upper part was covered in diamonds.
It hugged my curves very well and it opened up from the curves downwards
(it was a bit of a fish dress).
And it showed a bit of clevage.
I was blessed with boobs i was a 36b so yeah i had a killer clevage.
I wore my nude blue heel wich was also covered with a bit of diamonds.
Nwabi helped zip up my dress.
She helped me put on my diamond earrings (not legit).
With its matching necklace and bracelet.
She did my make up.
After she finished,
i checked myself out on the mirror
and gosh i looked like a goddess
if i must say.
It suited me well,
i could hardly recognise my self because of the make up.
I took my medium blue purse which had a bit of light blue pearls.
I catwalked to the veranda where mandy and luyolo were.
"wooooooooooooooow" mandy screamed.
Luyolo: hhayi maan mandz you are making noise.
Its like you are screaming inside my ears.
Whats with you.
Mandy: how can i not scream bhuti,
yhuuu mntase you look......you look..... Uhm actually i've lost words to describe how you look right now.
Owh my god you look like those models in the tv.
Nwabi: mhle nyan shame. (she is really beautiful)
i just smiled shyly because i felt so different.
The makeup i had on made me feel different.
Luyolo on the other side had his mouth wide open.
His jaws were literally on the floor.
he swallowed hard and opened his mouth as to speak.
I guess words couldn't come out of his mouth.
Because he closed his mouth again.
And his eyes popped out.
he wiped his hands on his trouser.
Mandy: ai ta'yolo close your mouth before flies let themselves in.
Nwabi: i am sure they are already in,
and they have built a home and invited their friends and cousins.
And luyolo didn't feel a thing.
Luyolo: mmmxm.
If you guys should see what i am seeing right now.
I am sure your mouth will be hanging open too.
This here is out of the ordinary.
She is what i call perfectionist at its best.
God really created a goddes here.
Mandy: akubethe ke umpumy njeba u busy talking ngo out of the ordinary no goddess apha.
Luyolo: mxm that one won't do anything.
She knows that she has nothing compared to my princess.
Me: yet you couldn't wait getting between her legs.
How ironic.
He chocked on his saliva.
I guess what i said caught him off guard.
My eyes glittered with tears.
Nwabi: ai nana what's wrong why are your eyes teary now.
Mandy: ai shem inoba this luyolo and mpumi saga brings back bad memories.
Luyolo: owh princess yam sorry maan,
sorry marhadebe wam'
god knows i've never meant to hurt you.
Me: owh please don't flatter yourself fish.
I don't give a rat ass about what you do with your mpumi shame.
I am over you and i had been a while now.
Mandy: then why are you teary.
Me: because i am ovewhelmed.
I just wish i can show nwabi and yolo how grateful i am,
because of what they did for me.
I want to thank you guys because you never sidelined me.
Or make me feel unwelcomed
just because i am not your blood sibling.
You never left me out in the cold,
you guys are always here for me,
i just wish my mom could be here,
so that she can see how beautiful i look.
But then she chose to be drinking somewhere than being here.
Nwabi: please nana wipe those tears away,
we will always be here for you ohk.
We are a family.
These is just a phase and i am sure it will pass soon.
Me: i hope so.
"it will" they all chantered.
Nwabi wiped my tears and fixed my makeup.
We took pictures with our phones.
I took pictures with everybody.
We heard a car roaring outside.
I stepped out a BMW X5 was parking at our gate.
NCEBA stepped out looking as handsome as ever.
He was in a casual formal.
He was wearing a DH white shirt.
With a blue and black formal pullover.
A tight jean like trouser but its fabric was a bit soft to be a jean.
He wore a shinny blue carvela (those were the thing back then).
He flashed a smile showing his front gold tooth.
I walked to him and we shared a hug.
His cologne was on another level.
Nceba: wow you are beyond beauty.
I feel like i could just look at you the whole night,
you bless me.
Me: thanx you don't look bad your self.
He gave me a rose.
Then he Opened the back door for me,
i stepped in,
he also stepped in at the back too.
some guy was driving so he started the car and we were off to school.
When we got to the school.
That guy parked the car, stepped out and he opened the door for us.
NCEBA got out first and then i followed.
He held my hand.
And i hang on to him because i needed to balance.
My heel was a bit high so i didn't trust my balance.
It felt like if i let go i may fall.
The moment we stepped on the red carpet the crowd screamed their lungs out.
Some of them whistled.
And some took pictures with their
cameras and phones.
It was like i was in the spot light.
I suddendly felt so overwhelmed.
I was afraid.
My heart was beating so fast.
I've never been a centre of attraction before.
I held on tighter to nceba.
"don't be afraid, just be your self pretend like all this people ain't here. You will do just fine.
And you look beautiful" Nceba whispered in my ear.
After that i tried to loosen up a bit.
I let out a brief smile.
I could feel myself letting go.
We posed for few camera shots.
Then we walked to the school hall.
Most of my classmates were already there, looking
radiant as ever.
I spotted sibu and khitha at the far end of the hall.
I showed nceba and we walked to them.
Khitha screamed as loud as she could.
Everybody stared at her but she didn't seem to give a fuck.
She ran to me and squeezed me tightly into her hands, i couldn't breath.
"ai khitha sundibulalela ubhabham"
sibu said.
Nceba: yeah khitha yhuu let her loose she needs to breath.
She let go of me.
Khitha: yhuuu guys ninomona maan. Caba nani nifuna iihugs.
Sibu: well that kinda of a hug will be a pass for me.
Imagine a newspaper headline
that's not how i want my legacy to continue.
So no i don't want your hugs.
But i will give one to my nana
(he said while offering me a hug.
I tucked myself in his warm embrace, he smelled so devine)
"wooow i think you just swept me of my feet right now,
remind me why are we friends again" he whispered in my ear.
I smiled shyly.
We broke the hug.
Sibu: i am zoomed bhabha you look so perfect.
He planted a kiss on my forehead.
Sibu: hey mjita(he shook hand with nceba and they shoulder bump).
"excuse us ladies" they both said.
They walked away.
we were left with khitha admiring each other's dresses.
Khitha was wearing a red long dress.
Which had an opening from her shoulder
which stood a bit above her ass.
And sibu was wearing red and white.
A white casual suit with a red t'shirt.
I am busy now will continue later.
Insert 60 continues.
We talked for a while with khitha,
busy gossiping about our classmates
and how they were dressed.
Sibu and nceba were with some guys from our class.
The headmaster entered the hall.
He said a few words of encouragement
and wished us well on our trip.
Shortly the vecos arrived to take us to our final destination,
which was sandton in jo'burg.
Our reservetion were made in pigalle restuarant.
We all went to board the veco with few of our matric teachers.
There were four vecos so they accomordated all of us.
Khitha; sibu, nceba and I sat in the back seat.
We had a great time throughout our journey.
When we arrived at the resturant we were showed where to seat.
We chose a table for four.
We were served food,
well it was all kinds of food and you just chose what you wanted.
I chose nothing fancy and for some reason i felt full.
So i just dished up the salads and chicken only.
Sibu: yhuu bhabha i didn't know you are on diet.
Khitha: haska there's no diet here, she is just shy to show nceba how much she loves food.
Me: mxm sund'qhela khitha neh
i just don't feel hungry thats all.
Sibu: what did you eat.
Me: strangely nothing.
Nceba: you are just overwhelmed and you had a long journey maybe that's why you are full.
Me: yeah maybe.
Sibu: yhuu your tummy is not loyal shame.
It wants you to miss all this delicacies.
Well i guess we will eat for you then since our tummy knows white people's food.
I laughed at that.
I ate my salads and meat they were so tasty.
After the food we were offered wines.
Sibu and khitha helped themselves with the wine.
I only had one glass and nceba never touched the booze at all.
He said he wasn't in the mood to drink.
Sibu: ai you guys are boring why aint you drinking.
You are such a mood killer.
Anyway lets go have pictures taken nathi pha kla bhuti.
(sibu was a bit tipsy and so was khitha)
they both stood up and went to that camera guy we followed after them.
We Took couple of picture together,
then i took a few with nceba,
a few with sibu
and a few with khitha.
After taking the pictures we went back to our table.
sibu and khitha continued drinking.
Well they were not the only ones.
Most of the learners were also drinking.
After few hours we left the restuarant for carnival city.
We had such an incredible time there.
We played games and nceba got me a big teddy bear.
We left sibu and khitha still playing some game (i don't remember what it was)
we went to a quiet place and we sat down.
Nceba: i can't believe i am having this much fun with the woman i love by my side.
Today is the happiest day of my life.
And i wish it could stay like this forever.
Me: like how.
Ncebu: like you being right by my side.
I was about to answer him.
(and he smashed his lips to mine,
firstly i didn't respond back,
i was still caught of guard.
But then few seconds later i responded
and we french kissed his lips we so soft and cold,
that kiss send chills down my spine and i broke it.
We stared deep in each other's eyes)
"i love you" nceba said.
Me: I.......
"what are you guys doing here alone" khitha's voice came behind my back interrupting me.
Me: mhhmm nothing.
Nceba: yeah we just about to come to you guys.
Sibu: that didn't seem like you coming to us.
If i didn't know any better i would say you guys just did what you shoudn't do.
Me: which is?.
Sibu: which is awkward topic to be discussing now.
Because we have to go.
The teachers told us that its time to go.
I stood up fixed my dress and we walked to our transport it was now 1:00am.
And it was time to go home.
And to me that was a day well spent.

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