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Sunday, October 11


Diary of a restless soul Insert 61


Insert 61.
Well farewell was over
and we had started writing our final exams.
I had just finished my first paper which was english.
I was waiting with sibu and khitha at the school gate.
Infact they were keeping me company while i waited for bae.
it has been two weeks since the farewell
and yes me and nceba were officially dating.
He was a great guy shame.
He spoiled me rotten.
And besi inlove lanto indala.
He was my romeo and i was his juliet.
And together we potrayed a great shakespear's love poem.
We haven't had our first fight yet.
And i prayed that we don't because i knew that i would never go a day without talking to my bae.
Sibu: yhuuu ai bhabha we are still here.
Stop blushing alone,
you look like a retard.
Me: omg was i really blushing.
Sibu: ewe tsh.... You really have it bad for this guy neh.
Me: is it that obvious nah.
Khitha: ewe chommie.
Even a blind man can see that you have fallen head over hills for the guy.
Me: i can't help it,
he makes me happy.
And he is a real catch.
Khitha: well sis don't fall in too deep,
you don't wanna end up getting hurt.
Sibu: hhayi nceba will never try to hurt you,
coz if he does i will break every bone in his body.
Me:lol really.
Sibu: yes.
Me: lol i don't think so.
You don't look like the violent type.
Sibu: well for you bhabham i can even be superman.
Nobody will lay a hand on you while i am around.
Khitha: lol don't listen to him athe,
leli khulu igwala eli.
(he is a big corward).
Sibu; mmmnxm you don't know me mos wena.
Just then nceba showed up.
As soon as he saw me he flashed his sexy smile.
And he was still looking as hansome as ever in that school uniform.
Khitha: ai kodwa mhle maan unceba just look at the way he walks,
its sexy.
Sibu: khayeke ufisha amadoda wabantu ndikhona.
Khitha: ai shem jealousy is a desease bro.
Sibu: haska i know i am charming and nceba has nothing on me.
Right bhabha.
Me: yep dear he ain't got shit against you.
Khitha: mxm stop lyng to each other.
Finally nceba got to us.
He Hugged me and planted a soft kiss on my lips.
Nceba: hey guys.
Sibu: eita mjita.
Khitha: ey ncebz
nceba: thanx guys for keeping my baby company.
Sibu: that would be a clipper ke sani,
so you owe us.
Nceba: ohk ke i will pay you guys tomorrow
Me: lol sibu soze uyive lomali.
Sibu: lol i'm kidding nceba,
yhu i will never asked to be paid to spend time with my girl.
No amount of money is worth our friendship.
Me: ncooooh bhabha that's sweat.
Sibu: well with that said we have to go.
He hugge me.
Sibu: will see you tomorrow nana zam please don't forget to study.
Me: i won't forget.
Khitha also hugged me and then hugged nceba.
They shoulder bump with sibu and they said their goodbyes and left.
So it was just me and my baby.
We stood there for few more minutes.
Talking about sweet nothings.
Nceba: so amore mio (italian for my love)
me: yes baby.
Nceba: how did you write.
Me: well its just a first paper and my pen just flowed.
Nceba: that's my pariza right there,
clever as always.
Thats why i love you.

(he planted a kiss on my forehead).
Nceba: i believe in you and i know you nailed it.
Me: so how did you write.
Nceba: great since i woke up knowing that i have an incredible gift in my life.
Me: which is?.
Nceba: you pariza.
You make everything worthwhile in my life.
And the words i love you, doesn't even begin to explain how i feel about you right now.
You are my world pari.
A reason for the smile i wear on my face everyday.
Me: ncoooh please stop it before you turn me into a cry baby.
Nceba: you will be my cry baby njena.
We shared a passionate kiss.
I could feel butterflies in my tummy.
I didn't know what to do with my body,
as it became weak in an instant.
For once our souls were one.
We didn't care about the school kids passing by.
When we kissed its like nothing else existed accept us.
We broke the kiss and he brushed my hair.
"i love you for infinity my love" he said with a low yet sweet voice.
Me: i love you too baby.
He then walked with me to catch a taxi home.
Since buses became scarce when we started writing.
When we got to the taxi rank,
the taxi was almost full.
Well going home was a difficult mission for me because i didn't want to part ways with my bae.
We hugged and i got in the taxi and two more ladies borded the taxi,
and it was full and we left.
When i got to my stop i got off.
Walked slowly to my home.
I couldn't wait for tomorrow so that i could set my eyes on my man again.
When i got home,
it was the usual:
mandy was watching tv and my mom was getting herself wasted somewhere.
I didn't even know where she got the money to buy booze because she was not working.
But hey with drunkards you never know.
I greeted mandy and went to change into my casual clothes.
I washed my shirt and socks like always.
Took out what i was gonna cook later.
And nceba called to asked if i arrived safe.
After the call i made myself a snack,
after eating.
I went to my room and started with my books

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