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Monday, October 12


Diary of a restless soul Insert 62


Insert 62
We had just finished writing our final paper,
sibu threw a lil pen's down party.
So i was at his home,
his parents were out for the weekend.
Khitha was also here and few of our classmates.
Booze was served by the platter,
it was everywhere.
I was eating my braai meat and drinking appletiser in the kitchen.
Well i told myself that i am never touching alcohol again,
after what happened with my mother.
The smell of alcohol alone was enough to make my blood boil.
Sibu came in with a heineken can in his hand he was a bit tipsy.
Sibu: aibo nana what's eating you up,
why are you not with the others outside
me: i am fine bhabha i just needed to eat my meat in piece,
i will join them soon.
Sibu: so your man is still not here yet.
Me: ewe but i just spoke to him.
He said he is on his way.
His friend also threw a party so he started there first.
Sibu: shame maybe thats why you are alone,
you surely miss him.
Me: hahaha not that much i saw him at school hau.
Sibu: with newly found love you never know.
Five minute away from each other you all so misrable.
Me: i am cool man,
sibu: ohk bhabha if you say so.
Let me go pee and when i come back we are going outside,
i don't want you to die because of stress of missing someone.
Me: i really don't miss him.
Sibu: lol so you say.
He went to the toilet,
few minutes later he came back .
Took his can on top of the table.
"come on let's go" he said
while pulling me up from the chair.
Me: hhayi maan sibu just give me few more minutes and i will be right there.
Sibu; noooo! i am not leaving you alone here
so you better get your ass up or i will carry you with that chair.
Me: lol you wouldn't dare.
Sibu: ndyabona you think i'm joking.
(he attempted lifting the chair but i stopped him,
and i resistantly got up from the chair.
I took my appletiser and followed him).
We went to sit under the tree where everybody was.
Khitha: finally she came out.
Me: i was gonna be out eventually i was still eating.
Khitha: if you say so.
Well i loosened up and enjoyed myself.
House music was playing so we danced.
I didn't need booze to get in the right mood.
I was busy dancing and some guy joined me.
We were still busy dancing with the guy when someone roughly pulled my hand.
Me: yinton maan (i said without looking at whoever was pulling me ).
" i am not here for few minutes and you are busy dancing with some random guy so you couldn't wait for me" nceba yelled at me,
while he pulled me away from the crowd.
Me: aibo it was just an innocent dance why are you making it a big deal.
Nceba: i am making it a big deal? Really?
So in your fucken mind this is not a big deal huh.
Me: well it is not.
I hated how we argued over small things with nceba this few days.
He had turned into this jealous guy i could hardly stand.
When a guy stares nor greet me he would be upset and i had to apologise for something i don't even know just to avoid arguing with him.
So today i wasn't in the mood to apologise .
i let him go on and on about the dance issue.
I think he realised that i wasn't paying any attention to anything he was saying.
So i felt my cheeck burning in an instant.
Rhaa the son of a bitch slapped me,
kwabe uyibhudile,
i slapped him back.
He held his cheeck still astonished by the fact that i slapped him back.
He raised his hand as to slap me again but sibu held his arm.
Sibu: ei chap ucinga wenza nton.
Nceba: i am just trying to teach my girlfriend some respect.
And to stop her from bitching around.
Sibu: so who said hitting her will make her respect you.
You are a corward and the fact that you just hit a girl makes you less of a man,
uyi nkwenkwe kwedini.
Nceba; hey don't you dare call me a boy.
Anyway why are you defending her,
or are you also fucking her.
Yeah you two are are fucking each right,
thats explains your lil friendship you had going on,
you are trying to hide the fact that you are sleeping together.
I don't know how,
but i saw nceba on the ground.
Sibu knocked him with a fist,
everything happened so fast.
Next thing i knew sibu was kicking nceba.
People were now watching.
I tried to stop sibu from kicking him but he didn't burge,
khitha came to help me stop sibu from kicking nceba.
Finally we manange to to stop sibu.
Nceba got a chance to get up from the ground.
His noise was bleeding.
He wiped it with his arm.
Khitha: aibo what's going on here.
(nobody answered i looked at sibu and back at nceba who was busy cleaning himself).
Khitha: guys hello somebody answer me please.
Sibu: nothing i just had to teach this boy here that hitting a woman is not a right way to go.
And i was just showing him that nobody messes with athe and gets away with it.
Wena (he said pointing at nceba).
If you ever lay your filthy hands on her again i will kill you uyandiva.
Nceba nodded and he walked away leaving me confused on whether to follow him or stay and continue enjoying the party
one thing i knew for sure is that i still loved him.

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