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Monday, October 5


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 88


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As the whole family was standing in the ward, everyones face glooming with happiness because a child is a blessing to a family, it makes two families connect and become one family. As I looked at the baby, all I could see was the happiness and joy that I was feeling, I feel like this is my own child, as long as he has my brothers blood running down her vains, then she is mine too. Lesego looked at her baby and for one minute she could not utter a word but tears of joy flowing down her cheeks. Rorisang was happy and proud that the baby was a boy, he always vowed to have a baby boy and his wish came true. Oara was just proud of his young brother because he had stepped up to the plate and took responsibility of the baby. Chrissie was just standing there with teary eyes as she looked at the baby, I am pretty sure that she wished that the baby could be hers, white people show massive love and support, she is surely going to help in supporting this baby.
Everything was going alright for everyone, smiles everywhere. Lesego sat up on her bed and told us she had something to tell us
Lesego : Hi everyone, I would like to thank everyone of you who showed support during my pregnancy, this has a been a real tough journey but because you prayed and stood strong for me and my baby, I had to pull through. I consider everyone who is standing here as my family, I am not sure if it was not for your support I would be smiling now. Through the Grace and the power of the living God, I gave birth to a healthy baby. I love all of you.
I stood up and gave her a warm hug on her bed, everyone all got emotional as she was speaking because all of them had a soft spot for Lesego. One by one, they all stood up to give Lesego a hug. This was really special because Lesego was fine, she gave birth to a healthy baby, this just called for a celebration. As we were all standing, we saw the Doctor coming in the room with a smile
Doctor : Hi everyone, I have great news too, I will be discharging Ms Masemola, I will give her medication which will ease the pain as she will be recovering from home. You got a really tough lady here, she is a fighter.
I looked at everyones face again to see their reactions regarding this, it was like their happiness multiplied, I could feel the love that was in there. I saw Lesego preparing to leave, she was in a feeling a little bit dizzy but the fact that she was finally going home made her feel more happy as she was going to see her whole family. We said our goodbye’s to the nurses as we headed to the parking lot, I took the car with Oara, Chrissie, Rorisang drove with Lesego in his car and we and we all drove home.
As we all got home, both the Motsepe and the Masemola family were gathered at our home, we received all the love that we had expected, this baby is a blessing to both families. I saw my dad ‘’Mr Motsepe’’ looking at the baby, he was a proud grandfather, his face was glooming with happiness. Lesego’s mother finally held the baby boy in her arms, you could see how she was holding the baby ‘’Pure Love’’. I was really happy of how everything was going for everyone. There was no stress for anyone. I looked at my mom ‘’Mrs Motsepe’’, she tried showing her love to the new born baby, her mind was somewhere out there, she was edgy and moving around the house just to make herself busy with something, but as her daughter, I could see something was bothering her, I asked myself questions on what could be wrong because she should be the most happiest grandmother ever. I acted like I was not seeing anything, I shall wait for Lesego’s family to leave so that I could sit her down and talk to her, this is not like my mother, maybe she is stressed about how Rorisang will take care of the baby because he does not even have a steady job.
What do you think might be wrong with my mother?

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