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Wednesday, October 7


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 89


 Naration with Kaboentle's view
Yhooooo hw I miss u guys I hvnt read yet nw oFF 2 read tjoo" ~Nandie Sikiti
The whole house was full of people that were celebrating the birth of the new baby. The day went by and the Masemola’s were preparing to leave because they really had a long day at our house, the food was great, everything was going great, I am pretty sure that they were tired. Rorisang pulled Lesego to the corner to talk to her for a few minutes
Rorisang : Baby, it seems like the whole family is happy about our baby, I think we must also be more happy about that. (opening his arms for a hug)
Lesego : Yes hey, our baby has brought our two families together, this is a very special for me, for us, for everyone. (with a nice gentle smile on her face)
Rorisang : That is right babe, we must make sure that our baby gets one of the best upbringing ever, I am a proud father
Lesego : I am a proud mother too, I love you Rorisang
Rorisang : I love you too sweetheart.
As they were speaking, Mrs Masemola came outside where they were talking and told Lesego that they are about to leave. Rorisang and Lesego hugged each other tightly to say their goodbyes to each other and he gave her a nice warm kiss on the forehead. Everyone went to the gate to wish the Masemola’s a great journey on their way home. As the car was leaving we were waving our hands to them, everyone then went inside the house. I was monitoring my mother’s every move regarding this, I had been seeing a very weird behaviour from her, I could see that she is still unsettled after the Masemola had left, her attention and heart seemed to be somewhere else. Everyone were still in their happy mood, I couldn’t just pull her to the corner and make her explain everything. I had to wait for the right moment to be able to sit her down and talk.
My father was impressed of how Rorisang had changed from acting as a clown, to being all grown up like that. He picked up his phone to call Siphesihle’s father in order to tell him that he is now a grandfather, he looked so happy as they were talking on the phone, I have never heard my father flaunt about his son like this but today I am hearing it with my own two ears. I was surprised by everything that was happening.
Oara and Chrissie were supportive to Rorisang because they think that their support to him will make him see the greatness of being a father, take responsibility of his child. As they were sitting at the table, a random sms came through to Oara’s phone and he opened the sms
Hi, I heard the great news that Rorisang is now a father. I have something that I have to talk to you about, this is very urgent, I cannot keep living a lie, this has been eating me all my life, its weighing heavy on my shoulders. I have to fix up my life and do everything the right way. Call me back when you are ready to talk, I will be waiting but do not take long or I will tell Chrissie everything.
From : Siphesihle
Oarabile’s mood changed as he read the message but he tried faking it, Chrissie looked at him and asked him if everything was fine, he fastly cut her and responded ‘’Yes everything is fine, no need to worry’’. There I was looking at everything that is happening, first its my mother acting all weird today and now its Oarabile acting weird too. There I was standing there trying to put everything together but it was not making sense at all.
What is happening in this house?????

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