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Thursday, October 8


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 90


There I was bring confused about the sms that I had received, what is the meaning of all of this. I cant get my mind around this. I am used to telling Chrissie everything that I do, she knows where I go and she tells me everything that she does, we are married, married couples build a relationship of trust. I cant bear the feeling that I am going to be lying to Chrissie telling her that I will be going somewhere else while I will be seeing Siphesihle in secret, I have to meet her in secret because I want to know the secret that she wants to tell me, I am imagining Siphesihle breaking that mystery secret infront of Chrissie, NO, I don’t want Chrissie get broken right infront of me, I want to hear that secret then I will break it down to Chrissie by myself.
I had to go see what the mystery secret is, I responded to the sms from Siphesihle
‘’Hi, I don’t know what the hell you are talking about?, this better not be your stunts where about you trying to make me love you, I am a married man, I cannot take another women in my life. I want us to meet and you must tell whatever the damn secret is. You are trying to blackmail me, I don’t appreciate whatever you are doing. Send me your numbers then we shall meet once and talk about this. Don’t you dare drag my wife into this, this whole thing is between us, we shall solve it between us. My wife does not deserve to know about this.’’
I sent the sms and anxiously waited for a reply because I was already feeling bad because of meeting Siphesihle behind Chrissie’s back. As my mind was fluctuating in deeper thoughts, my mom came in the room and just stared right into my eyes
Mom : You look like you have a lot on your mind, come on talk to mommy (soft smile showing on her face)
Me : Mom, its nothing serious, I can deal with this, do not worry.
Mom : No, you need to lay it out to me, what if I have a better solution better solution than me, trust me, I am your mother and mother’s know best.
Me : The thing is mma, I received an sms from Siphesihle telling me that she has a secret that she wants to tell me, I have no idea what its about
Mom : Uhm (eyes rolling all over the room), my son I think you need to go see her regarding this, it might be important.
Me : But Mom I do not trust that Siphesihle girl, she is a snake, she might be trying to destroy my marriage. I want to ask you something?
Mom : Yes, you can ask me
Me : Are you sure that you got nothing to with this, are you sure that in later stage I wont find that you were involved in everything? (asking question in a saddening tone)
As we were talking, an sms cam through and it was enlisting directions to the place that we have to meet.
Mom : My baby, uhm (while looking down) I just remembered that I have to go do something for your daddy, I will be right back. Everything will be alright.
As I was about to ask her why she did not answer my question but my mom barged out of the room with speed, I was confused why she would do that. I got suspicious over the whole thing, I don’t know what the hell is going on. Whatever this mystery secret is, I have to go and find out what it is.

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