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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 142 (Part A)

Dygo 142
Life after the betrayal.
Everything was going pretty well in our marriage. Our couple sessions were done. We just attended our last session. I must say we really grew a lot from them and even grew closer.
Oh two weeks after d-day Kevin resigned from Sasol to focus on Makoota. I must say it was a risky move, but we needed to rebuild our marriage. Having two jobs was somehow impacting on us and taking a lot of time. We needed more time especially after the one we lost.It was hard but for our marriage sake, we had to compromise.
Because Kev was focussing only on one job, his hard-work was paying off because Makoota was also at its peak. Kev has not applied or bid for any tenders, but he had received funding from legitimate businesses. Nyiko also resigned from his job, he was busy with his private businesses.
I insisted that Reatli be told everything as well. Kevin was reluctant at first, saying we should let Nyiko handle it at his own time, but I demanded a meeting. She deserved to know everything about LSG’s manipulations and threats in case she comes back and start demanding more money or make our lives a living hell again..
We had a meeting, both Nyiko, myself, Reatli and Kevin. We spoke about everything that happened . Reatli was distraught , but she also decided to support and stick with her husband. Both she and Nyiko were also going to counselling again.
We both agreed to put the Lsg/Sheryl saga to rest.
Everything was going as planned. We haven’t heard from Sheryl /Lsg. I still haven’t watched those videos nor check whatever manipulation evidence she had. We have deleted all her numbers and everything that’s got to do with Sheryl. From our phones, laptops and everywhere.
Life at Tau household was almost back to normal.
We were spending all our Sundays at church. Now and then both Nyiko, Reatli and the kids would join us to attend family services at our church. We decided not to tell our families about the biggest pothole in our marriages. It was going to remain between the four of us.
Life was resuming as normal. We were 6 months pregnant and expecting a baby girl. I must say Kevin was disappointed about the sex of the baby, but I told him it was God's will. He wanted a boy shame. O tla ba strong. He even bought boys items. We have been to our doctor for check up, and everything seemed fine with the pregnancy. All the tests I took, came back and the baby and I were as healthy as we hoped and prayed for.
I must say the window period for the tests Kevin took was yet to pass, but finding out that me and little one were fine really put my worries at ease. I was relieved because since Kevin was reckless prior to the pregnancy, I had fears about our health and our status.
By His grace, day by day Kevin and I were growing closer and more in love. God has been too good to us and our marriage.
The twins were grown and very naughty. I guess its because they were now attending Crèche. Diva Kani was too vocal, yoo that chick could speak hey. She was now more clearer when talking, already taking herself to the toilet and was ready for pants. Little brother Kaho was still a slow grabber. He just say few words and babbles a lot more than talk, he still wears nappies and nowhere near potty training. The twins are way too different and its difficult not to compare them. It was as if he and Kani were not twins. At some point I even asked Kev that we should get him some professional help, thinking there was something wrong with his growth or development. We told their paediatrician about my concerns and she assured us that kids grow differently and that he will develop normally, on his own schedule in his own way. She said to put our mind at ease, she referred us to a Speech Therapist.
I had lunch and drinks with my besties Obakeng and Relo. I told them the truth about my marriage. Obakeng was so disappointed but she was happy that I didn’t walk out on my marriage and gave Kev second chance. She and Kaycee were still seeing each other and even happier than ever. She is very much still married to JK on paper and still staying with him and Minnie. Relo shared her good news that she and Kagiso were four( 4 )months pregnant and that she feels trapped because she was now grounded and can’t go doing funny and kinky stuff with other man. Hai Tshwarelo mara?
The Tau and Dire families were all doing well, apart from Makgolo , she was very sickly this days but still hilariously funny .
Olefile sold his apartment and moved to Durban as he was now based in one of Sasol's branch there. He was still settling in but everything was going good for him. He said going to Durbs was so good for him. He was now over Sego and dating some girl from Mabopane, who was working at Unilever in Durban.
Good news, Obinna has been sentenced to life in jail. He cut the deal with the police to expose the police he was working with, so is sentence was reduced. With regard to Fikile and Nkosi’s death they could not charge him, as there was no enough evidence. And also the police could not ascertain for sure if those human hands found were Nkosi’s. Two weeks after Obinna’s bust, Melusi managed to find out that Fikile was not buried so her body was flown back home for proper burial. Nkuli was happy to finally got the chance to say goodbye to her little sister , get to see her face for the last time and know where her body was laid to rest. As for little Nkosi, he was buried in Nigeria with his family .The Sitholes did not even announce about Fikile’s burial. It was attended by only close family and friends. Kedibone and Rich also attended the funeral. Finally the family and everyone dear to Fiks could finally have closure and move on.
Kevin has decided to rent out the Rosebank apartment. He has sold all the furniture that was in there. He has not found a suitable tenant as yet.
I spoke to Rich twice since I last saw him. He was happy that I worked things out with my husband. He finally put the house in Sunninghill on the market for sale but he was on the process of buying Kedi ( well the kids) a cluster home in Midrand. He said he was focusing on building his empire. He has join forces with one of the top well known DJ’s to build his business. So he was doing well, we still planning to have drinks. Well, with Kevin and I trying to rebuild our marriage, and the advise from our counsellor to cut and avoid any contact with both Rich and Sheryl, our meeting for drinks won’t be anytime soon.
Hlogi was doing well, gangster boyfriend ya gagwe was looking after her. Batso and Tiego were also still unhappily married but okay. Motsheoa and Kgosi were super fine.
So all in all, everyone around us were happy.
It was Thursday 23rd June , I was now 6 months pregnant, Kevin was going to his last counselling session with his therapist. With him no longer having a Nine to Five job, he was able to get a lot of sessions during the week. I must say, my husband was the best man and more loving . I had no regrets that I forgave him.
My husband was a changed man since the whole affair and was a much better father and husband - I believe the mistake he made has taught him some huge lessons and I really believe he won't do it again. Our relationship was totally different and I feel our communication was far better.
Kevin planned a romantic week away, just the two of us. He said since I was due soon and also planning to renew our wedding vows on our anniversary month, October, he needed some alone time with me and also he had to tell me something that has been bugging him. I wondered what it was that my husband wanted to tell me, to even arrange a get-away just for that but nonetheless I was just too excited about the trip and quiet time with husby-waka. I really needed to recharge and relax before the baby comes, so this get away could really do me and my pregnancy some justice... I was looking forward to the weekend and the whole week away with my other half. I even applied for annual leave from 24th June till 5th July. We were leaving the next day- Friday and planning to come back on Saturday afternoon.
Friday finally arrived, we drove to Mpumalanga. It was one beautiful road trip. We were chatting, laughing, crying and even singing. We were reminding each other about those good old days when we used to travel like that. Just me and him ....
Wow, Kruger National park is one of the most beautiful place one can visit. My ooh so romantic husband booked us at The Outpost Lodge on the hill overlooking the Luvuvhu River valley . The wildest and most remote part of the Kruger national park. The place is known for its abundant wildlife including less common species not evident in the southern and central region of the park.
The Outpost - Perfect in every way! We have been to many Lodges in Mpumalanga, but the Outpost is certainly one of the most wonderful places we have ever stayed. We absolutely loved it. The rooms were out of this world. The service was outstanding. The staff were amazing and the food was on par with any top restaurant.
Being in the most northern part of the Kruger the game is not as plentiful as the south, so if you are looking for lots of game or the big 5, the Outpost is not for you. But if you are looking for a different experience - being in one of the most remote places in the world, with no light pollution and seeing the most amazing stars, with no one else to spoil your game viewing, quietness and peacefulness, seeing lots of birds that are not seen in other areas, staying in the most amazing accommodation with fantastic food and breath taking views – go to the Outpost.
Their Service quality is absolutely outstanding and all staff are just lovable. With a limited number of rooms (about 15), its very family like. The Lodge is isolated, which gives it its special character and is hence very peaceful and quiet. I must say we went there at the time when it was still chilly, but we survived the chill. Kevin and I spend most of our time in our “ space” having romantic candlelit dinner. Although now and then we ate our dinner served at a large table jointly with all other guests. But mingling with other guests was part of the experience. I must say Kevin looked a bit agitated and anxious. More like something was bugging him. I wanted to ask him, but all the time I asked him if he was okay, he’d tried to keep a happy and brave face, saying he was fine.
What can I say about our 5 days at The Outpost so far? That it was an epic, awesome and massive experience? Yes, that it was. The twice a day safari’s were addictive to the max. Yes, that they were. Or was it that the people managing the lodge went our of their way to make our stay something never to forget. Yes, they did. Our guide Sam was not only extremely well educated and knew the Kruger like the back of his hand, but also was a stand-up comedian with a huge sense of humour and a smashing smile. Yes, he was like that, the game drives were so enjoyable.
But if I continue telling you all about the game drives and wilderness experiences, I would forget the wonderful contemporary design of the lodge. The perfect mix of concrete, steel and wood that blend into the Kruger wonderfully .The combination of the innovative architecture in the middle of this fascinating bushlands is really breath-taking! This lodge is a must see; a very special and modern design. Your room basically has just one wall to the back and a roof; the rest is open (blinds can be closed), which provides an amazing atmosphere.
The views from our ‘space’ where baobab trees, elephants, monkeys, eagles, zebras, Buffalo’s and different beautiful and interesting birds and all that other wonderful wildlife and scenery were literally at our feet or at the base of our bathtub. If you skip one game drive in the morning you can enjoy an unmatched sunrise right from your bed. Ooh and did I mention the food? Wow, mouth-watering and served with love.
It is true that time travel fast when you are having fun. We were nearing to the end of our holiday. But the time we spend there was epic, beautifully and romantically so. I had the time of my life.
On Thursday morning I woke up alone in bed. My husband was nowhere to be found. As I was wondering, worried and asking myself where he could be, I spotted a note just by the bedside. I reached for it and read it. He was letting me know that He went out to the nearest town to buy some stuff for tonight’s dinner. A night before He told me he was planning dinner for two as he wanted to tell me something that he felt he was postponing and dragging for far too long.
I woke up and ran my bath to get ready for our today’s adventure. The lodged organized a day outing for a game drive to go and experience the trill of tracking Africa’s big Five - game drive into the southern part of Kruger national park.
An hour later, Kevin came back. Everyone was ready for the drive. We were all excited to see the Big 5.
We were about six people in that safari 4x4, Kevin was sitting in front of me with two guys, I was sitting at the back with the guys’ partners. One of the couple were French , the other one’s were Zambian. We have been together since the beginning of the week, so we had gotten a little close. We had difficulty in communication but we carried on conversing in broken English, but we were just having fun.
As we were busy enjoying the drive, Kevin was busy capturing the experience and memories of the mammals, birds, reptiles, the flora and African sunsets on camera.
I was just admiring the wilderness and thinking of the future that was growing inside of me and the promises of a better marriage, when a call came through to Kevin’s phone. Initially I forgot that Kev put his cellphone in my handbag, so I tapped him and said his phone was ringing. He pointed at my handbag, then I immediately remembered that it was in my handbag. He asked me to answer it.
I took it out from the handbag and started by checking the caller identity. It was just a number that was obviously not saved in his phone. It must have rang four times because when I finally tried to answer it, the caller hung up. Kevin was busy capturing the memories on the video when he finally asked me who it was , and I told him it was some number not saved in his phone. He asked me to check if it was mtn or voda. Just as I was about to go to call register, the phone rang again. This time I was able to properly check which network it was, as Husbee asked. To my surprise it was a funny looking code, definitely not one of our South African networks. I didn’t remember immediately which country it was but I have seen it was familiar code. I knew I once dialled that code many times but my mind was just frozen as I quickly answered.
Nna: Kevin’s phone hello...
I must have repeated same sentence three times, without getting a response. Funny enough, the caller was still online, I could hear some people talking at the background but s/he was not saying anything. I hung up and checked the number again. Just then it dawned to me that it was Lesotho’s dial code. I immediately told Kevin about the mystery call and that it was a Lesotho dial code. He just said he wondered who it could be and continued taking pictures and video.
Who on earth was this person calling my husband? The person who could not speak to me when s/he realized it was not Kevin answering?

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