Monday, November 2

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 75

Insert 75
My mind was miles away.
Only evil thoughts was roaming inside my mind.
I wished that nomonde could just get hit by a car and die at the spot.
She has really made life unbearable for me.
She has turned my life into a living hell.
I didn't even know the reason for my existence anymore.
The Only thing i knew was pain.
I even had forgotten that the was a word happiness out there.
I mean how does one enjoy inflicting pain in another person's life this much.
Nomonde was like a parasite.
She was feeding on my pain.
And she sure was sucking the life out of me.
I felt like i was all alone.
I mean don't get me wrong
i know god is always by our side.
But at that moment i felt like he took a step back
and he has let me walk the journey all by myself.
But then again everything happens for a reason right.
I snapped out of my thought when i heard my mom yelling.
Mom: yewena luyolo
where exactly are you taking me.
Are you abducting me.
Are you going to sell me.
Luyolo: aibo mama i told you mos that we are going to bra joe's place.
How can i be going to sell you now.
Mom: sundenza isbhanxa apha.
Kudala sigcithile kwa bra joe.
So where exactly are you talking me.
Luyolo: i want to pour petrol first pha emall then will go back at bra joe's place.
Mom: mxm ndik'jongile ungakh' ulinge undenze isdenge apha.
Luyolo: noko mama no one is making anyone a fool apha.
Luyolo and nwabi looked at each other.
I am sure they were trying to ask each on how to get out of this situation.
I don't know whether it was luck or what,
but my mom fell asleep.
And luyolo drove as fast he could
to make sure that we get to bab'ujola's place before my mom wake up.
We drove quietly all the way.
When we got to the place
we got the disappointment of our life.
We were welcomed by some women who was in her mid fouties.
We got out of the car living my mom who was still fast asleep.
"Molo mama" we all chantered.
Woman: molweni bantwana bam
please follow me.
(we followed the women to the house.
We got to the sitting room.
She instructed us to take a seat)
woman: can i bring you anything to drink
tea, juice or water.
Nwabi and i shook our heads
Luyolo: ai noko mama si right enkosi.
Woman: ohk then if you say so.
ndingu mam'nomawethu jola ke mna.
who are you
and how can i help you.
Luyolo: mna ndingu luyolo this is nwabisa and that is athenkosi our little sister.
we came here because we are facing a rather perculia problem.
Which we believe it could be solved here.
Woman: owh what kind of a problem could that be.
Luyolo: eeehm mama we have a problem with our mother
she is not well.
That's why we came here.
We believe that utata walapha, utat'ujola angasinceda.
(the woman looked down.
She then stood up
and walked out
living us alone in the sitting room we looked at each other confused).
Nwabi: aibo luyolo what did you just do to the poor woman.
Luyolo: i didn't do anything mna.
Me: if you did nothing then why would the woman just go out like that.
Luyolo: it beats me.
Maybe she is going to call tat' ujola for us.
We sat there quietly.
After 10 minutes the woman came back.
Her eyes were red.
One could tell by just looking at her that she's been crying.
She sat down.
Woman: i am sorry for just walking out.
I needed to breathe a bit.
Luyolo: owh no problem mah its fine.
Mam' noma: so you are looking for my husband.
Luyolo: ewe ma.
I don't know if we could perhaps talk to him.
Mam'nama: i am sorry but that can't be possible.
(she sniffed).
Luyolo: owh why not.
Is he not here.
Mam noma: ewe mntanam
my husband passed away a year ago.
(she said while wipping her tears which kept falling).
We kept quiet still digesting what we just heard.
The quietness got a bit awkward.
Only mam'noma's sniffing was heard.
"owh uxolo mama we didn't know" luyolo finally broke the ice.
Mam noma: its fine
this things happen.
I am just trying to come to term with it.
Nwabi: uxolo nyan mama please accept our condolences.
They talked a bit.
Luyolo: we have to go mama.
Mam Noma: ohk abe right umama wenu maan.
Anyway where do you stay.
Luyolo: e witbank.
Mam noma: yhuu ai nisuka kude.
How do you know my husband.
Luyolo: he once helped us with athe a while ago.
Mam noma: owh ohk.
Let me walk you out.
She then walked us out.
We said our goodbyes.
We got in the car
and my mom was still snoring.
" and now what do we do" luyolo said looking rather defeated.
Nwabi: i have no idea.
Luyolo started the car and he drove back home.
I was speechless.
I didn't know how i was feeling.
But i could hear my heart beating fast.
Not because of anger but because of fear.
I was scared because of what the man said will happen if we don't get my mom help.
What if something dreadful happens.
What then.
I tried not think of the worst possible scenario.
I took out my phone plug in my headphones.
And i listened to my celine dion
Atleast it stopped me from thinking.
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