Saturday, November 7

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 76 (Part A)

Insert 76.
I was still in my shorts and vest when a knock came through my door.
I opened the door without asking who it was.
And there stood my best friend.
I screamed on top of my voice.
Wow i haven't seen this soul in like forever.
Me: yhuu ai sana tell me that i am not dreaming.
When did you arrive bhabha.
And why didn't you tell me that you are coming.
I said while hugging him.
I squeezed him as hard without realising it.
" yhuu ai bhabha khayeke maan.
You are squeezing the charmness out of me
you want to leave me ugly"
sibu said with a grin on his face.
I broke the hug.
Me: mnxxm you and your craziness.
This is what i really missed.
Sibu: ncooooh ebekhumbula ubhabha wakhe njeena.
That's so sweet.
And you will be glad to hear that i missed you more than you can imagine.
ubhut' sibu naye ebekhumbula inana zakhe.
Me: yhuu ai uneziga bhabha.
Sibu: what did i do.
Me: since when sowung'bhut' sibu nah.
Sibu: lol since i have already finished my matric.
Now can you move away from the door so that i can come in already.
Me: aaah silly me
come in
(i moved away from the door
parving a way for him to come in).
Sibu sat on the chair while i threw myself in my bed.
I stared at him for the longest time ever.
My mind was playing tricks on me.
Somehow sibu seemed more appealing than ever.
He seemed more charming than he usually does.
His lips were perfect.
His body was a killer.
He had a perfect height and perfect everything.
I was brought back to life by him literally screaming my name.
Me: mmhh what is it.
Sibu: aibo bhabha whats up.
I've been talking to you
and your mind seems to be miles away.
Me: owh sorry maan what were you saying.
Sibu: i was just talking about tomorrow.
Who are you bringing to your sisters wedding.
Me: well i think i would be a loone ranger.
Sibu: owh i thought you were taking mr N.
Me: i wish.
That man whore got my step sister pregnant.
Sibu: aibo bhabha who are you talking about.
Me: i am talking about nceba,
he slept with mandy
and he actually got her pregnant.
Sibu: intoni!!!!
Wow the world seems to be full of fools.
So that idiot didn't get my message.
I told him never to mess with you but he decides not to hind my warning.
Now he has me to deal with.
I will teach him a lesson.
Me: ah let him be maan.
He is not worth it.
Him and mandy deserve each other.
Tears fell aimlessly.
I didn't wanna cry but i quess my heart couldn't hide its emotions.
I sniffed while tears fell uncontrolably.
Sibu came to sit next to me.
He brushed my back.
Trying to calm me down.
He hugged me so tight.
I felt better in his warm embrace.
The smell of his cologne was priceless.
It was out of this world.
I was still lost in his strong arms
and mascular chest.
My brain was clouding my judgement.
While my heart knew exactly what it wanted.
I broke the hug.
I stared deep into his eyes.
And i came closer to him.
And for a moment our eyes locked.
In that blink of an eye.
Our lips met.
I kissed him.
He held back at first,
then he responded.
We shared that intimate moment
for a while.
I heard my body letting go.
My stomach started acting funny.
My knees became weak.
My mind and heart became disconnected.
Its like my heart was at peace while my brain was battling with me.
The brain knew that what we were doing was wrong.
But the heart wanted what it wanted.
To be continued

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