Monday, November 16

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 81

Insert 81.
Well after nomonde finally shuts her mouth,
the wedding continued.
Nwabi and her husband said their vows.
they exchanged their rings.
And they were officially pronounced husband and wife.
We did our dance step.
Then we went to take pictures outside.
A while later
the cars took us to the community hall which was our reception for the day.
It was breathe taking.
The interior decoractor sure knew what he was doing.
It was so beautiful
It was white and purple everywhere.
With goldish flowers.
And two small fountains near the door.
Their 5 steps cake was also white and purple with a bit of gold decorations here and there.
The tables had flyers with our names on it.
And each table accomodated four people.
And since i told nwabi that i was bringing nceba to the wedding,
before the big fight.
i had to share the table with him, khitha and sibu.
It was really awkward shame.
Nobody had anything to say.
And the look that sibu gave nceba was priceless.
People said their speeches and i didn't even hear one word.
I just saw nwabi and her husband cutting the cake and pictures were taken.
I just drank the wine that was infront of me like i was drinking water.
Well it was alcohol free so i didn't mind.
The couple did their first dance
later other couples joined in.
And the dance floor became full on an instant.
"care to dance"
nceba said.
I just ignored him
khitha; athe i think nceba is talking to you.
"owh no his not,
he can't be talking to her
not after how he treated her like trash"
sibu responded with a firm angry voice.
Nceba; owh so i'm guessing she couldn't wait to tell you neh,
anyway how is this any of your business.
How i treated athe had nothing to do with you.
She was my girl i had every right to treated her however i wanted. Sibu:ey kwedini don't try me,
athe is my business.
Anything you do to her you have me to deal with.
Nceba: and who are you,
her golliath?
Or her keeper.
Are you her god nha
Sibu: i am the guy whose gonna teach you a lesson on how to treat women.
Khitha: care to share guys.
What happened.
(they just ignored khitha and continued arguing)
I was still focussed on those two when we were disturbed by some glass breaking.
It was from luyolo's table.
Everybody shifted their attention to them.
Mpumi: ungishayelani manje wena luyolo.
(she was crying apparently luyolo slapped her and she dropped her wine glass and it broke)
luyolo: sund'buza obo bubhanxa apha
answer my question.
Uyinton no nomonde.
And lanton eli yeza that you took from her.
Mpumi: i answered you njena.
Luyolo: no you just told me a sob story
and i demand to know the truth right now.
They were now shouting at each other.
And everybody had now shifted all their attention to them,
but they didn't seem to care
the music had stopped playing.
So it was just them talking
more like yelling at each other.
My mom stood up from where she was sitting.
She went to their table.
She whispered something on luyolo's ear.
And luyolo got up.
One could see that he was furious.
He exited the hall with my mom.
I guess my mom was going to calm him down.
The minute they got out,
nomonde quickly got up from where she was sitting.
She went where mpumi was sitting.
She whispered something on mpumi's ear.
" yaz i am getting tired of this.
Why did you come here.
You ruined my special day.
This day was suppose to be a very special day to me
and you keep ruining it.
At church it was you
and now you are behind luyolo and mpumi's disagreement.
I hate you.
I don't even know why you came
because i never asked you to come"
nwabi said with tears running down her cheecks.
Nomonde: hhayyi i didn't do anything mna.
Don't you dare blame your disfunctional so called family behavior on me mntanandini.
How did you think this wedding of yours was gonna be a success while you invited drunkards.
Nwabi: please leave mom out of this.
She did nothing.
You've been pestering her all day long.
Now you've stired trouble between luyolo and her girlfriend.
You are a problem here nomonde.
I don't know why you came because we don't need you.
My day was gonna be just fine without you..
Nomonde: owh so you think you don't need me.
We shall see.
Soon you will come running to me.
I am your mother honey.
And that will never change.
And i am telling you that you will come running to me soon.
Nwabi just clicked her tongue.
And she also exited the hall and her husband followed her.
"well that what happens when you let drunkards into your wedding.
Can you turn the music back on
and let us enjoy ourselves.
Please dj" nomonde said.
"ai shem i think mom has masters and honours of being evil.
I think nwabi must start loyi-proofing herself
before she becomes her next puppet" khitha said.
Sibu: i think her heart has turned into a stone.
I don't think a flesh heart can be this evil.

I sat there
and said nothing.
All i was thinking about is why
was she sure that nwabi will run to her soon.
I feared for the worst.

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