Thursday, November 19

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 84

Insert 84.
It was a week after miyolo had been discharged from the hospital.
She was now fine and mpumi had moved out of luyolo's house.
I think she went back to her parents house.
(by the way nwabis wedding was on the christmas day, i don't know if i said it)
so today was the 31st.
And i had just woke up.
My mom and mandy were having breakfast in the kitchen.
Yeah!!! Since the wedding day my mom haven't touched alcohol,
let alone leave the house.
Me: molweni
mom: molo ntombi.
You love sleeping maan.
Oneday you will wake up in an empty house.
Me: ai mama holidays are meant for us to rest noko kudala sivuka early.
Mom: thats the life you gotta pay for being a student.
Talking about being students
when are your results coming out.
Me: on the 6th of january.
Mom: which is next week right.
Me: ewe oledi you got that right.
Mom: sendingu oledi kengok.
I hope kukho izi distintions ke pha.
Me: i hope so too.
Mom: aren't you scared ke phof.
Me: nah i am not.
Infact i can't wait to see my results.
And next year,
the year that is starting tomorrow ke phof.
I would be a unniversity student.
Mom: ubusuyifumene i bursary to pay for your resident.
Me: yep i am covered.
The bursary is gonna cover everything from school fees to food.
All i have to do is to study and pass.
Which is an easy task for me.
"lonto uthanda namadoda too much i don't think you will concentrate
what you will be good at nje at that unniversity is sleeping around
i won't be surprise if you come back HIV POSITIVE". Mandy said giving me a disgusting look.
Mom: aibo mandy zinton ezi ozithethayo.
How can you say that about your sister.
Mandy: haska usister waphi.
I don't have a sister named athe mna.
Me: kakade nam andinasister ye backstabber.
Mandy: backstabber my foot.
Stop calling my man in the middle of the night.
He is over you.
He never loved you get that into you thick head.
Please remove your filthy self from our relationship.
I remained silent for a while.
I was confused.
I don't remember the last time i called nceba.
I didn't even have his number on my phone anymore.
So what was she talking about.
I took a look at my mother who also gave me a sharp look.
I swallowed a spit.
I was getting agetated.
Me: owh so your man-whore receives late night phone calls.
And he lies to you that its me calling.
Mandy: why would he lie.
He showed me that it was you.
Those numbers had your name written on them.
Me: i can also save some random number by any name i want.
That does not necessary mean that they actually belong to that name.
So are you sure that it was my number
or you just saw the name.
(she kept quiet)
me: if i were you i would focus on my pregnancy
and stop talking shit apha.
"what, what are you talking about?
Did i hear you say pregnancy"
my mom said.
Shitt!!!! My tongue slipped.
I had forgotten that mom didn't know about the pregnancy.
I looked down trying to avoid eye contact.
I pretended like i didn't hear her.
Deep inside i wished that the ground could open and swallow me and my big mouth.
Mom: yeey i pregnancy ethen nah.
Me: uhm nothing,
i......i wasn't talking about any pregnancy you heard wrong.
Mom: i am not deaf
and i am sure as hell not dumb
so out with it now
before i get angry.
I kept quiet.
I didn't know what to say.
Mom: MANDISA!!!!!
Mandy: mah
mom: are you pregnant.
Mandy: ewe ndimithi kukho ingxaki apho.
I am not a school kid anymore
and i am a girl
so i am bound to be pregnant at some point.
(mom looked at mandisa in disbelief, shattered by her response).
Mandy: why look so surprise.
Its not like a big deal mos.
I am sure nawe you did get pregnant at some point.
Mom: ewe sisi i did get pregnant.
But i didn't have that attitude towards elders.
I am your mother and you suppose to show me some respect.
I am not fighting you on your pregnacy
but you should have told me.
Mandy: told you what.
I don't owe you any explainations
after all you are not even my real mom.
With that said mandy walked out of the kitchen.
Me: i am sorry mom.
Mom: ah don't be,
inoba zihormones
they are responsible for her behaviour.
Me: if them hormones turns you into a brat then remind me not to fall pregnant mom..
I made myself some breakfast
i missed my best friend
but since that hospital incident we never talked.
Even when i called him he didn't answer my calls.
I took out my phone and wrote a text message
" where did we go wrong.
I am sorry i messed up our friendship.
If i didn't kiss you
things would still be fine between us.
I miss my crazy friend.
And i would like to have him back" i sent it to sibu.
After two minutes my phone signalled an incoming text
it was from sibu
and it reads:
" has it ever occured to you that
the are people out there who care dearly about you.
And have you thought that maybe i don't want to be just your crazy friend".
After reading that text my morning went from bad to worse.
I really missed my friend.
Mom: bad news?
Me: nah its nothing i cant handle.
I sat down and ate.

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