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Saturday, November 21


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 65


The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Life its ugly at some point

Chapter 65
10pm when we arrive at Tokollo’s apartment in Brooklyn, The kitchen was dirty and the smell was like sulfur that is explained in the bible. It was obvious the kitchen hadn't been cleaned in a while; the dirty pots on the stove and in the zinc smelled so bad that I even got a mild headache from it. While I was cleaning Tokollo started again with the nonsense of trying to get lucky with me. He grabbed my boobs and wanted to get his hand in my cookie jar and I got furious as I didn't want any of that. The mood was totally wrong for his games and I couldn't make an acception due to the unpleasant conversation we had in the car earlier, Before a minute could even pass I made it clear to him and said; “Tokollo I am not in the mood for things like that and again, I am on my periods, so please play far away from me and let me finish with what I am doing. Don’t you have some games on your cell phone to play with?”

Tokollo was not pleased with the way I responded to his attempts but he had no choice, only to stay far away from me up until I finish with the cleanings. There is a rumor around south Africa that says “Limpopians woman don’t take shit and they can be violent if you push them” I think Tokollo is one of those guys who are scared of being moered by Limpopian women so he thought he had to stop trying his luck or things will get ugly. Fortunately I'm not like most Limpopo ladies who tend to use violence as the answer when things are not going their way. A few minutes later when my cleaning part was nearing the end, Tokollo brought wine glasses in the kitchen with 1.5 litre of fourth street wine. It then hit me that Tokollo might get drunk and start behaving like a retard so I decided to go easy on him and just join him even though I'm still mad at him so that when we get drunk we will be in the same state of mind cos if I don't drink he will be more annoying and I'll get even angrier at him.

When I was done cleaning, I went to put my bag in the bedroom and also to wear a tampon to make sure I have all the right to deny Tokollo sex but the truth is I wasn't even on my periods it was just a strategy to make sure he doesn’t get it (pu**y) that night because he seemed to be cheating which gives me reasons not to engage myself in a sexual intercourse with him. When I was done in the bed room I went to the living room to join Tokollo on a bottle of wine and nice cool jams. Tokollo seemed to be tipsy by the time and I was still sober because I only had half a class of wine. “Mahlatse Why do you hate me so much that you denying me, your future husband some intimacy?” Tokollo asked “I have the right to say no to things that pisses me off.” I replied. “Mahlatse what is it that got in your nerves because you are now acting like the rural girl that you are in the city who can't even decide what she wants nor know what she wants, baby I’m really horny and I want some” Tokollo said to me. “Are you out of your mind Tokollo? Do you think even if I wanted to sleep with you I could after what you just said about me being a rural girl, I think you need to date somebody from urban areas not a rural girl like me, you don’t deserve me and your Behaving like a 50 year old man trapped in a boy' body. I'm on periods and I'm just not in the mood. This is my property and if I don’t want there is nothing you can do, you don’t have respect for women. You don't even respect women. “Could you please kindly take me to my flat” I said to him while he stood up and went to the bathroom.

Without any waste of time I took out my phone and called Kholo to inform her that I will be Coming back to the flat soon so that she doesn't sleep or sleep lightly because I didn’t have the tag for the main gate with me. Kholo extremely laughed at me and asked me And asked me what changed my mind because when I left I told them I'll be coming back the next day. I simply told her that I will explain everything when I get there because my mind was full of Tokollo’s windy things that he does. That was one of my worst days with this Sotho guy. “Hlatse are you sure you want to go to your flat right now” Tokollo asked “yes I want to go to my flat because there is nothing valuable I am doing here and it Feels like I had you for supper and now I feel like I could just throw up so” I went to the bedroom to fetch my bag”. when I came back from the bed room Tokollo said “I’m not going to Sunnyside, I am lazy to drive unless you don’t mind walking to your place” “ok well Tokollo where is the keys for the door?” I asked “You should be asking yourself that question because you are the one who unlocked the door when we came in’'Tokollo said

“Ok well I will sleep here On the couch and I will leave in the morning and please don’t touch me, if you try to do something stupid we will fight and I will Report you to the police that you attempted to rape me idiot” I said to him. Tokollo forcefully touched my breast and I Screamed extremely loud and slapped and him on the face and at the same time pushed him down from me and he ran to the store room and came back with a machete. It was the first time I've ever slapped anyone, maybe it was because I had few glasses of wine by then. Tokollo tried all his tricks to scare me but I wasn't feeling scared or intimidated by him so I slapped him again. …………

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