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Wednesday, November 25


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 67


The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Girls talk

Chapter 67
7:30 when we arrived at McDonald's Sunnyside for my meeting with Mr Pillay and Mooketsi.Tokollo dropped me off and went back to his crib in Brooklyn. As I was standing outside about to go inside I heard my phone ringing, it was Mooketsi who had called me using Aunt Merriam’s cell phone because he didn't have one by the time, “Mahlatse I don't think I'll make it to the meeting, my little sister is very ill, she’s got tonsils. I believe it's the weather change, because she's crying endlessly. She can hardly even talk because her voice is sore. Can't we postpone the meeting for later today or tomorrow when we are back from the clinic and I believe she might be feeling better by then, right now it would be too risky to let her go to the clinic alone”. Mooketsi said to me “ok well Mooketsi I will explain to Mr Pillay & I hope your sister will get well soon and pass my greetings to auntie Merriam” .I said to him and the phone call braked because of the network coverage that day, it was really bad. I went inside to look for Mr Pillay who was not currently at work, I guess he was still in McDonald’s arcadia because he runs both side. I waited for him for a while and when he arrived I explained what Mooketsi had told me to Mr Pillay, Basically I passed the message in detail. “Ok well Mahlatse, no problem just come anytime you free as long as I am in the office” Mr Pillay said to me.

When I made my way to the flat I came across sweetness Kholo‘s friend who happened to be my friend too, she was on her way to my flat to fetch something from Kholo. On our way we met this guy who looked like his life depended on Nyaope. He approached us and asked for sweetness's number, promising her the world “lol” he offered to take her to the cinema for a movie this afternoon but she ignored him. He had the worst smell, let's not even speak about how dirty he looked. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know that water can also be used for cleaning one's body and clothes, we still have those people who think water is just for drinking. He wouldn't give up, he kept following us saying useless things which were pretty obvious such as “I might be broke with no cars to impress you and win your attention but I have a healthy Dick, its Hiv free and all yours. I'm still fresh and innocent AKA a virgin”. Sweetness burst with laughter and we just kept walking ignoring him. But hey the guy was persistent. He continued talking about her sexy body. Sweetness still paid him no attention. He was getting annoyed now and started being nasty and said “I don’t think you even know a door of a gym, the reason you have a sexy body is because you always run after guys with cars and money, aids will catch you and kill you. Most girls like you are always heartbroken because they go for this guys who keep on hurting them, by the name of cheese boys”.

We got to the flat and we were starving by now and when I wanted to make breakfast, there was no bread. I then decided to make jungle oats for us, going to the shop to buy bread was not an option I was lazy. “Sweetness what are you doing here so early in the morning?” Kholo asked. “I came to get my calculator; I'm in need of it. I'm not even staying for long because I need to get back to the flat and use it, besides that I've missed you so much girlfriend it's been a minute hey” said sweetness. “Aah chomi I'm happy you came, we have so much to catch up on” Kholo replied leaning in to give sweetness a kiss on the cheek then she asked if she could have some oats and I said “no problem help yourself”. We were in a happy place enjoying the oats then suddenly it started raining again outside and this time it was raining cats and dogs. Sweetness said to me “Mahlatse you know sometimes it's annoying when you are told you are beautiful especially by a stranger, truth is we know it already hence we have mirrors. Guys can be pretty lame sometimes man. They need to up their game and come with better ways to approach and win our attention”. Just imagine a nigga comes to you and say “Lady you are attractive and smart" oooohhhhhh now that I'd so much appreciate, it's a total turn on.……mmm..!!!”. We all laughed and agreed that guys should find another method.

“Girls I understand the point sweetness is raising but sometimes we don’t have to avoid people just like that because you’ll never know what the future holds. The person you are avoiding or ignoring might be your interviewer one day for a vacant you have applied for and if you have been rude, he might sabotage your application. So we shouldn’t look down at other people because of their present situation, because sometimes the people we look down at Might be the ones we look up to tomorrow. I understand that people set their own standards but we should treat people right at all times, being good is not a crime and God will shower you with his blessings for that. No one can predict tomorrow”……Said Mahlatse.

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