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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 10


I promise you that person who highlights your flaws to make you feel small hides behind a mask of insecurities.
I think Gcobani and I will eventually break up, but not because he will cheat but we will want to explore. I am all he knows and he is all I know, we listened to others telling stories about crazy ex boyfriend/ girlfriends and mna naye didn't have anything to share because we just reached certain levels. I mean we just started having sex ngoku, we had our first serious fight just yesterday. We went to bed with Asanda and Max, they slept ezinyaweni but you know drunks sleep fast but I was wide awake while my husband was snoring. I decided to watch The big bang theory on his laptop e-lounge, a moment of happiness or I was over thinking and imagining things that don't exist.
I looked at Hlathi (roommate) and smiled, opening the blanket. before you shout inappropriate, this guy loved Zintle far too much and I wasn't even interested hate the rural accent.
Me"Watching The big bang"
Hlathi"Why are you crying? "
Me"Was laughing"
Hlathi"Try again"
Me"Roommate boundaries"
Hlathi"I am Switzerland just for an hour"
Me"You promise?"
I knew this could possibly work against me but I needed to speak to someone.
Hlathi"Never let your insecurities show, there is always someone lurking but it don't mean they will be noticed"
Me"I am in PE and balapha, I cannot help my insecurities"
Hlathi"Sukhala, put all this effort on your relationship. Mna been with Zintle for 5 years and I've never cheated on her, not every guy is an ass"
Me"Then why don't I believe that"
Hlathi"Because you are no longer interested, and its normal to get bored but never cheat! ever!"
Me"I am not bored"
Hlathi"Who are you fooling?"
Hlathi"That's where my advice ends baby girl, its all in your hands but whatever you do can make or break your relationship"
We watched The big bang until he fell asleep, I switched off the laptop and slept too.
"Gci!!!" "Gci!!!"
I jumped up because of the noise and everyone was staring at me, I looked at Hlathi who was still sleeping. I woke him up.
Lloyd"Whats happening here?"
I smiled and Hlathi winked at me.
Hlathi"Its her last day … beach vibes? you fools run to res and we'll all meet at Spar.
Me"I didn't bring anything for the beach and I doubt I will be comfortable"
Zintle"I'll sort you out"
Asanda"Bikini bodies will shine"
I ignored that comment because this would be her field, I am not comfortable with my body and anyone can downsize me on that alone. I stood up and walked to Gcobani's room, some battles are not worth fighting. I sat there and checked my Facebook, people uploading Matric dance pictures pictures because I wasn't about to rush that I checked my inbox.
Luthando Baliso"My little brother is playing a soccer match at Young park primary, please join me? its next week saturday"
Lwazi Nkaphuka"I am sorry"
Sanele Lupondwana"Naughty little sis, guess who is visiting Yanela's crib and guess who is not there?? hahaha tell Gcobani he owes me"
I logged out so fast to call him, thank God for Tata buying me airtime.
Sanele"Hello little kitten"
Me"Hahaha what do you want"
Sanele"What are you offering? "
Me"200 "
Sanele"Hahaha when?"
Me"I return sunday"
Sanele"I love you"
Sanele"Just business"
Gcobani walked in but I ignored him and carried on speaking to my brother.
Sanele"On a serious note, never fail your parents "
Me"I won't"
Sanele"Love you little sis"
Me"I love you too big bro"
Gcobani looked at me then locked the door, I wasn't in the mood for sex or anything like that.
Me"I don't want to go elwandle"
Gcobani"I know"
Gcobani"I love you Fey, I know this weekend wasn't what you expected. And I am sorry for putting my friends before you"
Me"Can we stay in bed"
Gcobani"Will that make you happy?"
Gcobani"Then we will stay in bed"

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