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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 11


"When the daylight comes I'll have to go, but tonight I'm gonna hold you so close" Maroon 5
We made love while everyone else was in the living room, we laughed about it because it was the most mischievous thing we've ever done. We stayed in bed naked talking about weird things, planning the alien invasion but mostly life after I become a vampire.
Gcobani"I want you to be happy"
Me"I am"
Gcobani"I am not an idiot"
Me"I know"
Gcobani"Then don't treat me like one"
I kept quiet staring straight in his eyes with mine tearing up, he slowly wiped my tears and moved closer to me.
Gcobani"Woyika nto?"
Me"I don't know"
Me"I just don't think you and I belong together,its like half the things we did uzenza because I force you! we had sex because you were leaving for varsity…"
Gcobani"wait so you regret it?"
Me"Awundi thandi Gcobani"
Gcobani"How do you know Fey? who said I don't love you? what gave it away? please enlighten me because I don't understand"
I looked at him trying to construct a sentence but I didn't know where to start.
Gcobani"See? nothing! you let your doubts control you, ndim lona Fezeka. You've been my girlfriend since grade 9, I remember when you were so scared your parents were separated and you cried all the time, I was there Fey! when you failed grade 11 because their problems suddenly became yours. I watched you cry! because even then you didn't deserve it and they didn't even notice the damage they did to you! you cried more than you smile. You let everyone's problems become your own and I watch you lose yourself but regardless of everything I love you Fezeka. Asanda? doesn't matter, ndithanda wena. Love me more than you fear losing me, love me more than your insecurities mfondini I never ask for much"
Me"I can…not"
Me"I want out"
Me"You have no right…! You ca…"
Gcobani"Do what? love you? uphambene, I love you nothing will change that"
He held me tight.
Gcobani"Umhle MamQocwa"
We cuddled in silence, my walls were also silently breaking. I stayed up all night listening to him snoring, I moved his arms and took my toiletry bag ne towel wanted to take a bath. I took his phone because I need music, mine was low and I forgot to charge it. I checked his Whatsapp and BBM which was a waste of time because he clearly wasn't cheating, I laughed at myself switched on Ed Sheeran just to relax.
3 hours later, I was dressed and already making breakfast for my husband. I washed the pots I used because Gcobani would never, lazy these days it scares me.
I tried making him wake up but he kept ignoring me.
Me"They are smoking your weed"
He opened one eye and we both laughed.
Me"Sies Gcobani"
He sat up smiling, I gave him his food.
Gcobani"You didn't sleep"
Me"Vampire classes baby"
I kissed his forehead
Gcobani"You packed everything? "
Me"Yeah I did"
Gcobani"so no goodbye dance? "
Me"Hahaha nope, you'll get it ngo june"
Gcobani"Can I at least suck the ugly out of you"
Me"Hahaha you wish"
We ate together playing with the food, feeding each other
Gcobani"Let me shower quickly sihambe"
I took off my shirt
Gcobani"You sure?"
I nodded
Me"Khenze mfondini hahaha"
We both laughed
Gcobani"don't have condoms my awti "
I was naked and poof he came inside me, we both giggled
Gcobani"Baby buy that pill"
Me"I will, can we go bath andifuni uhamba late"
We took a bath bonding session while we got dressed, said my boodbyes to Zintle and Hlathi we took a taxi.
Gcobani"I will see you ngo June ngoku"
Me"I will behave"
We got off kwi taxi rank ye long distance taxis, I was the last passenger which me sad . I waved and whisper "Thank you" he smiled, The taxi left and I watched him until he disappeared .
I jumped up and looked around, the problem with being a heavy sleeper ungabiwa. I wiped the drool from my mouth and looked at the stranger I drooled on top of.
Him"Trying to figure out which part was weird, the drool or your phone vibrating on my balls"
We both laughed
Mandisi"lala njani etaxini"
Me"I am exhausted"
Mandisi and I connected like we've known each other forever, he was already referring to me as "mtchanam" my phone interrupted us. A message from Gcobani.
"Baby buy that pill"

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