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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 12


"Everything comes by being! Be the love you seek. Be the friend you seek. Be the lover you seek. Be the honesty you seek. Be the integrity you seek. Be the patience you seek. Be the tolerance you seek. Be the compassion you seek."Bryant McGill
Mandisi"Where are you getting off"
Mandisi"I'll accompany you, think they have a chemist there"
I laughed at thina for reading my text
Me"Your eyes are naughty"
Mandisi"And you've done naughty things, guess we even"
Me"Hahaha I hate you"
Mandisi"Hay mtchanam ngoba?"
When the taxi arrived etruck in, Mandisi and I knew everything about each other. He was doing his second year at UCT, he stayed with his girlfriend who was also studying there and he went to Muir high and primary uhlale Tinarha.
Me"Buyothini eMonti"
Mandisi"umtshato we Family, ndisa yendlini to fetch my things then drive to Cape Town"
Me"I've never been there"
Mandisi"Apply at CPUT and I'll hook you up with my friend kwi SRC"
We exchanged numbers, we finally arrived e Njoli and took a walk to the complex. We got there and bought the pill, he instructed me on what to do.
Me"Yaphi ngoku?"
Mandisi"I'll take a taxi to Magxaki, my best friend will drive me Uitenhage"
Me"Khwela ke"
We hugged
Mandisi"Iza we'll drop you off"
Me"Are you sure?"
We took a taxi to Magxaki, we bought food at Engen while waiting for his friend Thando. He arrived then we left for New Bright, I thanked them and walked to my house. My parents were watching tv eating their sunday lunch, I greeted and went straight to my room obviously Sanele was there studying.
Sanele"Hahaha so naive"
Me"I have 150"
Sanele"200 or I tell"
Me"Hay xela ke"
He was staring at me, waiting for me to change my mind or probably get scared.
Me"Good choice"
I sat on the bed and told him about my weekend and he told me about his, I told him about Gcobani's new habits and Asanda. He just laughed telling me to relax, I guess I really should relax.
2 weeks later
Saturday Bruno and I had a "date" I wore an oversized white shirt with blue shorts and black ankle cowboy boots, not forgetting my oversized shades. I slept at my cousins place in Gommery Summerstrand, I took a taxi to the Boardwalk. He was already waiting for me looking all kinds of sexy, we went inside decided on Spur.
Bruno"You look beautiful"
Me"You look good too"
Bruno"So modest"
I smiled but he honestly did, something about him captured me or it was my inner beast. We ate while getting to know each other better, I told him I have a boyfriend and he was still dating his baby mama. We paid and went to the beach, he kept on complimenting me and I loved every moment of it.
Bruno"Masambe I want to show you something"
We took a taxi because he stayed in Humewood, we went to his place.
Me"Do you have a roommate?"
Bruno"Nah lucky for me"
I sat on the couch while he went to the his room, he shouted from the room. I went to join him.
Bruno"Does this look familiar"
He had a collection of Sidney Sheldon and Lesley Pearse books.
Bruno"Take just one book"
I jumped up and down and hugged him, we paused and kissed. I pulled away and apologized.
Me"Think I should go"
Bruno"I'll walk you"
He was standing behind,I unbuttoned my shirt and he turned me around unbuttoned my shorts. we kissed again this time with more passion lust in the air, he got ontop of me and did his things.
He nodded and I watched him put it in, we carried on.
Me"You done"
Me"Think should stop"
I pushed him off, I wore my shorts my phone rang but I ignored it ndanxiba.
I looked at him not being bothered by me or my actions, I took my things and left. My phone rang again, I picked up without looking at the caller id.
"I've been calling"
It was Gcobani
Me"I was in terminous"
Me"Ku Asi"
Gcobani"talk to me"
Gcobani I just fucked someone else but I love you, it was a selfish mistake
Me"I'll you later "
I couldn't tell him .
Gcobani"I Love you beautiful"
Me"I love you too"
My cousin and her house mates were chilling outside while I cried myself a river. I gathered the strength to confess, I called him and he picked up after the first ring.
Gcobani"Pause the game mfazi wam is calling" "light of my life"
My mistake

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