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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 13


"Some people believe that without history, our lives amount to nothing. At some point, we all have to choose. Do we fall back on what we know? Or, do we step forward, to something new? It’s hard not to be haunted by our past. Our history is what shapes us, what guides us." Meredith Grey
I called the only person I knew wouldn't judge me, instead he would make me laugh about it.
Me"Hahaha ewe"
Mandisi"Nto mtchanam? what happened? "
I just met this guy yet he is my rock, I could tell him anything and expect nothing but solid advice.
Me"Cheated on Gcobani with a guy that hasn't bothered to call me, Ndithini? I feel so cheap right now! like my pearl was given up for a plate at Spur"
Mandisi"Can I tell you something"
Mandisi"Admit you fucked up"
Me"I fucked up"
Mandisi"Everyone makes mistakes,and you are human. At some point we all go through "hit and runs" some will build you up but first they will ruin your life"
I listened to him preach and he made all the right points, they all bruised my confidence.
Me"Do I tell Gcobani?"
Mandisi"Do you love Gcobani"
Me"I won't"
Mandisi"Let me get back to studying, you should be doing the samething too"
I laughed and hung up.
After that day a week went past without a word from Bruno and I won't lie, I cried more than I smiled to a point where I tried calling him but chickened out. Gcobani sent an occasionally text, school worked was pilling up and he told me studying will be his wife until june holidays and I also had to study because my june report was needed for my varsity applications.
I finished with my school exams and that day I hanged out with Thando (Mandisi's best friend) he was sent to me to keep me sane. Latest development was Gcobani staying in East London because he had a holiday job in King. So I spend most of my holiday studying and the rest with Thando until Mandisi arrived. We went out often and lucky for me Sanele was covering for me to go out for a small fee obviously. Thursday morning after a rough night Gcobani called.
I jumped out of bed and wore my uggies, running outside screaming. He stood next door with a huge smile, I jumped up and hugged him.
Me"You idiot why didn't you tell me"
Gcobani"Uphi Thandi?"
Me"They are at work"
we hugged again
Gcobani"since when do you have an afro"
Me"Trying new things"
Gcobani"You look beautiful" "Baby let me go home, come through emini"
I hugged him again, I wanted to kiss him but was afraid of the neighbors.
Me"Awuka goduki?"
We both laughed, he kissed my forehead.
Gcobani"Please sleep over"
I nodded he took his things and left, I called Sanele to ask him to cover.
He laughed
Me"Please sort out your parents, I'll return ngomso kusasa"
Sanele"Don't say shit fam, disappear and when they call say uhamba nam because ndise St Albans mna"
Me"Usual price? "
Sanele"Nah just take caution Fey, ufunde bra ndakucela"
Me"Promise I'll take my books with me"
my airtime cut us off, I played music while cleaning the house then went to take a bath and pack an over night bag. I inboxed Thando and told him andizi today, it was really hot so I wore a skirt and tang top with denim shirt. My phone rang and I ran for it.
I looked at the caller id and froze, I decided to hang up. I sent him a text.
"Stay the hell away from me"
He replied
"FeyFey pls talk to me"
I deleted the message and took my things ndaya kumyeni wam, I won't lie Bruno calling me was a bit of a surprise but knowing Yanela she probably found him on Facebook and told him where to get off. I sent Gcobani a pls call me and he called.
Gcobani"I see you, ndiku Moss"
Gcobani"Ngena, akhomntu apha"
I made myself at home while waiting for him, I advanced airtime because I wanted to call my father but Bruno's call interrupted me.
Bruno"Why are we fighting?"
Me"Its been a month, I am not fighting with you or your silence"
Bruno"Fey we were not dating or did I miss something? it was just sex"
Me"For who? did it occur to you that I wanted more than sex? "
Bruno"Did I rape you? force you to take of your clothes?"
Me"Ungu mqundu shame"
I hung up and looked at him
Me"Not you, Yanela was off loading"
he sat next to me on the couch, I laid my head on his lap and he brushed my hair.
Me"Jason Mraz"
Gcobani"Mamela le ngoma every time you feel like you miss us"
Me"why would I miss us"
He played the song Jason Mraz I won't give up
Me"You are breaking up with me? "
Gcobani"I would never do that, told you I love you"
Gcobani"I know you, you are no longer invested on us and I don't blame you"
Gcobani"One last time, one night Fey . Allow me to live a lie, let me think I am the only guy who you will ever love"
I started crying and wiped my tears.
Gcobani"Don't you ever cry for me, because I will always be one phone call away"
Me" I don't want us to break up"
Gcobani"We are married, you'll always be mine"
We kept quiet for the longest time, I've seen Gcobani cry but now it pained me because ukhaliswa ndim.
Me"I didn't mean to sleep with him"
Gcobani"But you did… you betrayed me and answered my call like awenza nganto"
Me"Who told you"
I murmured
Gcobani"You did… "
Gcobani"Say it! don't just apologize for getting caught"
I didn't say anything
Gcobani"He fucked you"

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