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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 14


"And you never know. You never know you have it until you don’t anymore. You can hold true love in the palm of your hand and wrap your fingers around it in a stealth grip, and you know what? It’ll still slip through" Emma Hart
I have this bad habit of trying to fix everything and everyone around me, yet I cannot fix my own problems and I am starting to think its curse more than anything. Gcobani and I were now in bed, for some reason I expected him to stab me. I've watched enough movies to know NEVER EVER mess with an angry guy!
Gcobani"What are you thinking"
Me"Where you hid the knife"
Gcobani"Fey I won't lie and say I am chilled, or whatever shit you expect from me. You betrayed me and I honestly don't understand ngoba, I was so busy giving you what I thought you want kanti awukho lapho"
He interrupted
Gcobani"You'll get your turn, what did he do Fey? or what did he say! old you would have laughed then called me! the girl I fell inlove with would have told me! you begged me to stay away from Asanda who I didn't even want… For as long as I can remember, you belonged to me! I think I deserve an explanation"
Me"Andiyazi Gcobani"
Gcobani"Njani? Mfondini you wanted 18 years to lose your virginity, you stalled for unyaka wonke before we had a real kiss! so don't lie"
Me"He listened" "He listened Gcobani! I needed you to left me think for myself for once! I need to feel normal just for once…"
Gcobani"And I don't? Fezeka we could ask my mother all the times you came here crying, ndisalala endlini! you have told me everything even the things I didn't want to know. So yena yinto le ayi mameleyo?"
Me"Tell me something about me, tell me what I hate about myself the most"
He burst out laughing like a maniac
Gcobani"Thats it? He told you shit about yourself and he fucked! akumnadi and me sibhanxa I am at varsity trying to lay foundation for our future! yes Fey ! Me! the idiot that married you, remember me?. Did you even think about me? I cannot sleep without praying about you! 4 fucken years and you ruined it"
He got out of bed and searched for something in his belongings, he tossed a ring box at me.
Gcobani"I saved up for this, its not much but I wanted you to at least have a ring"
he wore his pants and reached for a hoodie.
Gcobani"The one thing you hate about yourself, you hate how you allow everyone control you but you cannot stop it either because for some reason you think everything will fall apart if for once you do a selfish thing"
He opened the door and left.
The next morning I got out of bed and fixed it, clearing the mess then I got dressed. I locked his room and put under the mat as always, I took a taxi to Town and called Yanela when I got there, she told me she was already inside with Khanyisa. I stopped myself from crying trying to remember a good joke.
Khanyi"She is crying, you are not allowed to cry"
Me"Where is she?"
Khanyi"Throwing up in the bathroom"
Me"I cannot be here"
We were at Marie stopes, I couldn't stand the smell I felt nauseas but I sucked it up when I saw Yanela. She hugged me holding on for the longest time.
Me"I love you" "Khanyi loves you so sukhala"
We shared a group hug, a nurse called her and she looked at us with tears in her eyes.
Me"Can I cry now?"
she just hugged me tight without saying a word, I cried on her chest so loud and she comforted me with words.
Khanyi"Pray about it, akhonto ingadluliyo mtchanam but at some point kuzo lunga"
Me"I cannot handle this, everyone around me is falling apart and I cannot do anything"
Khanyi"Then save yourself"
Everything has changed

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