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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 15


"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands."Anne Frank
I sat on the chair for what felt like a year, I kept on staring at Khanyi and her face looked like she was pleading with me to assure her everything will be fine but how? how do I promise something I don't believe? . The smell of that place bothered me, pine gel but it felt like you couldn't scrub of the sins! I looked at my hands and they were covered in blood.
Khanyi pointed at it, I ran there and threw up . I wasn't pregnant but I couldn't stomach what was happening! we always preached against abortion but we were here! us! how, I mean Yanela had everything figured out sex wise or at least she pretended to. I washed my hands, you know that moment when you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror. I screamed! I sat on that floor and cried, not for Yanela, not for her baby or Gcobani but I cried because for once in my life I couldn't fix this problem.
I looked at her and Yanela, they helped me up. We took a cab to Khanyi's place in Magxaki, in the cab no one said anything and trust me I wanted to say a lot. When we got off, we went straight to her room.
Yanela"Can I sleep?"
Me"Because you just gave up your child, cry!"
Khanyi gave me a deadly stare but I ignored her.
Yanela"Then what? kuzothini? I feel like crap then what Fezeka? you tell me I should have used a condom?"
Me"Why? help me understand why you aborted, help me understand why you couldn't tell your mom? I have known you usafunda uGrade 4 and the Yanela I know would never consider abortion ever"
Khanyi"We grow up!"
Me"And kill? is that it? who are you people? See the girls I know would be arguing about fashion but we all suck at it!"
Me"No! Yanela fucked up and she should own up to it"
She slapped me so hard, I held my cheek looking at her.
Yanela"Fuck you"
Me"Let me go"
Yanela"Futsek hamba"
I took my bag and left, they didn't run after me and nor did I want them too. I stopped a taxi and got in, I logged in on my facebook and removed every tag, everything that had to do with them and then unfriended them. I did the same with Gcobani and his messages.
I locked myself in my room for 3 straight days, the only time I went out was to pee. I buried myself in my school work, I studied for my trials like Mandisi had been instructing me. I was listening to Words by Skylar Grey, my mother shouted my name and I unlocked.
Mama"Naku Olwethu"
Mama"ngaphinde utixe! and uzohlala nabantu namhlanje"
Me"Have to study"
Mama"Ndakuphoxa bonanje Fezeka, uyadika ne moods zakho. Sobe sihamba emaqadeni because we are scared of saying all the wrong things"
Me"How about leaving me alone?"
Mama"Kwenzeka nto ngawe?"
Mama"Sundixaka "
I nod hoping she gets out because this talk is pointless
Mama"I know Fezeka, it may seem like I dont but mntanam ndikwazi kakuhle and ngoku uyawa"
Me"Ndiwa njani?"
Mama"You are falling apart, and ukuba awuzi lungisi uzophalala and your downfall will be your pride"
Me"Got it"
Mama"Fezeka yinto? why are you so angry? mntanam imbi lento uyenzayo and you will have no one because of inzondo"
Me"I don't hate you"
Mama"Hay mtanam, you can hate me all you want but my biggest worry is watching you hate yourself! zijonge Fezeka"
Me"Nothing is wrong with me"
Mama"Olwethu ulapha"
I walked past her and left for the living room.
Olwethu"Lets go"
Olwethu"Greenacres, my treat"
I pointed at my attire, was wearing my school tracksuit pants and Gcobani's hoodie with nothing underneath obviously with my uggies.
Olwethu"I also didn't bath, lets go"
I went to fetch my phone and we left for Greenacres. We took the Bridge entrance to avoid bumping into people.
Me"Got dumped"
Olwethu"That we expected but tell me whats up? Judging Yanela? that's not you, so whats up"
Me"Feel so empty , like I am stuck and akho ndawo yophuma"
Olwethu"Then go through this phase but babe, be careful you are burning bridges"
Me"What if I want to? maybe Olwethu, I want to Fezeka without Gcobani, I want to fuck up"
Olwethu"I am here for you"
Me"Thank you"
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