Monday, November 2

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 16

"I do not dwell on anything from my past because I've learned that, whoever and whatever is meant for me will always find its way to me" unknown
After watching a movie we bought pizza, Olwethu looked so concerned but I didn't want him to. Wanted him to trust that I will be fine, whatever is bothering me will pass. We took our pizza and left, we decided on a cab because it would be quicker than a taxi.
Olwethu"Switch on your phone"
Me"I promise I will"
Olwethu"Just a street away"
We hugged, I went inside and greeted my parents.
Me"Xolo Mama"
Dad"Never apologize when you don't mean it, cook Fezeka and wash those dishes"
Dad"Anelisa arrives tomorrow morning"
I nodded and excused myself, I went to take my phone and earphones. Messages poured in, I ignored everything and went to cook. I started with the dishes but my phone rang and I answered not removing my earphones.
Gcobani"Hey, you good?"
Me"Yeah and you?"
Gcobani"I am good too, I deposited R200 namhlanje"
Me"Thank you"
Me"Are you fine?"
Gcobani"No I am miserable without you but I'll be fine"
Me"Nothing changed babe, I just need to find myself"
Gcobani"Everything changed, you betrayed me! Look at me, ndim who makes the first move but you fucked up. I don't want you back, don't get me wrong my duties will continue and I will check in once a month. But you and I are done"
Gcobani"We divorce when and if we don't find ourselves in each others arms again"
Me"I still love you"
Gcobani"I love you too, take care of yourself mtchanam. You are beautiful"
Me"I promise to take care of myself"
Gcobani"And good luck with your trials, I'll check in on how they going"
Me"And how is Varsity?"
Gcobani"Its good, everything is fine. Let me bounce, airtime and all"
Click and that was it. I won't lie and say I was hurt because I wasn't, I needed this and secretly he did too. Gcobani and I never got the chance to act our own age, we got married without thinking about the possibilities or what could possibly happen. Will I miss him? hell yes but this right now, it was me being selfish and I had to put me first.
3 moths later
My birthday and yesterday was last day of my trials, Sanele woke me up with his horrible singing voice. I smiled loving the attention.
Me"Thank you"
He hugged me
Sanele"Zanzibar later"
Me"Yey! thanks big bro"
Sanele"Let me go study, I'll come back later"
I checked my phone and I had a text from Mandisi and a whole lot of people, I got out of bed singing Get me bodied by Beyonce not forgetting the dance moves. My phone rang and I checked the caller id, it was Asanda which made me throw up inside but after I swallowed I answered.
Asanda"Happy birthday"
Asanda"What are you doing today?"
Me"Going out and you?"
I don't even kbow why I asked.
Asanda"I don't know, boyfriend is in King until late"
Cheap shot and I allowed her to have this moment.
click and that was it but I wasn't hurt because I expected them to date at some point, hence me hanging up was the best reaction. A part of me was livid because Gcobani moved on and I've been chilling for some odd reason, so maybe I should move on too.
We were at Zanzibar and the vibe was insane, my cousin Asi was also there with us and with a heineken on my hand everything seemed alright.
Me"Am I allowed to call Gcobani?"
Asi"Have to more beers and I will allow you to call him"
The dj dropped Touch the sky and I screamed like that ratchet girl in the club, my brother and I started dancing but obviously we can't . I was really having a great night with my family and friends, dancing my worries away and it felt so good. Asi pulled me aside and gave me my phone, whispered in my ear "it might not go your way"
Me"So I shouldn't?"
Asi"Call but rejection is on the table"
Me"I don't want him back, just want to talk"
Asi"Talk but after this, move on because you will hurt"
We walked outside and I called him, at first he didn't then I called again.
Gcobani"Birthday girl"
Me"Hey, hope I didn't disturb you"
Gcobani"Was blazing nothing special… You got your gift?"
Gcobani"Sent you track number kwi inbox, bought you something you will love"
Me"Hahaha nto leyo?"
Gcobani"No hahaha, just check it out monday"
Me"Asanda told me, I hope you are happy"
Gcobani"I am, are you fine?"
Me"Yeah I am, was laughing at how weird today has been"
Gcobani"Parents remember? hahaha"
Me"Hahaha ewe, mama even gave me money"
Gcobani"Hahaha told you they would, Fey glad to hear your voice"
Me"I am glad you picked up"
Gcobani"Enjoy your night babe, tell Sanele to take care of you"
Me"Hahaha I am a big girl"
Gcobani"Still in high school so ungumntana"
Me"Varsity changes people"
We both laughed.
Me"Mhm "
Gcobani"I don't think you should call again, unless its important. You drunk calling will cause fights with Asanda and I don't want that"

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