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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 17


"you have to get lost before you find yourself" unknown
One thing I respect about Gcobani is his honesty, he was never one to beat around the bush. Was I hurt? yes but I expected this, I wanted this at some point and I wasn't about to change my mind. Someone tapped on my shoulder and I tilted my head.
Asi"Iza, I'll buy you pink drinks"
Me"Just Vodka son, I need two shots"
She helped me up and I went to join everyone else, I got so drunk I cried on Sanele's shoulder on our way home. We were sleeping in Summerstrand at Asi's place, all six of managed to sleep on a single bed.
I woke up the next morning on the floor cuddling next to Asi, I took my phone and uploaded pictures while everyone was sleeping.
Sanele"Spar, buying breakfast for everyone "
I wore Asi's slippers took her shades, we left for Spar which gave me a chance to talk to him.
Me"I don't want to study next year"
Sanele"told your parents? "
Me"Na just Anelisa"
Sanele"I won't lie, your parents will freak out but if awufuni no one can force you"
Me"I am just not ready"
Sanele"Now what?"
Me"I move in with Lisa, until I figure out what to do with myself"
Sanele"You asked her?"
Me"Thought I could just ambush her"
We both laughed
Sanele"Speak to her, but december apply for a job kwenzele when you move there you'll contribute too"
We finally arrived at Spar, we bought potato chips and meat then went to tops to buy Vodka and Cranberry smirnoff.
Me"Thathe ngaphi?"
Sanele"When are we going home "
Me"Around 4"
Sanele"Buy 2"
We paid and left, embarking on another long journey which gave us a chance to talk. My brother listens without judging, he also told me some of his problems which made the trip fast .
Sanele"So Gcobani?"
Me"He doesn't matter, like honestly no mo…"
my phone interrupts me a text from Gcobani.
"Grow up! you stalking Asanda is childish"
I din't! worse part I have minutes qha but no airtime.
Me"Asanda says I am stalking her! and Gcobani is livid over something I didn't do"
He gave me his phone and I called Gcobani.
Me"When did I stalk your girlfriend? what did I do?"
Gcobani"she says you were drunk and you kept calling to swear at her"
Me"Really? Gcobani would I do something like that?"
Gcobani"Just apologize to her"
Me"For shit I didn't do? No I wont"
Gcobani"You know what, I hate liars and you…"
Me"You are dating a liar!"
Gcobani"Touche but fuck checking in, stay the hell away from us"
Me"This is stupid"
Gcobani"Really disappointed in you Fey"
I didn't call her!!!
I had a hectic weekend and I couldn't write, but will post 2

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