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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 18


"I like when I don't have to be careful what I say. That's when you know you're with the right people."Unknown Author
Its either new pussy is really powerful or Varsity changes people, I honestly didn't call Asanda because when Gcobani basically told me to fuck off I switched off my phone. And I would never give Asanda the satisfaction of watching my husband and I fall, we may not be together but Gcobani is the love of my life and I know very well I am his. This temporary so I allow her to shine, and this just made me realize how I should also move on.
Sanele"I allow you to pass out again"
Me"I need to pass out"
When we were at the house, 2 already left so we were now 4. Asi, Sine, Sanele and I.
Sanele"Yhooo Fey the Stalker get glasses kaloku"
Asi"Stalked who?"
Me"Gcobani said I am stalking his girlfriend"
Sine"Ekse nina maCherrie nine drama, can assure you when Gcobani called that girl was breathing down his neck"
Me"New pussy"
Sanele"Heh! sungxama?"
Shit I forget my brother isn't my friend sometimes, we are not your typical sister and brother. We fight yes but he has my back and sometimes I take him for granted losing my respect and he gets me back to reality.
Me"Skip Skip hahaha"
Sanele"Ndithenqa but on the real, move on! stop lurking little sis"
Me"Not lurking, they won't even last"
Asi"Then dont be there when they fail"
Me"Forget him completely"
Sine"What do you want to do?"
Me"Try new things"
Asi"New dick bu…"
Sanele"Hay hay fuck off! ya'll are my little sisters, change subject"
We all laughed, we were Jamming to some Drake. Something about listening to Thank me later gets me philosophical or all that fake deep shit.
Me" I hate getting drunk, I cannot feel my tongue"
Sine"Can you not cry namhlanje? hahaha Fey yeka usela"
Me"Just my tongue, vodka is dangerous"
Asi"Can we dance"
Sanele"Ratchet behavior will not be tolerated"
We were on our second box, suddenly we were 8 and I had school tomorrow but no one seemed to care nor did I.
Sine"We can afford lighthouse"
They called a cab requesting a Avanza, cab arrived and we left. We got there and it was packed, they went to play pool while we bought drinks.
Me"Please don't mention Gcobani"
Asi"Why should I? unless you pregnant"
Me"Fuck no, but can we find me someone'
Asi"Have 5 shots and I'll hook you up with this guy I know"
Asi"You'll see"
I had my 5 shots of tequila and I wanted to throw up but I need a man so had to suck it up.
Asi"I'll tell you tomorrow"
I couldn't feel my legs so I decided to sit on one of the stools, didn't want drunk me to disturb my people. That night actually the whole weekend was just epic.
A week later
Moving on from the love of your life has to be the hardest thing ever, meeting new people and starting over isn't easy. I am honestly trying but I look at my new boyfriend and think "he wouldn't touch me like that" and I deserve everything I am getting because I fucked up. The new boyfriend is Zola (don't remember his name, he wont last) he was doing 2nd year at VC . He had the qualities of great boyfriend and we had in common, he reads, he writes poems but isn't phony dressing like a rasta to prove how different he is, he loves 2pac and Slaughter house! he was everything I wanted but timing was so wrong . After school I went to meet up with him, he directed me to his place and when I finally arrived we chilled making small talk.
Zola"You hungry"
Duh another fail, Gcobani knew I love eating.
Me"Depends on what you are offering"
We went to the kitchen and he opened a packet of sweet chilli Doritos while preheating the oven, he poured chips on the baking pan then 4 slices of cheese on top.
Me"Looks delicious"
Zola"I hope you enjoy it"
We kissed while waiting for the "food", I sat on the kitchen counter with him between my legs. He took off my jersey then my shirt, he took off my bra and started sucking my nipples.
Me"Its burning"
He laughed then went to check on our "food"
Zola"Can we continue then eat?"
Me"You know we not fucking right?"
Zola" Plenty of other things"
Me"Hahaha lets eat later"
We picked up from where we left off, he tried to go down on me but I pushed him offbefore he could.
Me"I don't feel comfortable"
everything I know, kissing, having sex I learned from Gcobani and this (oral) I want him to teach me.
Me"Can I leave?"
I wore my things and took my school bag.
He ran to the kitchen, then returned with a tupperware.
Zola"You'll return it uphinde waza "
we kissed and I left, in the taxi I decided to use my life line one last time.
"Tell me to move on, I wanted life with someone else but who am I fooling. I love you"
I smiled to myself thinking of us reuniting, I loved Gcobani and he loved me just as much and him replying was all I needed.
"I don't want you back and I would appreciate it xa unoyeka, you wanted to have freedom now enjoy it. Move on Fey"

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