Monday, November 2

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 20

"When someone shows you who they are believe them.the first time".Maya Angelou
Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am easy influenced but that doesn't mean I am well at least not in my eyes. It simply means I am a kind person, but lately even I don't believe that crap anymore .
He dropped the phone and I asked myself "what just happened", not to compare but Gcobani didn't know shit about my Facebook nor did he even care and lo has been around for a month but he has my pin. I called Thando to give a heads up.
Too late
Me"Not my fault, was calling to warn you "
Thando"Nah Fey just fuck off bra"
Me"Heh! ndithe sorry"
Thando"Say it to someone who gives a fuck"
He hung up, which got me into panick mode! what the fuck just happened. I had my head in my ass! the thought of all the friends I was about to lose because of a psychotic boyfriend. I decided to switch off my phone, it was the only thing I could do because if he went crazy on Thando quite sure Gcobani was already blocked or removed .The next day I went to Olwethu and we decided on McDonalds, he needed to talk and I needed to feel needed. We took a taxi to Greenacres when we got there we decided on Steers, we ordered then sat down.
Me"Whats wrong? "
Olwethu"I had sex!"
Me"Real sex or Gay sex"
We both laughed, I love my gay friends.
Olwethu"Gay sex"
I screamed and then composed myself but screamed again, see Olwethu was gay but he wasn't really sure about his position.
Me"So receiver?"
Olwethu"Hahaha you were gay in your pass life"
Me"Hahaha would explain a lot, you know the new guy?"
Olwethu"The asshole? I don't like that guy"
Me"You didn't like Gcobani too"
Olwethu"Nothing changed, he took advantage of your love!"
Me"Delusion but Mamela, new guy has my Facebook and he is removing guys that flirt with me"
Olwethu"And you are with him because?"
Me"I like Him"
Olwethu"Udom yazi?!"
Me"He is marking his territory"
He gasped then rolled his eyes.
Olwethu"I am younger than you but I swear I have more brains"
Olwethu"Good get your head out of your ass and tell this idiot to stop raiding your inbox!"
He gave me my phone, I dialed Phiwe while Olwethu was giving me the "you are stupid"look.
Phiwe"Are you cheating on me?"
Me"What the hell! with who?"
Phiwe"Why is this guy inboxing you and asking you to come over?"
I won't lie I was annoyed.
Me"Myeke mfondini"
Phiwe"Some guy is treating the girl I want to marry as a booty call"
I am already fucken married! I.wanted to say that but I couldn't .
Me"So am I suppose to tell people to stop inboxing me?"
Phiwe"I don't know Fey"
What is with the men in my life? or the men I attract? or am I the problem? .
Me"Let me rather change my pin, us fighting is exhausting"
Phiwe"Set boundaries Fey, you are like a joy ride ko Gold reef everyone wants to get on" "And you are willing"
I won't lie that made cry, Olwethu took my phone and took out the battery out.
Olwethu"Get a new man and buy a new phone please"
I took a big bite from my burger.
Me"Do I whore around?"
Olwethu"You are 19 and you married your first love, yes you are a whore "
Me"Hahaha thank you"
Olwethu"Focus on yourself"
Me"You sound like Mandisi"
Olwethu"Trust a guy with acne, we give great advice"
Me" Hahaha I hate you"
We had an amazing lunch then we went home, I got home and practiced my maths.
Mom"Lala I'll wake you at 7"
Mom"Kuya bhaleka kodwa?"
I nodded, although maths was raping me but didn't want to stress her.
Mom"Lala ke and ndoku vusa late"
I took off my clothes, I could sleep naked until he returns. I took my phone and went on Facebook changed my pin then sent Phiwe an inbox.
"I think you are trying to control me and manipulation is a sign of emotional abuse"
I got in bed and waited for his reply, I wanted to dump him but I loved the money and the attention. He replied.
"Stop trying to be a victim, if I can be in Gauteng and remain loyal. Why is it so difficult for you to do the same? Grow up Fezeka"

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