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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 21


"It's so strange how the same thing Can make you feel so right And bring you so much pain. It's so strange how the same face Can make you love until it hurts" Fifth Harmony
How many personalities does this guy have? no seriously I cannot keep up, one day I am the best thing that has ever happened to him and the next day I am whoring victim. I think I read that message about 20 times, I had no desire to reply because ibizo baxeka and I am far too exhausted to be arguing. I decided to sleep.
The next few days were crazy, I was writing the whole week. So saturday Sanele took me out, we decided on Zanzibar well because its affordable but the vibe is always good.
Sanele"What should I get you?"
Sine and I went to sit down.
Me"Now or later"
Sine"Later, yamazi Sanele will act out"
Sanele came with the drinks and six tequila shots. I drank my two and downed with beer, the best part about going out with my brother is I can get wasted and know I am safe. I went to dance, I needed to dance.
Sanele"Check in kalok"
He gave me my phone and I checked in, knowing very well that my fellow matrics will judge the fuck out of me. As soon as I checked in, my phone rang and it was Phiwe.
I ran outside because it was really noisy, and I just know Phiwe will be on my case.
Phiwe"Where are you?"
Phiwe"I am not in the mood for your jokes"
Me"Why would I joke? I am in Parliament street google it"
Phiwe"Are you drunk? "
Me"Not yet, but my knees feel heavy but then again these heels are too high"
I giggled at comment and he didn't even laugh, which didn't bother me at all actually.
Phiwe"I am at home while my girlfriend is drunk! kanti who is the man here?"
Me"Was I suppose to ask for your permission?"
Phiwe"Kanti yini ngawe?"
Me"No! what is wrong with you? its okay for you to behave like my father … I don't appreciate the way …"
Me"No listen, you called me a whore and you expect me to just be okay with that"
Phiwe"You are behaving like one"
This guy is full of drama and he is exhausting.
Me"See now this whore is getting her grove on, fuck off "
I hung up, I turned around and two guys were laughing at me.
Guy1"That nigga caught feelings, if you were my girl I'd make you a side chick"
Me"I am 19, and being a side chick to a guy in Gauteng wouldn't be the worst thing"
I always call myself a feminist yet I do everything they stand against, I guess I was a part time feminist. I went inside and sat next to my brother, he told me they wanted to go check the vibe.
my phone vibrated and it was a message from Cell c telling me someone bought me R30 rand airtime. Then a text from a very familiar number followed.
Gcobani"Can we talk? I won't call, just want to text"
Me"What do you want?"
Gcobani"How are you? how are the exams"
Me"They are good, but what do you want?"
Gcobani"Okay I can tell awukho se mdleni wam, I need to ask you"
I chuckled
Me"Whats up?"
Gcobani"Can we divorce? I will give you time to think about it"
Me"Nah I am fine, akhonto we will divorce"
Gcobani"I am sorry"
Me"For what exactly? undijonge wabona isibhanxa ne? is that it?. You are such a hypocrite"
Gcobani"Uphembene! u cheated on me!"
Me"And you are fucking the girl, you told me not to worry about. What's your point?"
He replied after a while
Gcobani"I broke up with Asanda! didn't even love her, you have your head so far up your ass awuboni noba I love you. But fuck off"
I let these guys control me! I allow Phiwe to think, because he gives me money he can be the third parent yet get the benefits of a boyfriend. I went to buy myself 2 more tequila shots because Sine and my brother seemed to have ditched me. I decide on sending Phiwe a text.
"I need a man not a father, I am only 19 and you seem to forget that. I will NEVER change myself to accommodate you"

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