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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 23


"It begins at home"
I learned in the earliest age that my mother missed out on her teenage years, she had to raise her siblings and their children. Lisa taught me two things 1. Never seek a relationship 2. Always remember number 1, but I am nothing like Lisa I am on the "let me try" side and that has been my downfall. I looked at my mother I wanted her to ask me why was I crying, or how was my day. Wait don't misunderstand me, she is a good parents within her right but she lacks a lot of that smothering. My father on the other hand, he is that guy who understands his wife to the point where he plays both roles not saying my mother is a bad parent no but she has her short comings just like my dad.
So after Christmas Phiwe sent me money to visit him in Joburg, and I asked Sanele to cover for me. To my parents I went to Yanela, they have no reason to doubt me because I always go kulo Yanela. I left for Johannesburg on the 27 of december and I was planning to return on the 4th. Was I nervous? not really, nothing could possibly go wrong because I prayed, and I needed this. I arrived around 9am, he was already there waiting for me. We hugged.
Me"I need to sleep"
Phiwe"You look so beautiful"
I smiled although I found that so corny but I knew his intentions were good.
Me"Can we go?"
We walked for 20 minutes before arriving etaxi and something that felt like a life to get to Mapetla. When we finally arrived I took a bath and wore my pyjamas.
Me"Can I sleep first then we'll talk after"
Phiwe"Eat then ulale"
He was being so sweet which made me suspicious, nice people terrify me. I agreed to eat but I wanted to have cereal, he offered me Coco Pops . We made small talk, he was nothing like Gcobani yonke into about him was everything I disliked in a guy. He ate my food, he touched my face and called me pet names.
Me"I am really exhausted"
He kissed me which made me uneasy, I thought I was inlove with this guy and most of the time it felt like I was. Yet when he kissed me, nothing happened no butterflies, no curling toes nothing just pure self loath. I responded, he took of my pyjama top then sucked my right boob which normally drives me nut but this time I just wanted him to finish.
He stood up and went to his drawer, I took off my pants and quickly fingered myself so I can be wet. He returned and inserted himself, I moaned then looked up thinking about Gcobani. He was grunting, sweating on top off me and every few minutes I threw a moan for him.
He came and I didn't even reach any orgasm, he wiped himself then gave me the cloth . I wore my pyjamas then slept.
The following day we went to his friends, whom honestly annoyed the hell out of me. We chilled with them for 6 straight hours, I was probably the problem and hlambi abananto or Sanele calling me enxilile telling me ndaphoswa.
Sanele"Mfondini andazi! I am so faded mtase, wena wenzani?"
I wasn't faded, I was sober as hell.
Me"I am at a braai"
Sanele"Let me bounce, depression ewundifaka kuyo"
We left around 11pm, I went inside the house and changed.
Phiwe"Uright? "
He tried to kiss me and I moved away then took off my pyjama pants, I quickly touched myself and we had sex. Was the sex bad? no but wasn't what I wanted. When he was sleeping, I went on Facebook and decided to inbox Olwethu.
Me" Why are you awake?"
Olwethu"On my out"
Me"You too? am I the only person that's sober human"
Olwethu"You should be drunk from cum"
Me"Hahaha I thought I would be too, not enjoying this as much as I thought I would"
Me"I feel like maybe I am not giving him a chance"
Olwethu"Or Maybe just maybe, you don't love the guy. Could you honestly say without his money you'd stay? or you'd even let him touch you?"
Me"Thats saying I am a prostitute"
Olwethu"No that's me telling you awuthandi lomntu, stop lying to that guy"

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