Monday, November 2

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 3

There’s an end to every storm. Once all the trees have been uprooted. Once all the
houses have been ripped apart. The wind
will hush. The clouds will part. The rain
will stop. The sky will clear in an instant
and only then, in those quiet moments
after the storm, do we learn who was strong enough to survive it. M.Grey
The next morning it was pouring cats and dogs PE style, I checked my Facebook and an inbox from Lwazi was already waiting for me.
"I'll be there ngoku ngoku"
That was sent 30 minutes ago, African time I assume not that I mind him being late gave me time to bath and get dressed. I got out of bed, struggled picking an outfit but I settled on black leggings, a plain white t shirt, Gcobani's grey hoodie because it looked like a dress and my black ankle boot. Point is I have bad fashion sense, I apparently I dress like whites but hey I like being different. I took a bath and got dressed, my parents were chilling watching tv.
Me"Viewing Matric dance pictures, kuthanda izinto. I'll be back before my curfew"
Which was 5pm.
Dad"Take an umbrella Fezeka!"
I ran to their room and took an umbrella, ran out of the house before they could say anything further and lucky for me Lwazi arrived xandiphuma erhangeni. I got in the car and smiled at him, he greeted.
Lwazi"My father stays ePeter, he isn't home"
Me"Looking after the house?"
Lwazi"Something like that"
We arrived fast because it wasn't really far from my house by car.
Lwazi"Make yourself comfortable, ndokhangela iheater"
I sat ontop of his bed and took off my boots, he walked in and sat next to me.
Lwazi"I love your bone structure"
Me"I like yours too"
Lwazi"Take a compliment and run with it"
Me"Touche sir"
Lwazi"Hahaha such a handful, I find your intelligence sexy"
Me"Stop it! hahaha, so many compliments"
Lwazi"Fine ndithule but can I say something"
I nodded
Lwazi"I'm lucky to have you"
He leaned in for a kiss and I met him half way, Did sparks fly? no but I enjoyed it enough to respond to his kiss. He pushed me to the bed and got ontop of me, I closed my eyes for a second because it left like he was taking off my leggings.
Me"I'm not ready for that"
I covered my eyes
Lwazi"Why are you here"
Me"Uhm what do you mean?"
Lwazi"Fezeka … apha uzothini? I mean its raining, you don't want to have sex then why are you here"
My heart probably stopped beating at that moment.
Me"Suka phezu kwam"
He held my shoulders while I was trying to get up.
Lwazi"You are so childish"
Me"Lwazi suka!!!"
Lwazi"Futsek hamba"
He got off, I wore my shoes while he got up and walked out of the room. I took my phone and walked to the lounge, he was playing Fifa with some guy I assume was his friend.
He didn't bother looking at me.
Me"Cela undi godose, I have eczema my skin and rain don't get along"
He looked at me then laughed.
Lwazi"Andifuni and goduka ekhaya"
I felt my tear army threatening, I quickly walked to the door so he wouldn't see me cry and think he won! letting him see me crying would boost his ego and I wasn't about to allow that. The rain was pouring so hard I listen to it while gathering strength to open the front door but I finally did, I had no strength to go home but I started walking crying in the rain as loud as I know how to. When I finally arrived, I knocked and the door opened.
He pulled me inside and like a stray dog looking for love, I curled up in a corner with my wet clothes and he went back to bed without saying a word. I was trembling, I kept on sneezing but he wasn't phased, he was watching a movie or stand up comedy because he kept on laughing.
"Fezeka! should I now tell you to take off your clothes?"
He said without looking at me
Me"Was just punis…hing my…self"
He got out of bed and went to his closet, he tossed me tracksuit pants and his vest then went to his drawer and gave me socks.
Me"Thank you"
I stood up and took off my things then won his, I slowly walked to the bed opening the covers waiting for him to object but didn't say anything.
Me"Please hold me"
He held me so tight and I felt so safe, like the Lwazi of this world would get punished.
Me"Not ngoku"
Gcobani"Should I be worried?"
Me"do you love me?"
Gcobani"Since the day you walked into my house, I still remember what you wore"
Me"You stopped saying anymore"
Gcobani"I decided to show you my love or don't you feel it anymore?"
Me"I am being crazy, babe please wake me up 4:30"
He whispered okay as I was falling asleep
"Gcobani" "Gcobani" "Gcobani vula"
I heard the noise and kicked him so he could wake up, he finally woke up and went to check the door.
Gcobani"Moss whats the time"
Moss"half 7, kudala nilele dan"
I think it took me a second to grasp what he said.
Me"Gcobani my curfew"
Moss"Hahaha Fey outa nge curfew"
Me"7 wanini"
Gcobani slowly opened the curtain
Gcobani"7am baby"
I couldn't even laugh, I looked for my phone.
Me"40 missed calls and 15 messages"
Gcobani"We will deal with this together, don't cry!"
My belt awaits

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