Monday, November 2

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 4

Dear younger me: set an alarm!!!!
We walked to my house the 3 of us, on the way I wanted to pee but Gcobani calmed me down and moss was telling his bad jokes. The worst part tomorrow I was starting with my exams but my first paper was at 11am, and Gcobani only had one paper this week. When we got near I wanted to pick up a stone and hit myself in the head hopefully die.
Me"Jika, I'll be fine"
Gcobani"Khame sani, Are you sure? because we can explain what happened "
Me"It will just make things worse, the worst thing that could happen is my mom beating me up"
Moss"08000 55555"
Moss"Was trying to help"
I laughed at him, I hugged Gcobani then Moss.
Me"Put your cell c sim card, I might call later"
He nodded and with that they left, I opened the gate and went inside no sign of my parents.
He peeped from the kitchen
A silent fart escaped probably the relief
Sanele"Call bra, sukwenza into ezifunny. Because uphume apha uthetha nge matric dance, I am not about to lecture you but if ufuna istrato talk to me! I'll talk you ubuye, Anelisa never did half the things you did. Sufuna uphoxisa ngawe because Mama will treat you le way uziphethe ngayo"
Sanele"Don't apologize to me, just grow up bra"
Me"One mistake"
Sanele"Is enough to ruin your reputation"
I stood there sulking
Sanele"Just bath and change, tell Gcobani angandiqheli"
I went to bath as instructed, I heard voices and I knew my time had arrived. When the door opened I looked around to see which belt was the nearest, my father stepped in with one already wrapped on his hand. I said a quick prayer just to tell Jesus 'its been real on Earth I am ready to depart', he didn't make any small talk just swing' his belt and it hit my arm.
He grabbed me and he swung for my bum, I screamed
Me"Xolo tata!!!! Xo…lo!!!"
White people would see this as abuse but in black homes, its accepted but obviously to a certain extant that by no way have my parents have never crossed.
Dad"Ukhalela nto?"
That question was rhetorical, beating the hell out of me then asking why I am crying?. He eventually stopped and sat on the bed, he looked really disappointed in me.
Me"Ce…la manzi"
Dad"Do you have a boyfriend"
I looked at that belt and swallowed
Me"Hayi tata"
Dad"Where were you?"
Me"At Sbashi's house, it was raining so I fell asleep"
Dad"Ngoku her parents, don't think we are worthy of an explanation? we were worried nguwe! wena ulele okwe sana!"
Dad"Ndakuphinda ba ukuyeki ukhala "
I wiped my tears faster than Jerry running away from Tom. He stood up and left me,he returned with a two adcodols and water.
Dad"Ngaphinde Fezeka! I like to think I raised you better than that"
I nodded
Me"Cela uthi ku Mama sorry "
He nodded and left, I took my pills and wore pyjamas.
Me"Note to self : Never fuck up"
The next day
My mother woke me up and gave me my bus fare, she didn't say anything about last night and I honestly didn't want her to. I prepared for school then I took a bath, my brother walked me to the bus stop after I finished with everything.
Sanele"Kill it lil sis"
Me"I'll try"
Sanele"Don't try, murder mfondini"
He stopped a taxi for me and I left for school, arrived there wrote my paper then left . I was rushing to see my boyfriend, I missed him but mostly I needed him to make love to me! We did it once and never attempted again and he was holding back for me at least I think he is. When I got there he was with his friend Asanda practicing mathematics, I hated their relationship but I had no reason to doubt him.
Asanda"How was it? phof everyone is good at paper 3 "
I took off my shoes and sat on top of the bed.
Gcobani"Hahaha behave"
I nodded and went on Facebook while they worked.
Me"I have an hour"
Asanda"Uhm let me leave"
I waved
Asanda"Siye Monti next year"
My smug immediately disappeared
Asanda"Have fun"
She left us finally
Me"She got accepted too?"
Gcobani"Wsu babe"
remember what I said about wanting to be intimate? I was more than motivated to mark my territory.
Me"ndifuna uphinda"
I said while taking off my uniform, we did the nasty and this time it was better
Gcobani"What is it?"
Me"Will it always be us? I mean will you ever dump for someone else?, My biggest fear is being all the way in PE and have you cheating on me because a lot can change in a year"
Gcobani"Every long weekend, every holiday and possibly every weekend you'll visit too but it should never interfere with school"
Me"I trust you"
Gcobani"And I trust you"
We had it all figured out

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