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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 6


That's the problem with Temptation it's to damn tempting
After what I call an awesome weekend with my phone off, I finally switched it on monday morning when the bus arrived at my stop. Not because I missed Gcobani no my pride doesn't allow that part, but because I needed to ask him about my Matric dance which was 3 weeks away. Facebook notifications marched in, followed by messages and 3 were from my husband and two from Moss.
Moss"Fey uGcobani ulapha"
I think I read that 3 times, then I read Gcobani's messages
"Fezeka!!! really? how matured of you"
"I have one class monday, wont attend ndizo khwela ngomso kusasa. We need to talk, could you pls switch on your phone"
"Fey I am here, but I have to leave around 12am. I am sorry for disappointing you, but I swear to God I lost my phone"
I debated with myself about what I should do, I asked Alutha what I should do. We were in the same class, and we chilled together during break with 5 more girls.
Alutha"Bunk, I'll take notes for you. Yafana we will be organizing Mr and Miss Mhs, doubt we'll do much"
I kissed her took my school bag and ran to the front of the bus.
Me"Driver cela unika umntu my ticket and take their money"
Driver"Okay but the next stop"
I didn't even care, I was just excited qha! I missed my husband and I was about to fix whatever this mess was. When the next stop came, I traded my ticket for half price and ran to Gcobani's street which wasn't really far from where I got off but on a normal day it was far. I called Moss and it went to VM, J tried again and he picked up.
Me"Futsek, where is he?"
Moss"Futsek kuba?"
Me"Was talking to this dog"
We both laughed
Moss"Phakuye, just call kuqala because ukhona Mamakhe"
I thanked him and carried on walking to Gcobani's house while advancing on Cell C, I called him when I was done.
Gcobani"Wait Mama ukhona, you wearing uniform? "
Gcobani"Okanye iza but remember tip toe,yaz bunking is an issue"
I hung up and prepared myself for the worst, xa ndisondela erhangeni his mothers car came out but she didn't see me because there were plenty of people wearing uniform waiting for their transportation. Like a real G I went to his room and opened but it was locked. I knocked again, I heard the key turning and he opened.
I took off my blazer and my school skirt, was a pro at this after all.
Gcobani"Usuke wathini?"
Gcobani"You are different"
Me"Andiyazi lonto"
Gcobani"I cannot always ditch Varsity to comfort your insecurities Fey, mali endinge nayo leyo and you know this"
Me"My matric dance?"
Gcobani"Test that same day"
He showed me his time table
Me"I already paid for a partner but yeke I'll concern myself with that, its my problem after all"
Gcobani"Ndithini? ndiyeke? drop out because awuzi thembanga?"
Gcobani"Mfondini ndithini? because ukhalazela yonke into"
Me"Assure me this is just a phase and we will be alright! we never fight kodwa sijonge ngoku"
Gcobani"Mamela your matric dance is on wednesday right? thursday yi public holiday meaning akho skolo friday … "
Me"Yeah so?"
Gcobani"so iza kum thursday and leave sunday kusasa, tell Thandi and Mthunzi you'll be with Alutha and Khanyi matric dance weekend quite sure akazo sokolisa"
Me"Kukho Mr & Ms Mhs this friday, I won't go ndize kuwe"
Gcobani"They'll get suspicious baby, Mamela mameKhaya hahaha go home after the show"
Me"I'll wait ke"
He pulled me close and kissed me
Gcobani"We will have time to do adult things, and I've been watching videos hahaha"
We kissed again
Me"uhamba nini?"
Gcobani"We have time"
Me"Hahaha not for that, baby I missed you. Tell me about Varsity life, the new place yonke lanto"
Gcobani"Hahaha I want you to meet my friends,they envy me because ndingowase Bhayi"
Gcobani"Hahaha uzozi bonela, worse wena you twang! kuzothwa uzenza umlungu but they are cool okes"
We spoke about everything,we listened to Maroon 5 and ate my lunch. By the time time he had to leave I was happy for getting this opportunity to spend time with my man.
Tuesday came and left so did wednesday, thursday I went to sleep at Yanela's place because the event starts at 6 and her mom didn't mind dropping me off. Friday arrived since it was opened to outsides Yanela could come too, I wore a black freakum dress with white tommy takkies hahaha but I had a valid reason I would be working at the Tuckshop with Kuhle. Let me explain Kuhle, she is a 10+ yet she is humble laweyi. I told Yanela to go hang with Alutha and Sithule whole I work.
Kuhle"We are missing out"
Me"I don't mind"
3 guys came to buy pies
Kuhle"he says he knows you" "what's your name? "
Me"How do you know me?"
He stood closer to the count
Luthando"or look like someone I know, do you have a sister? "
Kuhle"She does"
we both laughed, I won't lie I was loving the attention.
Luthando"Studying at Nmmu? I knew it"
Me"Wrong but nice try hahaha"
Kuhle"You want her number? hahaha"
Luthando nodded
Kuhle"Give tuck shop guy your number"
Me"Hahaha hampa wena! and I don't give my number to strangers"
Luthando"Okay request me on Facebook"
Kuhle"Come' on Fey! Tuck shop guy is trying hahaha"
Me"Okay okay yhuu hahaha "
Luthando"Luthando Baliso"
He paid for the pies and they left
Kuhle"Tuck shop guy is no Gcobani"
Me"I know"
Yet I wanted to request him

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