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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 7


"The cost of not following your heart, is spending the rest of your life wishing you had."Unknown Author
3 weeks later/ Matric dance night
This night is one of the best nights, I mean no one can ever take this moment away from you. You're a princess, you allowed to even be a diva on this night because its about you. Mine well wasn't going as planned but I adapted because what would come tomorrow was worth any drama. My dress didn't fit me at all, we tried to make alterations but we still couldn't get my non existing boobs to help hahaha I know I said medium size but a girl is allowed to dream. Nevertheless My mother suggested I wear the dress and not dance too hard, incase it falls hahaha. My shoes were good size 4 red studded Sissyboy peep toe, and I had a weave. My date? well I convinced my cousin to come with me, and we looked good together woah! incest!! we looked cute. It was an amazing night regardless of my dress acting up, my cousin stole my shine but typical yellowbone behavior. The next morning my parents woke up with me there, I gave them the camera and showed tata how to connect it hahaha I only took 5 pictures though but they didn't know that.
Tata"Did you pack everything? Ningezi lanto no Yanela, don't trouble her mother Fezeka and take your maths book you need practice"
Me"I took it and my bio textbook, can I leave now? because I have to drop my books kulo Yanela and head to the beach"
My mother gave me 300
Mama"Unxile, utshaye uzibulale and if uyakulo Yanela have fun mtanam, you look so beautiful with your hair and nails"
Black mothers know! trust me they always know, I bet she knows where I am going.
Me"uhm let me go, before I get locked here"
Dad"Enjoy ke bhabha"
Woah my dad shouldn't have said that, some guy is about to pound the shit out of his daughter and he says "enjoy" nooooo
Me"Tell Sanele I said, if he bumps into me I DONT KNOW HIM"
Ny parents laughed and I left on that note, said a little prayer for God to protect me. I told Yanela plan going well and she assured me things were good. I took a taxi Njoli, I probably sat there for 2 hours before the taxi got full, we left and I slept.
I woke up and checked the time taxi was a bit empty, I was scared because andizazi noba ndiya phi! getting lost isn't an option because the idiot I am visiting doesn't know the place too.
Me"Xolo Mama siphi? "
She looked really annoyed, I probably farted while sleeping but that's not my fault.
Stranger"Singene Monti ngoku"
I nodded
Me"eSweet Haven"
Stranger "Own Haven"
I giggled
Stranger"Mamela call the person you are visiting and tell her akulande erankini"
I nodded and called my husband
Gcobani"Uphi? I am at Steers, uzoyibona as soon as you get off"
Me"King Steer Gciva"
Gcobani"Hahaha ngomso ungalahleki, fuck I cannot wait to hold you"
Me"see you"
Gcobani"Hold you"
Then cell c humbled my flirting . We finally arrived kodwa, I crossed the street and went to Steers.
Me"You didn't pay Lobola kodwa utya without me? keep disrespecting my people"
He got up to hug me.
Gcobani"You look so different, baby tshesa honeymoon ntoza ntoza"
We ordered our supper and left, nothing annoys me more than taking those small cars as taxis!!!! annoys me nyani.
Me"NSFAS pays for this place?"
He laughed
Gcobani"No hahaha, my brother"
Me"We've been walking babe"
Gcobani"almost there, listen I have a roommate so you cannot be loud during activities" "Dstv is for whoever wakes up first and the fridge ekitchen belongs to him, the tiny one is mine"
Gcobani"Hahaha Compact boo, and we pay half half"
We finally arrived after climbing 10000000 stairs. The roommate was with 5 guys, I couldn't even tell which one he was.
Gcobani"Ekse, this is the wife Fey so behave and babe these are the boys Mzi, Siya, Max, X and lloyd. Uphi lamjita?"
X"Umke no Asanda"
Asanda yet he failed to mention they still hang out. Any girl would be jealous.
Lloyd"Should I roll one for you?"
Me"You smoke?"
Gcobani"I told you njena but just weed
first of many lies

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