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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 8


I appreciate people who can sense something is wrong over text and immediately call or pull up just to make sure everything's alright.
I don't know if yenziwa yilento I've only had sex with my husband, but I feel complete everytime he is inside of me. When our bodied connect,when he stops to look at me and how he always reminds me "You are perfect" even though I am far from perfect but I love that ke says it! How he wipes me when we done, again I've just done this but to me that little thing makes me appreciate him. We made love took breaks and talked, he tickled me or made belly farts he made that moment magical. I woke him up friday morning, we took a bath together which was quite a hustle hahaha trying new things and it didn't go so well. We were laughing so loud,his roommate knocked on the bathroom door. We got out of the water, he went to make breakfast and I called my mother just to check up.
Me"Molweni hahaha yinto, you sound tired"
Mom"Besizi khuphile no Radi Hahaha"
Not clubbing, they normally have couple braais and chill indoors play some Roberta Flack a little Kenny G.
Dad"We went to a braai kwa Manzana, kunjani apho?"
Me"Hahaha hay Dad, We went out but smh eczema was acting up so I decided to cut my night short"
Mom"Uphi Yanela"
Me"Naku sleeping off yesterday, Mama ndicela iAirtime"
Dad"I'll send you 10rand airtime , siyalala ngoku we hosting later"
My parents can be cool sometimes
Me"I'll call ngomso ke"
Dad"Hay keep in touch tshini"
Me"Airtime bye"
I dropped the phone, I looked at Gcobani smiling at me.
Gcobani"Hahaha zobethwa ngu Mthunzi"
Me"Mxm, what are we eating"
Gcobani"Hahaha Coco pops obviously because I am so husband material, Babe masithethe"
He gave me my bowl and sat on the bed, He played with his spoon then looked at me.
Gcobani"I told mama what we did"
Me"What did we do?"
Gcobani"We got married"
Me"Why the hell would you do that? What if she tells my parents! We cannot even afford Spur mna nawe, imagine Lobola money!!!"
Gcobani"She found the marriage certificate! I couldn't deny it"
Me"Suxoka! you told her ngokwakho Gcobani"
Me"Hay man futsek! you are selfish! You shouldn't have! you ruined my trust"
Gcobani"Mfondini she found the fucken thing! Fey she won't tell"
Gcobani"Listen to me for once"
Me"Sleeping with Asanda really makes you reckless"
He paused and looked at me for the longest time
Gcobani"Let me go before I do something I'll regret"
He grabbed his jeans and sneakers
He took his phone and left, I took mine and sent Olwethu a text 'I miss you' and he immediately called.
Olwethu"What happened"
Me"How did you know?"
Olwethu"Because you've been looking forward to this weekend, hell it made you more excited than your own Matric dance. So what did you do?"
Me"Why me?"
Olwethu"because you are crazy and sometimes selfish, sometimes you suffer from word vomit"
Me"Okay okay… accused him of sleeping with Asanda"
Olwethu"Arg Gcobani is incapable of cheating, but we both know Asanda is waiting for you to fuck up and you are making this game easy for her"
Me"Fight for whats yours, and don't call me until Gcobani screams my name hahaha"
I got dressed thinking about where I'll start searching, decided on asking the roommate. I opened the door and my darling husband was sitting on a beanbag playing King of Fighters. Without looking at me .
Gcobani"I don't want to fight"
Me"I am sorry"
Gcobani"I honestly didn't tell Mama because ndafuna" "sometimes allow me to speak! you treat me like an idiot Fezeka"
Me"I love you that's why I go crazy, ingathi you changed and I might be changed too"
Gcobani"I love you too, and I married you. So we are stuck together, besides that we were both raised by married parents ndifuna lonto for our kids"
I went to sit next to him putting my head on his shoulder.
Gcobani"I can afford Spur you know"
Me"Hahaha are we cool?"
Gcobani"As ice"
the best laid plans

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