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Monday, November 2


Last kiss: Our mistakes Chapter 9


This part right here is called Happiness
Me"Kunjani outside? how is the weather"
Gcobani"Its hot but not too hot, yet hot enough to not wear a jersey"
Gcobani"Hahaha haven't went outside"
I hit his shoulder and went to stand outside, the easiest most dumbest way to tell how the weather is. Instead of checking the weather channel, nope I didn't do that part.
Gcobani"Ngu 28"
Me"I hate you"
I closed the door and went back to our room, I wore bum shorts and a black blouse with a black bra underneath.
Gcobani"Fuck no"
Me"Its hot"
Gcobani"And you are married!"
Me"To a 19 year old! who didn't Lobola me hahaha allow me"
He picked me up and shoved me against the wall.
Gcobani"I can do magic"
He moved me to bed and took off my shorts, I covered my face giggling.
Me"Slow this time"
Gcobani"Ngoku busenza ngathi awufuni"
We made love while his roommate was singing in the kitchen,each stroke I wanted to scream but his hand was on my mouth . We finally finished, he wiped me as usual then wiped himself.
Gcobani"I am inlove with you!"
Me"Feeling isn't mutual,yadika Gcobani"
I smiled.
Gcobani"I know you, that's code for wanting more but nah chill sungxama I'll chow you…"
Me"Really? chow"
Gcobani"drama! but I'll explore you later my Van Riebeeck"
Me"Hahaha baby I want to go out"
Gcobani"Yhuu xhosa girl wanting to finish my money!! Can I at least buy my toiletries"
Me"Dramatic and I have 300, and 250 that you gave me for my hair"
Since we got married Gcobani gives me 250 every month, even when I do ask for it.
Gcobani"Keep your money, still have money okwa ngoku but I expect you to understand when I have absolutely nothing"
I nodded
Me"Can I wear my blouse? "
Gcobani"Wear it, you look sexy kanjani"
Me"Andifuni Gcobani hahaha"
I quickly wore my shorts
Me"You know I don't wear panties"
Gcobani"We having sex now, I think you should"
I wore my bra then blouse, he handed me my denim jacket.
Gcobani"Wear sandals, I want us to go elwandle"
He wore torn jeans, a plain white shirt and sneakers, We took a long walk to get to the entrance then left for Hemingways mall. Which puts Greenacres to shame without any effort, we went to pick n pay to buy his toiletries then went to Mr price to buy underwear for me even thought I said andifuni nix. We went to the games, play almost everything then went to Spur. We got seated
Waitress"Can I get you drinks while you decide "
Gcobani"Cela Hunters dry "
He avoided eye contact
Me"Heineken pls"
She left and Gcobani looked at me.
Me"You drink? who are you?"
Gcobani"A few changes but I didn't change who I am" "And you drink beer"
Gcobani"Tonight I allow you to act wild because I trust you"
Gcobani"Incognito babe"
Me"Lets stay in, invite your friends and some girls"
Gcobani"Its a trap"
Me"Hahaha no its not "
Gcobani"Lets record you saying that"
Me"just do it, before I change my mind"
His friends arrived with 3 girls with the annoying bitch, and Hlathi's girlfriend was there too. Apparently they were shackling up together, she was originally from King but works at a call centre. Zintle yes that is her name, hate that name but whatever.
Gcobani"Uggies baby?"
Me"My feet need warmth"
Gcobani"And the glasses, who are you reading? "
Zintle and i were laughing at him, drunk Gcobani was loud and funny.
Zintle"Can I smoke"
Gcobani"Zee bring your stash, kuyaphela apha"
Zintle excused herself, Gcobani and I went to chill with everyone. I sat between his legs staring at Asanda, with my playing with my weave.
Zintle"someone teach Fey how to smoke"
Asanda"Gcobani doesn't like smokers"
Gcobani and I laughed
Me"Khamxelele mtchanam hahaha"
Gcobani"We are a herbal family, MaAsi relax"
"Kuzi lekese"
Gcobani and I said it at the sametime

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