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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 95 (Part A)

Insert 95
The left wing of the profound Motsepe family arrived safely at their greener pasture. As the usu ritual, Oara is smitten at the sight of his baby girl, Angela, Mercedes Benz C- class edition. The girls are familiar with his kissing, groans and praises that Angel gets!
They laugh with pure humility as Oara who doesn't seem to care at all. After what felt like a decade, eventually they get into the car and head home.
The gate automatically parts way for the car, as they enter the glorious ground of their palace.
The garden always looked neat, as the bed of daises and roses blossoms and the green grass's smells elegantely indicationg that it has just been freshly cut.
The three get their bags and head for the house as they greet Hendrick, the neighbourhood gardner, as he packs his stool, preparing to leave.
Everything still looks the same, nothing unchanged or repositioned. Everyone goes to their bedrooms to unpack their heavy burdens.
Days and weeks pass as they go through their daily routine. While Kaboentle has been swamped up by her education and preparing for the final exams, the guys have even started a study group to update her properly on everything. Although they do different thing yet their similarities, Kat has been a darling bud, making sure Kaboentle is well equipt with the knowledge she needs to ace the exams. Even though since Kaboentle left they haven't dealt with the factor that almost destroyed their friendship. Yet she's avoided at all cost the talk and sympathy accompanied by never ending apologies. She makes sure after class she runs to avoid having a simple conversation with Kat.
One particular day as she was laying on her bed, doing nothing but lazying round as her bed was covered in books and papers with notes. She picked up her phone and dailed Lesego's number...
Lesego: Rakgadi (Auntie)
Kaboentle: (Blushes) MaKgosi (Kgosi's mom) That little bugger is growing hey friend
Lesego: You dont want to know, he sucks my nutrients as Im left drained and his father seems to take his little side as always!
Kabontle: (She breaks into stitches of laughter) Thats my brother for you! My friend I miss you guys hey, Kgosi, Rori and Rato. Better I making a conference call!
A minute later a squicky voice is heard!
Rato: If it isn't the three addidas strips! Girls (As she screams histerically)
Kaboentle: Wow the loudest tin out of all of us (Everyone laughs)
Rato: (She's heard talking on the other side) Kitties I wish I could join the reunion but I got a story to follow. Boss's order! I love guys and Sego kiss Kgosi for me.
(They both wished Rato well but contined taking)
Kaboentle: Friend wanted to wish you luck with your exams, I heard you starting soon! Remember you can do it. Little should let mommy study (As she hears Kgosi moaning in the background) Ncooh kiss pumpkin for me. bye
Speaking with the girls, always bring Kaboentle upliftment and a sense of joy from a sacret place. Her face, bright and glowing, she thought before heading back to the roaring fire of study she should give Mr P a call. While trying to dial his number, she hears her name.
Without a doubt she knows it is Chriselda!
Which interrupts her plan of action, she throws her phone and rushes to the lounge.
"Wow you early today" says Kaboentle
As she galnces at the bridal magazine flooded on the coffee table.
"Well tonight, is us ladies! Pumpkin is swamped up at the hospital" cheers Chriselda.
After her amusing statement, her friends flood the rooms. Kaboentle was familiar with everyone. They dinned and wined as they browsed through the magazines, looking for the perfect dresses. Bear in mind the wedding is in December.
"So who is doing the decoration?" asks Chrissie's bestfriend Yolanda.
"Angel is" without hesitation adds Chriseladz.
A pazzled Kaboentle glasses at Chriselda with a sense of confusion.
"Me? But?"
"No buts! You said you'd do it, plus you did a spectacular job at Rori's graduation party" says chriselda
They all enjoy themselves as the night sweeps away and invites the sun for a new day.
The ladies are sour as their heads feel the wreath of yesterday's fun.
They tidy up quicky before, the neat freak arrives home, Doctor Motsepe ofcause.
Everyone says their good byes as Chriselda prepares a strong coffee to look like a perfect queen, so Oara can not sense the scars of her hangover. Kaboentle who was intoxicated by the orange juice laughs as Oara graces the house with his presence.
Oara kisses Kaboentle's cheek and hugs Chrisela who wince in pain as Oara squeezes.
"How I missed!" and twirls her around.
"Pumpkin please, I.." as she holds her hand runs to the bathroom to through up.
A confused Oara points in Chriselda's direction in question.
"Red wine effects!" Kaboentle breaks out.
"And thinks Coffee can help?" says Oara
Kaboentle shrugs her shoulders and makes her way to the bathroom to check on her. While Oara whips up a hangover concation for her. As the day progress, the hangover dies form the husband's remedy. Benefits of marrying a doctor.
On the other side of the provinces, Gauteng, Pretoria. John and Thandolwethu spoil their newly found grandson rottenly, John can't seem to keep his heart rate at proper levels, if it isn't Kgosi trying to roll then its Thami dragging him with his leg. John has forgiven his wife and for now we observe a obidient Thandolwethu who does her wife duties for once behaves like a wife. Is it an act?
Lesego, studies her butt off trying to write her matric exam, avoiding history to repeat itself. Rori who is charming Tatum, now seems to be having eyes for one women, although ladies at the law firm worship the ground he walks on. Before heading home he goes through Soshanguve to see his reason for breathing, the lady of his dreams and his son.
Kaboentle finds time in her busy schedule and calls the guy that makes her heart beat. They been taking each and every day, taking of their future together.
The phone is answered on the third ring...
Yet no one answers yet voices are heard.
Kaboentle: Hello, Baby
Thabang's phone: Come on, kiss me. She wouldnt know and besides what she doesn't know wont kill her... (A female voice is heard from the other side, more like a conversation)
A distraught Kaboentle, blinks her eyes in disbelief. But continues to listen to the conversation on the other side as she records it.
Thabang's phone: No, I love my girlfriend. This is a mistaken. It shouldn't have happened!
Thabang's phone: Well in January you didn't think so. She doesn't deserve you. I give you all you need. Damn Thabang!
After that, she hangs up with tears flooding down her cheeks.
Could it be a wrong number?

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