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Thursday, December 24


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 152 (Part B)


Dygo 152 cont.
Yoo! I must say I was suffering from paranoia especially when it came to Sheryl Lsg Gosiame. It seemed like the mention or the thought of her was like a shadow constantly following me. It felt like where ever I go, she seemed to be with me. She was everywhere. In my dreams, in my mind, and in my face. I thought more of her than anyone else. I saw her every where. At times whenever I see a pregnant woman I would think , could it be her? Whenever I drive and pass by a light skinned, I would wonder how she looked like. I must say, everyday I pictured her and wondered about the day I would actually meet her. I asked myself many questions about what I would do the day I would see her face to face.
So, here I was, about to meet Lsg –Lesego but this one was definitely not Lsg Sheryl Gosiame but Lsg Milano Lebitso.
I stood up and went around the table to hand shake with the guy who bought me breakfast earlier.
Nna: We meet again!
My boss: Oh have you met already? Before now?
Nna: oh yes. I met a guy named Milano Lebitso earlier at the canteen, not Lesego!
My boss: ohk, well, let me leave you two to get to know each other, not personal but professional.
My boss left the office and it was me and Lsg .
Nna: And you Mr, what’s with double identities? Milano and Lesego ? Oh , I’m sorry about ignoring you earlier. Yoo you have no idea how relieved I am right now that I finally got to meet the Lsg who kept us waiting at the conference room.
Milano: its OK. I figured you were busy with something important, hence I didn’t want to interrupt you. Double identities? Haha, says a woman with two names? Well, the two names neh, they are both mine . Lesego is on my id document and Milano is on my passport. I have to correct the id.
Nna: Oh, seems complicated. So which one do you prefer to use?
Milano: Let’s just say it is a long complicated story that I'd share with you some other time. But for now I prefer Milano over Lesego. I was at HR fixing the names on my file. I wanted to ensure that all my communications register as Milano. Enough about me! Earlier when your boss finally got your attention, you seemed like you have seen a ghost when you looked at me. You were even sweating. Why? Were you not expecting me? Or you were disappointed that it was me? I mean you never even notice that I was sitting in front of you. You were so focused and glued to your screen so bad that you didn’t blink. What’s up?
Nna: Yoo! It’s a long complicated story that I’d share some day, but you have no idea how happy I was to learn that you are Lsg . I didn’t expect a man named Lesego to be Zu’s replacement but a girl from my past/future who shared same name with you. Yoo. You made my day!
Milano: Haahaaa! I promise I wont be an asshole and what else did you say you didn’t want to work with? Yes Biyatch!
Nna: haahaa don’t you dare go there. Becasue, I am not the control freak nor pain in a butt and ooh what did you say they said I was also? Ooh yeah, a hard nut to crack? Actually I am none of those. I am a very very sweet person to work with …but I guess we would have to wait and see as time goes on. Don’t believe everything you hear about a person.
Milano: Yeah! I guess.
I must say, that was one awkward moment I was in. One thing great about our meeting was that I was not going to be stuck with Sheryl in my life, well my working life. I was so relieved.
I welcomed Milano to my team and we discussed our working relationship. We communicated our expectations and what needs to be done going forward. Milano was Asset Manager at Standard Bank, so he was more suitable for Zu's position and didn’t require too much attention. He knew his story. So I was confident it would be smooth sailing.
Days went by , I was beginning to feel comfortable with Milano. I must say he was such a gentle, intelligent and humbled guy. We hit it off well. He was really an easy person to work with. What I liked more about him was the fact that we were almost same age. We related in most stuff. We were born same year. I was born in October, he was born in March, but he was way too matured. At first I thought he was lying about his age, until he showed me his passport.
At times I found myself comparing him to my husband. They really possessed same qualities, except that he was really playful and outspoken .
We were now breakfast and lunch buddies. We would rotate offices. If we had breakfast at my office, lunch would be in his, or we’d go to the canteen. We were really getting along. Our relationship was strictly professional. We never discussed much on personal level, but we had told each other basic personal information. I knew he was married and living with her wife and that they didn’t have kids. He never spoke much about his family, even his wife. I didn’t want to pressure him, so I decided not to ask about them . I also told him that I was married and living with my two kids and my husband and also looking forward to welcoming our new addition to the family soon. The rest of the conversations were about work, his studies, life in general and lots of jokes.
That week was moving really fast, I was not complaining but I was not really looking forward to the coming three weeks, Sheryl’s d-day. In as much as I wanted this whole thing to come to an end, I could not help but wonder what was to follow. Hai the waiting though! . My baby bump was getting bigger by day. At home my husband was being the gentleman I fell in love with, and at work, Milano was being the gentleman I met and worked with.
Life was great. The future looked promising.
It was already Saturday 13th August, just under three weeks before Sheryl gives birth. I was preparing for my meeting with Reatli ( Kevin's younger sister). She had been calling asking to see me, but I was really busy wrapping up things at work before my maternity leave.
I was planning to take the kids to Pretoria Zoo that weekend but she begged me saying she wanted to see me urgently even if it was for two hours. I must say she sounded anxious and a bit down.. I had to convince Kev and Mamo to go without me, hoping that I would join them afterwards. They agreed to drop me off by Reatli’s on their way to Pretoria. I told them that I would convince her and her girls to join us, so I would catch a lift to Zoo with her. Or if they don’t join us, Reatli promised to drop me off in Pretoria.
I arrived at Reatli’s home. It was only her and the kids. Nyiko had gone home to Giyane for the weekend. I jokingly asked why did she let him go alone, and why didn't she and the girls play bodyguards? There and there her facial expression changed as she asked me to take a seat next to her to hear why she did not join Nyiko to go to Limpopo. I immediately told her that I was only joking, I could not ask her to explain herself to me regarding her decisions. Just then she assured me that she was not explaining herself. Matter of fact, this trip to Limpopo was the reason she asked me to come see her.
Apparently two weeks before our trip to Mpumalanga Nyiko received a phone call from some woman, asking to see him. Since He and Reatli were also busy with rebuilding their marriage, Nyiko told Reatli about the call and they both decided to set up the meeting with the woman.
The meeting was set for Saturday 2nd July.
The very same Saturday Kevin was meeting with Sheryl and I was in Mmatau.
Reatli said earlier that Saturday Nyiko received a call from that woman who called him to meet, saying they were in Centurion getting lost. Nyiko directed them to their house. The Baloye’s visitors made it to their home around 9:00 in the morning. It was an elderly woman , a pregnant woman and a younger couple with a toddler .
Reatli said she suspected immediately what the visit was all about as the visitors took their seats in their sitting room. She said she put two and two together and got twenty two, in her mind, the people were there to claim or proof that Nyiko had made their daughter pregnant and needed damages or financial support. She said she was devastated before they could even say why they were there.
The elderly woman, introduced herself as Mama G and introduced her fellow visitors.. She did not mention any names. She only said , the couple were her son and his wife, the young baby boy as her grandson and the pregnant woman as her daughter .Nyiko welcomed them in the Baloye residence and introduced himself and Reatli as Mr and Mrs Baloye. He further said the young boy was almost same age as his youngest daughter and jokingly said the lobola negotiations can resume. The visitors and thee Baloyes shared a laugh, removing the tension and anticipation of the meeting.
Reatli said as they were all sitting down, for a while there was silence until Nyiko asked them to what did they owe them the honour.
Reatli said her attention was drawn to the little man who looked 3 years old if not less. She said she could deny all she could but the young one was a male version of her youngest 2 years old daughter and looked so much like her husband. It was written all over the wall that the child was her husband's.
Mama G started by asking Nyiko if he knew her daughter, referring to the pregnant lady. What unfolded in that meeting left Reatli speechless. Nyiko undeniably so, confirmed that he indeed knew the lady. He even addressed her with her full name and surname. Reatli’s world crumbled before her eyes to the realisation of the reason for the visit, but nothing made sense. She decided that she could not handle what Mama G was about to say or confirm her suspicions.
All she could think was, whether Nyiko made this woman pregnant again? Especially having seen that the little boy who looked so much like her kids was indeed her husband's? That's the thoughts that were running through Reatli’s mind as she stood up to assist her helper in the kitchen to prepare something for the visitors to eat. She could not believe her eyes and she was not strong enough to stand by and listen to those people confirming that his husband had lied and hidden such information away from her. All that was running through her mind was that her husband’s cheating ways were catching up with him.
Did Nyiko made someone pregnant? Yooo! Kevin and his brother in law are truly birds of the same feather! They really flock together. I thought to myself...

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