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Tuesday, December 15


Diary of a restless soul Insert 99


Insert 99.
It was now november
we had just finished writing our final paper
i was walking with sindy.
Me: yaz there's something wrong with sibu.
Sibu: aibo bestie what do you mean.
Me: i mean last month was perfect
everything was smooth.
We were inlove la wei
but recently all that has gone
his been distant.
He hardly calls me.
And when i call him he cuts the conversation short.
When last did you see us together here at school.
Its like he is avoiding me.
Sindy: or maybe you are just over thinking things.
When did you notice this changes.
Me: this month.
Right after we have started with our exams.
(sindy laughed much to my surprise)
me: what's funny.
Sindy: duh the fact that your bae changed right after you started writing exams
i mean its lunch bar.
Me; lunch bar yanton ngok
sindy: its obvious that he's been studying.
You do realise that he still study like the rest of us right.
Me: damn,
i feel like the idiot of the year.
Fuck yeah why didn't i think about that.
Sindy: see i told you that you were over reacting.
Me: well i can't wait for him to finish writing.
He wont know what's waiting for him in store.
(i sarcastically licked my lips in a sexy manner)
sindy: thatha friend
(we high five'd)
we continued gossiping all the way to our room.
Khitha was already there
and she was asleep.
We continued with our silly conversation.
Khitha: hhayini guys you are making noise.
Us: sorry girl.
Khitha: whatever
(we both rolled our eyes at her)
me: so since we are finished writing girls
when are we leaving.
Khitha: leaving to where.
Sindy: duh home.
Khitha: owh mna i am not leaving guys.
"what????" sindy and i chantered.
Me: ai girl is that even possible.
June you didn't leave
namanje you not leaving.
Sindy: seriously girl thats not right.
I mean december is a family time.
If you wont be with your family then who will you be with.
Khitha: ai please stop preaching tuu.
Spare me you sarmon, i don't need it.
Me: we are not preaching apha mntase,
i mean you've never gone back to witbank since you got here and you are getting me worried.
So why are you not going home.
Khitha: mna ne chommie zaam have plans this holidays.
Me: plans zanton.
Khitha: i don't have to explain myself to you.
Me: owh ohk i give up.
Sindy: but girl......
Khitha: please save it.
Sindy and i kept our mouth shut.
We went to freshen up
after that we went out.
It was sindy's friend birthday party.
We got in her flat.
And shame it was parked.
A yellow bone stud came to us.
Her: finally you are here.
(she and sindy shared a hug)
sindy: this is my other bestie u-athenkosi.
And athe this is my crazy friend unhlanhla.
Me: please to meet you.
(i stretched my hand for a handshake)
nhlanhla: awumhle sana, please don't be so civil with me.
(she opened her arms for a hug
that hug lasted like forever
and it was getting uncomfortable so i broke it
and she looked at me in a funny way and i looked away).
Nhlanhla: so is this beautiful lady taken.
Sindy: duh what do you think
and besides she is as straight as a ruler.
Nhlanhla: in my world everybody is gay in some way.
Sindy: its a good thing then thats only happens in your world.
(we all laughed)
nhlanhla led the way for us
shame it was a great party.
But i was starting to be bored because i was a loone ranger,
sindy was with babalo
nhlanhla with some girl nje.
It seemed like everybody had a patner.
I took out my phone and called sibu.
He answered in the second ring.
Sibu: ey bhabha.
Me: hey you uphi.
Sibu: endlini.
me: can you please fetch me.
Sibu: where are you.
Me: a friend's party in the cbd
and every body's got a patner
i feel so left out
and i miss you.
Sibu: k i will be there in 15 minutes.
Me: k then i will be waiting.
We hung up.
I told sindy that i was leaving.
She asked if her and balo could take me home.
But i told her that sibu would be fetching me.
I said my goodbyes to nhlanhla too,
but she said i should not leave
but i told her that my boyfriend is already on his way.
After what felt like forever sibu arrived.
He sent me an sms asking me to come out.
I took my bag
i went out
and his car was parked by the gate.
I went straight to it.
He step out.
Opened the door for me.
I got in and he also got in.
Sibu: hey nana.
Me: hey you
(we shared a kiss)
sibu: lol you so sober for someone whose coming from a party.
Not even a smell of alcohol.
Me: well i didn't drink
i was just not in the mood for alcohol.
He drove to his place.
He looked so drained and distant.
We got to his flat
and we got in
i threw myself on the couch,
sibu was so quiet.
Me: what's wrong
sibu: mmhmm.
Me: since this month started you've been so distant and unhappy you've been avoiding me did i do something wrong.
Sibu: nooo... Bhabha no its not you.
Me: then what is it.
Sibu: uhm i am leaving next year.
Me: leaving??? Where are you going.
Sibu: i am few of the student selected in my class to go study in london.
Me: what????.
I heard what he said, i just didn't believe it.
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