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Tuesday, December 15


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 74


As long as the principle of nature stands, man shall reap what he sows.
I didn't know what to say to that because my mind was reeling with confusion. Mike thought he had walked a step ahead of life but now fate had caught up with him and given him a dose of his own medicine.
After I had finished talking to Marble, I had a burning desire to know how Joy's children were doing. Poor souls having had to endure hardship at such a tender age. I didn't know if Mike was in a good state of mind to take care of them.
I made a mental note of finding where I had written down the phone number of Joy's mother.
Time run down so fast and it was evening already. Ben was nowhere to be found. I couldn't go to his house because I didn't know where but even if I did, I couldn't go there. Cindy might have misinterpreted my presence for a mission to tear her home apart.
If this was a test I had to endure, I didn't know if I would pass. I could be uncontrollable when it came to my children.
The night passed and I went to bed with a heavy heart laden with fury and worry.
The following morning I had to get ready for work and asked Norah to stay home if she could so that when Ben brought the kids, they wouldn't be home alone.
I arrived on time at work and when i was signing in the attendance register, The Human Resources Manager called me to his office. My heart thumped so hard in my chest.
I meekly followed him as I wondered what he had in store for me.
When we arrived in his office, he motioned me to close the door and sit down. He wasn't in a mood of pleasantries because he immediately pulled out an envelope from his drawer and handed it to me without a word.
With a deep sigh, I received it and tore it open.
It was a letter of dismissal with immediate effect. Well it wasn't the job of the year or that which could make me stand on top of the world for all to hear that I had it but it was able to put food on the table for me and my children.
I felt a tightening sensation deep in my chest as this news sunk. Where would I get another job?
" I am sorry Miss Banda but the boss asked me to do this."
I only managed to nod my head as he told me to go to the accounts department and get whatever money that I was entitled to receive after dismissal.
I only got a dismissal letter because I already got several verbal warnings.
I went inside the accountant's office and got my severance pay stashed in an envelope silently.
The accountant was an old man who frightened me with his silence. He didn't like talking much unless he really had to.
When I got out and went to clear my drawer, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I looked up and gazed into Marble's eyes. This time they were deep with genuine compassion and empathy. She smiled and I smiled back.
"It will be fine."
Just the word I needed to erupt the dam that was threatening to break out the dam inside me. The tears came. She handed me her handkerchief and patted me on the back until they were spent.
I took my things and packed them in my handbag.
"Before you go, there was a man who came looking for you while you were in the HR's office. He left this for you."
I took the folded paper from her and read it. It was Isaac's number inscribed inside.
"He said you should call him immediately because he can't get you on your mobile."
After I had finished talking to Isaac on my way from Nkhatabay, I put him on my blacklisted contacts. I simply didn't want to get involved too much with him.
I mumbled my thanks and took leave. To where? I had no idea but I just wanted to go home and see my kids before I remembered that they were not even there.
How much chance did I had of finding another job? The following day I had to start job hunting if I was to survive.
My mother, bad timing as usual called me and expressed her disappointment for my MIA at the wedding. I wasn't even bothered by her ranting because she couldn't understand my present situation. When she realised that I had been quite, she thought I had hanged up on her. I simply told her that I had heard all that she has said but I had to go.
When I arrived home, Norah wasn't there. Trust her to disobey me. Matters of the heart are peculiar and unfathomable.
I went to lie down on my bed and thought about my life. Something had to be done if I needed a change because I couldn't afford to keep on living a life of torment. A low paying job at a low standard company that didn't give me any job security.
What would become of me and my children in the next five years?
My life was becoming a gamble I couldn't afford. No qualification for a proper job. If people with degrees were suffering to find jobs, What chance did I have of securing one? If I needed God's grace then it was now when the blunt rope of unemployment was fresh and choking me.
At around past 3 pm, Norah came with her husband. She was shocked to find me home and was quick to say he just wanted to know where she was staying. Well silently I said to myself, here comes baby no. two.
I left them chatting while I went out for a walk. My thoughts were directed to my babies. Whatever mind games Ben was trying to play me, I was yet to find out.
I passed by the market and bought fresh fruits to make fruit salad with Chambico.
I arrived home and started making the salad. I heard a car screech to a halt outside and I looked through the window to see Ben's car.
I wiped my hands on a dish cloth and went outside. He walked towards me with arms outstretched for a hug. I folded my hands and ignored him.
"What is it with you? Are you always this serious? " His voice had an underlying mockery but still I ignored him.
"I came to see the kids.are they inside?" Was he kidding me or what?
"Which kids?" I asked.
"What do you mean? Go get them I don't have all day.I have a meeting in an hour's time, I just came by to say hello."
I looked at him for any trace of lies but there was none.
"You know what, you can't deny taking the kids because Norah was there. Let me call her then we shall hear all about it."
I started making for the door before he pulled me by the elbow and brought me back. He started laughing so hard.
"Take it easy... Kids you can come out now."
At that moment, The car door opened. Amanda and Lawrence came out, stifling giggles.
I reapt in excitement and hugged them so hard to me, forgetting my earlier worries.
"That's a lesson. If these kids trust me, why do you fail to do the same? " Ben asked me after the excitement had died down. I didn't have time to answer because I was basking in the happiness of seeing my pumpkins.
He took out the bags from the car and bade us farewell.
What a plank I had been pulled!!
I really had to stop worrying too hard before I made a fool of myself.

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