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Friday, December 18


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 75 (Part A)


A week after losing my job, I had dropped application letter almost at all companies I knew would employ me basing on my experience. I didn't want to limit God but always prayed that He would intervene in my situation and give me that which was best for me.
The kids were doing great and Ben was taking care of them. Since Amanda was growing up, I told her that if she wanted anything she had to be the one telling her father about it because Ben always had it in his mind that I wanted to play chess to con him behind the children's name.
I really didn't understand him at times.
Cindy once answered Ben's phone when I called him one day. The kids' had a school trip out of town and needed some money. The way she talked to me made me feel like I was a beggar.
Anyway I didn't blame her but it was unnecessary because never in my life did I ever dream of dating Ben again.
One Saturday afternoon I was ironing the kid's clothes. There was a knock on the door. I was alone in the house since I had sent the kids at the corner shop to buy me airtime. Norah had gone back with her husband to heaven knew where. I couldn't tolerate her sleeping over at his place whenever he felt like. If he wanted her around him, no harm would be done if she went to stay there afterall they were husband and wife. If anything happened, I would always be there to offer her my shoulder.
I went to open the door, Isaac was standing there grinning widely as if he was expected.
"Come in." I told him.
"Thanks. It's nice to see you again."
He was carrying a paper bag which he gave me and I took it hesitantly.
"You really shouldn't have bothered"
"Don't try to be polite with me come on Wangu it's just bread and juice for the kids."
I muttered my thanks and we sat down.
"What brought you here?" I asked.
"I was in the neighborhood and thought of saying hie"
We both knew he was lying because he didn't know anybody else there.
We were both lost of words. He was waiting for me to break the ice and I was waiting for him to speak.
"I heard that you lost your job.I'm sorry."
"Who told you? "
"Marble. don't blame her because I was a bit persistent to know why you were not at work at all the four times i have been coming there."
" oh I see."
"Is it okay if I can talk to some of my friends and see if they can offer you another job."
I wasn't sure if that was a good idea but it didn't sound so bad.
"I would appreciate it so much."
I was speechless.
"where are the kids?"he asked.
Immediately the door opened and laughter filled the room. Amanda and Laurent were chasing each other.
"Mumie tell Amanda to give me my sweet. She has three and I have two.I need to eat the other one
I'm a man."
Isaac and I burst into laughter but honestly it gave me food for thought. I didn't want to raise a man who would think being a man gave him power over everything. He had to learn that he must earn it or ask politely.
Isaac carried him on his knees. As if he had read my mind, he said, " Listen here buddy.If you want an extra sweet, ask for it okay"
"Yes Uncle" he said.
"Now you two go and play." They run outside. Kids always seems to be running all the time.
"Can I take you out?"
he asked suddenly.
Immediately I touched my hair, honestly I was a mess. I didn't know how much it could cost to have it back in shape.
" Take this and do your hair." He must have seen my distressed look, he gave me five thousand kwacha.
We agreed for a date the following day at 7:00 pm. He would pick me up. We would go and leave Amanda and Laurent at his place with his daughter's babysitter.
I was over the moon to be able to be taken out again after a long time.
We went to city mall cinema and watched an Indian movie which we left mid way. We went to have dinner at Steers. It was a lovely evening and I felt happy. Problems aside, Isaac acted like a perfect gentleman, not pushing me too far and only commenting where required.
He was on a mission to get to know me more.
He laughed more and I felt at ease in his presence. We ate while talking and by 9:30 pm we decided to start going. He suggested that I sleep at his place since the kids were already there but I refused. We went to pick them up and they were asleep.
Throughout the drive, I felt truly happy. Once in a while he could pat me on the shoulder to emphasize a point.
We arrived at my place and he helped me carry Amanda while I carried Laurent.
I tucked them in bed and went to where Isaac was.
"Thank you very much for going out with me today. I really appreciate."
I didn't reply, I just smiled.
His phone rung. Since it was on the table, I saw who was calling, Marble. My heart thumped so hard in my chest. It was a terror considering the odd hour as well as the ignorance of how deep rooted their relationship was.
He looked at me, sighed then picked up the call obviously irritated by the awkwardness the call had caused him. I waited...

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