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Thursday, December 24


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 75 (Part B)


EPISODE 75 continuation
I was in a maze of thoughts, too tangled up to get out. Thousand questions were invading my mind. I watched him talking on the phone cautiously to avoid saying what wasn't intended.
I could have interrupted him there and then, ordering him out of my house. couldn't he show a little respect?
The whole conversation was full of no.. yes...yeah...we will see... until they bade each other goodnight. By then my patience had run out and I was fuming with anger.
"Sorry about that."
I looked at him.
" Do I look like a fool to you? What are you playing at?"
He sat down and looked at me straight in the eyes.
" You should understand Wangu that some friends don't necessarily wish you well." He said.
"What do you mean?"
"Do you remember the day I came to your office and left a note with my number on it?" He asked.
"yeah I do remember. so?"
I was becoming more and more puzzled.
" Marble read the note apparently and saved my number because she has been calling me ever since"
"Do you want her to continue calling you?"
"How can I stop it?"
seriously I thought he must have been the dumbest man I had ever known.
"You mean you can't control who you want to talk to on your own phone? "
"She might think I'm being rude."
The way he was defending all this made me think he must have been enjoying the attention.
"Can she kill you if you tell her not to call you again? oh wait...wait maybe you want enjoy talking to her. I'm I missing something here?"
" Seriously I don't want to talk to her. She calls me everyday as if to remind to take my medication."
I laughed so hard.
"Well if you want us to continue being friends, please get rid of such unnecessary callers."
" After today, are we still 'just friends'?"
I laughed again.
" Listen here Wangu. I want us to be more than friends. I want you to be a mother of my children, the person I see everyday when I woke up in the morning. I love you Wangu so very much you are torturing me and giving me sleepless nights with your rejection. I have waited long enough and I'm sure you don't think I want anymore games."
The look on his face was of one who has gotten rid of a heavy burden. Was this what he was keeping inside him throughout the night?
"Please don't start again?"
I was trying to dismiss this issue as best as I could.
"I shouldn't start what? why are you afraid of yourself? You think running away from me is what will prevent a heartbreak? That's where you are wrong. You will keep on hurting from the past if you don't learn to let go. Love yourself enough to love again."
This lectrure really got into me.
"Look I heard what you have told me and we will talk about it later. For now why don't you go home and catch some sleep."
"sure...good night then."
With that he came to me hugged and kissed me on the forehead.
He left me with too many questions I couldn't have been able to answer in one night. I watched him until his car was out of site.
I locked the door and went to the bedroom. My money was dwindling pretty fast yet there were electricity and water bills to pay.
I couldn't stop tossing as Isaac's words kept replaying in my mind. Perhaps it was true that I was pushing away a good man.
Old wounds had really hurt me and new love could have a tough time settling in. I wasn't in a rush anyway.
A week later I received a call from Beatrice that they would be coming to Lilongwe at her husband's uncle's place while they were waiting for their passports in Area 25. They were planning to go to South Africa in search of green pastures. Well good luck to them. I asked about what happened to the other two wives. Were they taking them too? Hahaha imagine a man with three wives and several children embarking on such a journey and creating pressure at his uncle's place would look like the whole village was migrating. I told her that if anything, she was free to pop in at my house and say hello.
I continued my job hunting without success. Isaac offered to give me money to do business but I refused because I wanted it to be a loan that I could repay but he wanted it to be a gift. I wasn't comfortable with that sort of arrangement. I could have easily received the money and moved on but my conscious wouldn't allow me. I was afraid of tomorrow, as much as it seemed to be a sign of goodwill but it might have also been a trap.
I was in City Centre at Live and Love it Foundation feeling tired, hungry and thirsty from the scorching heat that was draining my strength . I had gone to leave an application letter for the post of cleaner. The receptionist was one hell of a lady who acted like she owned the company. I could have easily told her some home truths if not for the fear of the rumour that some of them tear application letters when the fancy take them. I could still feel her gaze upon me like I was leprous. I knew my shoes were dusty but she couldn't have been so rude as to ask the security officer at the door to help me out so I could clean up. I felt so low, so out of place. The time I made it to the door, I was so consumed in my own thoughts that I bumped right into the person in front of me. I murmured my apologies and fearfully stepped aside as I watched him take out his sun glasses. I couldn't forget that face, especially those eyes that sometimes haunted me deep in my sleep...

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