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Friday, January 22


My best friend's partner is cheating


My best friend's partner  is cheating!

Woman experience.

I once went out with my boyfriend and spotted my girl's hubby with another woman.  They were all over each other in public. I waited for the "other woman " to go to the ladies and I followed her.  I asked her if she knew she was all over a married man and she said "he is miserable in that marriage "with a lot of attitude and left. When I got out of the ladies, I went to say hi to him and back to my man. I just wanted him to know that he got caught.  They left  few minutes later and that to me was great, it showed some respect.  But I wasn't done with him , I later texted him. I gave him an ultimatum to either tell my girl or I will.

I couldn't let it slide because what if I didn't tell her and he still continued with  the affair then she later finds out that I knew about it too and didn't say a word. This would ruin our friendship but telling her would also mean I'm ruining their marriage. If ever you find your self in that kind of situation, the trick is to let the caught party come clean.  You don't want to be caught in the middle of a messy divorce or break up and people saying it's your fault,you should have kept your mouth shut and just minded your own business.

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