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Monday, January 18


Single mother


Single mother.

I made him a father before he made me a wife. I should have known that he wasn't going to be a father to our kid by his actions before we even got pregnant.  I wasn't ready too but it happened and there was no going back. I remember how angry he got when I told him I was pregnant. He chased me out of his house and told me to never set foot there. I got home in disbelief of what just happened. I refused to believe that he could be that heartless. The next day I received a R2000 in my bank, I jumped for joy realising that the sms notification from my bank had his name as the reference . Atleast he came back to his senses I was very happy and I got out of my misery and jumped up with joy...While I was rejoicing and thanking God I heard my phone ringing and it was him oooooh Love. I calmed my self down and picked up, he went straight to the point "use that money and Abort that shit and never ever contact me again, I'm a married man."

Married?  So he lied to me?I am pregnant for a man I don't even know. It was hard to get used to my situation but his absence has made me stronger and today I'm a mother to a one year old baby girl.The fruit of my womb and my smile keeper. I wouldn't trade my daughter for anything in this world she's my world and I hope someday her dad will be a good father to his other kids. I'm no longer mad at him, I've forgiven him and I'm at such a happy place. How can I stay mad at a man who's given me such bundle of joy? He has truly blessed me and I wish him well wherever he is.

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