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Wednesday, December 9


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 99 (Part A)


Insert 99
Sumber atmosphere all round.
Later on it supposed to be the bachelor parties, yet with the dark cloud upon the family.
Rori couldn't sleep a wink, he spent the night admiring the beautiful gift that the Lord had blessed with him. He was sleeping like a little angel, not the bugger he is in the midday. His little fingers curled into a fist on his cheeks. While he pouts his small lips.
This is a familiar road to Rorisang, he's been here before yet it feels so new. The atmosphere is thick and heavy, it drowns him but little Kgosi is his life boat!
Lost in his thoughts, while staring at the delicate flower before him. This is a sign that there's God out there, such pure beauty.
"You still up." A voice disturbed his trail of thoughts.
He turn to find his little sister leaning against the door frame.
"I saw the light beaming under under the door, on my way to the bathroom"she confessed.
He smiled faintly and signaled that she gets in and closes the door. He gently did as she was told and both admired the gracious little fellow snoring.
" You are a great father, and well an amazing brother"she added.
"He has her cute Chinese eyes and he's everything to her.
All she's ever wanted was to be the best mother and pass her matric so she can provide everything he desires." He uttered.
Kaboentle looked at his aching brother, his strong yet she could see that he does love her.
No one thought Rorisang could be capable to love someone apart from himself. There was a point in his life where a skirt wouldn't pass without being devoured.
But his a grown man, who has found love in the most awkward situations.
"I remember how I was against this love affair of yours but it has beared such a beautiful gift" they both giggled.
As Rori reached for his drawer.
" This is the only way I can take care of her.
Without her fighting me and being cat women.
Lesego Masemola, who thought she'd steal my heart."
Kgosi sneezed and was on the wedge of crying.
"Nxoxoxoxo Nxoxoxoxo"auntie baby talked to her nephew.
Which put him back to sleep.
Her phone vibrated.
"You still go with your phone to the bathroom Entleza!"amazed
She smiled.
"I guess old habits die hard." She murmured
"He's been driving past the house for weeks now.
Release the guy out of the dog back now baby sis" he advised
"How do I do it?"she asked.
"I thought love doesn't count wrong, it isn't evil and doesn't hold grudges.
Look at me, I've made mistakes.
No one is perfect, we all break hearts and I was going to kill him for breaking yours but I saw something in him.
He loves you and he's admitted to being a jerk.
As much as I protect you, I can't protect you from love. I know you love him."
She was surprised.
"Wow, didn't think I'd get such good advice from you especially.
But thanks big bro, needed that!
Thats why I love you!"she let out.
They embraced each other roughly!
As he cupped her head under his arms.
It was already morning, the beaming sun rays creating light in the house.
Kaboentle texted Thabang back and agreed to meet him at Mc Donald near the hospital.
She was jolly and made breakfast for the family.
They all ate including the joyous Kgosi who kept speaking a foreign language. To him everything felt normal, but the reality in the real world has crashed.
A few hours before the parties.
After breakfast everyone prepared themselves to head in their different directions, Kaboentle allocated duties to the bride's ladies for later in the day.
She got a lift to the hospital but got off by Mc Donald.
Knowing her, she doesn't like to be stood up.
Luckily Thabang was already seated by q table a the corner.
She made her way to him.
They embraced each other yet the awkwardness filled the gap between them. She sat down.
"I ordered you favorite, cream soda without ice" he politely said.
She smiled at him and at how he remembered how she likes it. She took a sip with her eyes closed letting the tender flavor follow with ease through her throat.
"Thank you, just what I needed"
"I always know, you are my heart remember. "He confessed.
She blushed.
"Look, I know-"he interrupted her.
"Im not going to push you.
I appreciate the way tou trying, under the circumstances.
Your message, lastnight, I slept witj peace for the first time in 2-3 months jellytots."
"You starting with that name.
Thabang something I can't change is that I love you and you in my mind no matter what, im noy going to let this relationship die on mu watch" with emotion.
"So you not leaving me?"with his heart accelerating.
"No silly!
You stuck with me Mister!"
For a moment there I thought you were leaving me.
Can you please take your things."
He presented her with the necklace and ring.
While trying to put them on again she received an sms.
"Hurry to the hospital now Angel!"

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