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Wednesday, December 9


Venda funeral experience - how Africans does their funeral


Venda funeral experience

A colleague and a good friend passed away a couple of months ago and it was heartbreaking because I lost a sister and a friend in her. I knew he was originally from venda but never in my life have i ever been to that side of the world let alone Limpopo.  I needed to go to her funeral to find some sort of closure.  I'm the kind of person who actually have to see the coffin being buried before I can accept that a soul close to my heart is no more. I was planning to drive to Venda on Friday afternoon after work but my boss announced on Thursday morning that whoever wants to go to the funeral should go either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. That was odd so a few of us from work decided that we will go on Friday morning.  We got there midday and I must say venda is far . It took forever to get there, the hearse arrived around 4 noon and everyone lay flat on the dusty ground with their head covered with their arms and the hands stuck together as if they were about to clap their hands. We just did as everyone did, people were ululating but I didn't hear anyone cry.

I asked one of the ladies next to me what just happened and she said Muhloiwane has just arrived and l asked why we had to lie down and she said she's from the royal family so that's how it's done.  Oh wow she was from the royal family? She was so humble that one could have never guessed.  My colleagues and I went to sleep a little in the car so that we will be up and fresh for the service tommorow morning. We got up at 6 am and noticed there were about 4 women who were walking around half naked. They had their bottoms covered but everything else was exposed. That was just fascinating.  Muhloiwane's aunt came to us and told us there's food and refreshments in the house for her colleagues. I then asked what time will the service start and she said oh no dear the service is done, we buried her at 2am and she walked away and till this day I still don't know what happened or how it happened. In my head she still hasn't been laid to rest.

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