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Saturday, October 10


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 10


There are people out there who live for the approval of others and would do anything to please them. Its even worse when you are in a relationship with a person that you constantly want to please. Such people don't have the word NO in their vocabulary. If I ever say yes to Mordecai's request then I know that slowly but surely I'm becoming such person. Deep down inside I didn't want to be a stay-in girlfriend. It was a taboo on my side. As a little girl I grew up having dreams of my own perfect wedding. If I live with this guy he would love the idea of vat n' sit, impregnate me then just take me in his home without even paying lobola.
When you tell your stay-in boyfriend about the issue of proper marriage he will shout at you as if you told him to murder his mother. You may stay in with your boyfriend thinking you will surely remain together forever but you will be surprised when he toss you aside like a used pad.
This wasn't me worrying about an everyday sex, but I was worrying about other endless stuff. Sex twice a week for me would be just fine, but if he wants it almost everyday will I have the guts to say no? Sex these days has become so common that even christians don't like discussing the fact that having it before marriage is a sin.
To the core of our conscious we know that it is a sin yet we continue giving excuses for it.
I actually told Mordecai, ill sleep on it. the next day was saturday and the girls has talked about going to play golf. That bores me but because I wanted some time with my girls I agreed, in fact it would be great for me to get away from Mordecai with his pressing issues. Of all the sports Golf was the least of my favourite, I can't think of any other black person that plays golf than Tiger woods. It is just not our thing. Its like swimming, most of us can't swim, even if you grew up in a village with dams, rivers or canals your parents will seethe at the mention of you going swimming. You will get beated to a pulp if you sneak out and go swim and they end up knowing. They will tell you reason to stay away from water such as drowning, bilharzia,cholera,crocodiles. That is why we usually just stand in swimming pools . Blame our parents.
The girls came to pick me up. I put on the best smile I could to show them I was excited to go play golf with them.
Nandipha: stop tripping , we all know you hate golf, tuck that smile of yours away.
Nandipha was the " I tell it like it is" kinda girl and loudest of us all. She was the one who was forever talking while we just do the girly giggles.
Christy: she will like it soon. Don't worry.
Me: I doubt you guys love it too.
Nandipha: well christy is a white girl therefore her father probaly taught her and as for me...my boyfriend made me love it.
Christy and I laughed so hard while Nandipha kept a straight face. We always laughed like that at the mention of her boyfriend. Christina had a stable boyfriend of three years while Nandipha was always on and off with a boyfriend who we heard so much of yet never got to meet for all the time we had known her. if you ask me, i would say they the guy might have been twice her age or uglier than an orangutun. How do you explain her hiding him from us. Nandi had a man dependency syndrome and she wouldn't hide it. In fact she would tell me to spend Mordecai's money until he goes bankrupt.
We had our golf clothes on. I had my white mini skirt on, that Mordecai bought for tennis when we play together and my diced pink sweater on. I didn't put it on my shoulders like the girls did. We were all wearing pink and white. There was a cold breeze coming our way. Cape town's weather was not something you can rely on. I always find it silly that when u play golf you suppose to wear that silly looking attires.
The golf could never end without Nandipha poking her nose in our businesses. She always started by making fun of christy's boyfriend who she always claim that he was taller than the rugby player Andries bekker. Funny enough she never watched rugby and couldn't even point out the Andries bekker guy. She surely used google or asked around. Christy's boyfriend was surely a tall guy and with christy's petite frame. He would appear taller but I don't think he was like Andries. He was studying at stellenbosch and he came to see Christy every time he was free.
Nandipha would always say together they looked like a banana and a smallest berry there is, then burst out laughing in the satisfaction of her own joke. That girl though. Christy never took much of it. We would just laugh.
Nandipha: and then..... How about you Mrs....um konje what's his surname?
Christy: Martins
Nandipha: oh my gosh, I always forget that you are going to have an english surname. I bet your mother is proud of you. My mom would definitely give me an english name to match with the surname.
I just smiled, and concentrated on hitting the ball that I kept on missing. Yoh hai this golf was getting on my nerves but with Nandipha around, a smile never escaped my face.
Me: he asked me to stay with him.he said we will find an apartment off camp.
"What???" They both asked in unison.
Christy: that's moving too fast hey, no girl don't do that.
Nandipha: I think its a good idea. Think about it francesca. You can be able to control his finances, you can drive his car, eat in fancy restaurants everyday and not just...

Me: its not about the money. Yoh hai you are worse.
I cut her in. Nandipha loved calling me francesca because to her it sounded classy. Christy was against the idea while Nandipha thought about nothing but the money. We had a great day really. After lunch we went back to campus. I haven't really thought how I was going to turn down Mordecai's offer.
When I got to my room I wanted nothing but my bed. I threw myself in the bed and within a second I heard a Knock. I actually wanted to pretend I wasn't in but it was Mordecai and he had access to get in. Within a minute he was in.
"Hey babe" he came and kissed me .
He began to prowl around my room.
"Where are the tea bags" he found them and started making himself some tea.
Mordecai loved tea you would swear he was a full time member of a ZCC church. He could take it any day and time even when the sun was scorchingly hot.
He made sure there was all sorts of teabags and coffee in my room although I hardly drank such. It was for him anyways.
Mordecai has always predominated my room, it looked like his. Moving in with him couldn't be much of a difference since I saw him almost 24/7.
He kept on smiling at me while busy boiling the kettle. He knew I was coming from playing Golf with the girls therefore he could take heed that I was tired and needed some rest.
"How was your day with the girls?" He asked, filling his cup.
I told him it was great. I was now sitting at the edge of my bed watching his every move. He was a wearing a navy blue folded chino shorts with a white t_shirt and some sandals. Damn this guy was hot. I was just sad because I wasn't able to tell him the way I felt about certain things.
" Have you thought about what I asked you?" He sat besides me and continue on sipping his tea.
I thought he would never ask, in fact I didn't want him to because I was still undecided. I didn't want us to fight over petty issues. There was a need to show this man my adoration by being loyal and dedicated to this relationship. I couldn't ask for another man. Then maybe I should do right by him and say yes so I could continue basking in the warmth of his love and care.
" I saw it yesterday that It wasn't something you are interested in doing because if it has been, then you would have jumped on the bandwagon. I have noticed that all of a sudden you have become reserved and hardly express how you feel about stuff, babe this is still us, the best friends who laughed and joked about everything. You were the feisty woman I admired, don't stop now. We are never gonna do stuff that either one of us doesn't want. Coming to think of it. It might be a bad idea for us to move in together. We will be prone to unnecessary fights."
This guy got me like no other. Its like he could read my mind. I was now feeling at ease. There was no need to act different just because we were now dating. He placed his hand on my cheek. Gently stroking, he leaned into to kiss me. I responded enthusiastically and it didn’t take long before we were in a passionate embrace with our tongues down each other’s throats.
Running his hands up my back he unhooked my bra. I wasn't feeling nervous like before but glad that I could be able to tell him what I wanted and how I wanted.
I was lucky to have this guy as my babe 

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