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Sunday, October 11


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 11


Chapter 11
Time flies when you are having fun. That seemed to be the case with me.
The year dragged on quickly , soon we were writing our final exams. My relationship with Mordecai was going stronger with a passing of each day. What more could I have asked for, I had a wonderful boyfriend and flamboyant friends who never ceased to make my day better each day. I also had a family, which I was still getting used to the idea of having them. I wasn't as enthusiastic as I used to be about the idea of going home. Mordecai said we should go for some vacation, we settled for Namibia. I didn't even tell my mother about it all. We hardly talked.
There wasn't much happening at home except linda. She would act all nice and sweet when everybody was around yet so grumpy when it was just the two of us. I liked the youngest one and we were like friends in no time. Linda loved the Streets while I opted for tv, at least the step dad was now paying the premium dstv package. So I spent my whole time watching tv with little rebecca.
3rd year came in a haste and we were just a year away of being out of school and earn our own money. Nandipha dropped a bombshell on us when she told me and christy that she was engaged to be married. It was the guy we never got to meet, to say we were shocked is an understatement but we were taken aback. she was the last person to think of when it comes to marriage. She constantly told us that people who got married young never lasted in the marriage .
From what I heard, the fiancee was a tycoon. A CEO of some top company plus other businesses he owned which explained the main reason she was marrying him. And just as we predicated he was way older than her, 52 years old man marrying an 19 years old. We knew she was in it for the money. We showed her our support and that was all she needed.
The 4th year that we all anxiously waited for arrived. All these years Mordecai never gave me a reason to doubt him, we were inseparable. You would swear he wasn't that player I once knew. I was just looking forward to graduation, a wedding and happily ever after with my Mordecai. This is what we always talked about when we were together lately and the plans were all falling into place. You would swear the devil never existed in my life.
I got to meet his father during graduation as well as his brother Roger. He introduced me as his friend. That's what I asked him to do. His dad was in his early 50's.
He strolled into the room we were in, looking every inch the top-notch business executive. He oozed power in his black Armani suit and pearl grey shirt. I'm sure Half the women who knew him were vying for his affections and eager to march him down the aisle at the drop of a hat.
After the graduation saga Mordecai took us to Madagascar, christy and her boyfriend pierre came along. Nandipha couldn't because she was pregnant. I think her fiance didn't allow it. Her pregnancy made her wedding plans for that year to come to a halt because she didn't want to wear the dress with the baby bump.
After that it was goodbye mother city and hello Jozi maboneni. I was hoping to get a job wherever Mordecai would be. Call me clingy But I couldn't bear the pain of being away from my babe for that long. My bursary told they could not place me yet as the company was still having some challenges. I was told to job-hunt as I wait for them.
Mordecai got a job a month after graduation, not an internship but a permanent job, while I kept on applying and hoping for something. Mordecai was being supportive as he could be. By this time I knew where he stayed. Damn the house was all I ever dreamt it could be, spacious and sturdy. Simply amazing. It got me day dreaming about staying there and ordering the maid to bring me the expensive wine, whichever it is. I visited when his father and brother where not around.
Nandipha's lavish wedding was thrown and we all went back to Cape to attend. We were relishing all the good times we had back at varsity. Most of the people I know were now working and I wasn't. I hated work related topics. Nandipha was also working in one of her husband's company and she promised me she will talk to him to give me a job. This guy had a branch in joburg and I was hoping he would place me there. Beggars can't be choosers after all. I had to wait and see. He didn't seem like a difficult person.
After almost the second year of me staying at home, nothing had come up yet. I was losing it especially hearing my friends were now buying their own cars. Linda was now working as a metro cop like her father. This girl almost weighed more than mam Ruby and I was surprised to hear that she got the job. The metros make you run and do push ups that the girl would never survived in million years and here she was working as a metro. Corruption was real. Most metro police are bunch of fat people. How can they not be? While they feeding off R100 they receive as bribe daily.
My relationship with Mordecai was deteriorating day by day, he hardly spent time with me but he would rather blame it on the endless projects he had at work. I understood and never protested because I once complained and what I got as an answer was what I never wanted to hear.
“How would you know, because you have never worked even once in your whole life?”
That was enough for me to stop asking him why he was too busy for me these days. While I was waiting for the job opportunity or my boyfriend to come around I got the most shocking news of my life.
Lerato was the type of girl who acted like a radio station in my hood; she was forever bringing news to the people from Cape to cairo. She and gossips were best friends and she was always sniffing around the corner for news. Daily sun had nothing on her. She was always two steps- ahead. She was linda's friend and together they created a force of gossip that no one could ever go against.
I was relaxing in front of my mother’s house watching people pass. I actually was waiting for Rebecca whom I sent to buy some skopas for me. I saw Lerato getting into the yard. I never liked her coming here and trying to be my friend while all she ever wanted was news. I didn’t even give a rat’s ass as to who was doing what and where.
“Oh my gosh Lerato it’s been a long time, how are you” i got up to hug her. I was just being nice to her although I wanted her to just leave.
“Oh no Francesca, I should be the one asking about your wellbeing girl? You are really a strong woman to be taking this entire thing well, I mean who could have thought Mordecai could do such a thing to you, I always knew that pretty boy was trouble”
Ok wait….. What is this girl talking about? Why does she still love calling me Francesca,while she knows she can't pronounce it? How the hell does she know Mordecai? Well linda might have told her and probably showed her. I mean with Facebook around, it’s easy to stalk people and see their pictures as well. I waited to hear where this was going.
Lerato was saying all these while making herself comfortable next to my chair; on the other hand I was lost in my thoughts trying to put together the puzzle Lerato has just tore into pieces. What has Mordecai done now that I didn’t know about?. Well whatever it was, I was going to find out soon. There was no need to ask Lerato as she would be blabbering about it all out within a second anyways. I just acted cool.
“How could Mordecai go and engage another woman just few days after your break up”
WTF *_*
Jaw dropped.
I saw stars
everything went blank.

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