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Monday, October 12


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 12


Chapter 12
Don't ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it anytime. It was the naked truth that Mordecai had just did that.
I thought that Lerato would then laugh and say it was all a big fat joke. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to jump off me. I looked at Lerato who looked so concerned about hearing what i would say next.
“Oh well Lerato, I think Mordecai is well on his rights to do whatever he pleases. I don't have a problem with it ”.
I let out a fake smile and maintained my cool but deep down inside my head, was magma of tears ready to explode. Lerato hugged me and told me she had to rush somewhere.
The tears that I have been fighting against resorted into streams that silently made its way down my cheeks.
I ran to my bedroom and brawled for the mother of love to help me. I was wailing like a woman in a nigerian movie. Six full years of knowing this guy and there was not a single day that I thought he could be so heartless and do such a horrid thing to me. After about thirty minutes of crying. I came back to my senses.
How did Lerato know Mordecai got engaged? What if it was my step sister Linda putting her up to it because she was clearly jealous of me and Mordecai. There was also Thato, my long time friend who we fell out when I went to varsity but when I came back she was acting all friendly, although I did suspect she was just fishing up news from me. Thato was attending at Ekurhuleni West College in Germiston. She might have taken some gap years or something because it has been about 5 years since she went there and was still there. Some people love being ancestors of colleges and varsities. Mordecai would never in a million years hurt me like that.
I logged on Facebook to see if there was something suspicious there and oh boy it was everywhere. It was just there,” Mordecai is now in relationship with Lucy” I still don’t understand why people advertise their relationships on Facebook. I can assure you it was all Lucy's idea; Mordecai hated that more than I did. The lovebirds were all over his timeline. There were pictures of their engagement party and when I opened the comments, most people I know where congratulating them, even Thato . What was this bitch tryna prove. I kept scrolling down to the pictures, and my hands begin trembling. A shockwave of dread exploded within my chest, and my feet froze in place. Oh no, he didn’t.
“Oh this isn’t real Ria. It’s just a dream, don’t worry about it” I paced up and down assuring myself that it was all a lie. Talking to myself wasn’t going to help. I had to call him and hear it from the horse’s mouth.
He picked up immediately.
Me: "who the heck does the stuff you just did. Are you not a man enough?"
Mordecai:" what are you talking about, what happened?"
(Damn the nerve of this guy.)
Me: "you happened, Mordecai. Are you engaged or is it a joke ?."
Mordecai: "no it’s real".
A sharp pain pierced through my heart. What the fuck did he just say?. My biggest fear has just been confirmed.
Me: "What do you mean real, I’m your girlfriend."
Mordecai: "oh not anymore".
I felt too weak to question him further. I wanted to know why he was doing all these things to me. Wasn’t I a human enough to be told that I wasn't loved anymore? Fresh Tears stung my eyes. It was so irrational. I didn't know whether I was upset over how blunt his responses were or that I had pretty much lost him at that point.
Me: "You're an ass-hole! Were you ever going to inform me about it?!"
Chase: "Why are you being so rude? Things like this happen every day and you always tell me marriage isn’t on your urgent to do list. What’s with the attitude?"
Me: "why couldn't you tell me it was over, than just act like a spoilt brat
Chase: "I have got to go"
Me” you are evil, a wizard, Satan, pig, vark!!!!!
I heard the phone disconnect.
I couldn't believe it! I wanted to type out the most insulting rant on the comment box of his facebook posts but it was clear that I wasn't even worth the effort to him. He didn't dump me before engaging another woman. He hadn't worked harder to make our relationship work.
Why was I such a fool to think that a family curse of meeting jerks would just be simply lifted.
My mother spent all her years in constant state of depression due to my father running away.. There were no happy ever afters in my family, no strong marriages and no love that had lasted the test of time.
My mother warned me about the complicated dictionary of love but now I was already deep down inside and I felt trapped. Tears kept on welling up in my eyes . The memories came rushing back. The memories of the man I genuinely fell in love with. The man who was so kind to me from day 1, who promised me all the other galaxies and could have bought me the whole world if he could. Who had proved against the odds that real love exists. This was my Mordecai. The guy who showed me places I have never been to.
Memories were breaking me, refusing to leave my mind . The pain, the betrayal and the blunt rejection were too much. I felt betrayed by fate for weaving me a different path from which I had always anticipated; a life with Mordecai. He never failed to assured me that we will work things out despite how rocky our relationship was.
At that point I wanted to sing out elastic heart by Sia

“Well. I’ve got a thick skin and an elastic heart, but your blade, it might be too sharp. I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard.
Yeah, I may snap and I move fast.
But you won’t see me fall apart.
‘Cause I’ve got an elastic heart.
But my heart couldn’t let me. I was broken beyond repair. My heart was no elastic heart like I used to believe; instead it was singing brick and lace love is wicked
I had never experienced anything of that nature before; I never understood what heartbreak is. This was a great time to tell my mom that she has been right all along.
I wept. I wept for not understanding how he could be so heartless. I wept for being so easily replaceable. I wept for realizing maybe he never loved me at all. Tears were just flowing uncontrollably. I wept so much until I passed out.
I was woken by Rebecca who just came back from the spaza shop I sent her to. I was just glad she took so long. Rebecca could see that I was not ok but when she asked me, i said it was an eye infection. I was glad that my mom and her husband went to a weekend away, while linda went to visit her mother. I was just left with Becca and sipho. I didn’t stay for the normal TV dramas I usually watch but made the eye infection an excuse for me to sleep early. How was I going to face the world tomorrow? I would feel like everyone is laughing behind my back.
Knowing Lerato well, she would tell everyone who cared to listen here in ibazelo. She would even go to all these other sections to tell everybody who had time to hear how a girl’s boyfriend has made her the laughing stock of south Africa.
I logged into Facebook again to check if he had posted a status about it all being an April’s fool. Why was I doing all these to myself?, I mean he confirmed it was true yet again I still believed it was all a joke and that he would call again and laugh about it. I would like to believe that my mental faculties were in sound condition. Maybe I was losing it. Perhaps it was a hallucination triggered by exhaustion. A little part of me believed that it was not a hallucination; I just didn’t know how to rationalize it. He was going to call me back. He had to.
I tried to sleep but I just tossed and turned watching the hours go by.
That Lucy girl looked familiar but I just couldn’t fathom where I knew her from. When did Mordecai meet her? Were they working together? Could they have established a solid relationship in just a year or two? People are marrying just after a week of meeting anyways. Mordecai was killing me softly. I was dying. I hoped to wake up to a call from Kalahari Desert offering me a job cleaning camels. I wanted to be somewhere.
You know what the say “"Every pretty face wasn’t meant to be fallen for, some demons are gorgeous.”
Mordecai was the gorgeous demon.
6am, I was already in the kitchen looking for something to eat. I could have been the most heartbroken girl in the whole of Tembisa but hunger couldn't care about such. There was a doorbell. I immediately went to the door oblivious to who it might be and as I opened, there he was, with his gleaming hazel eyes.
All the fury I had kept inside me vanished the moment I saw those eyes.
My heart made a somersault, its a miracle i didn't slump right in front of him, I couldn't even feel my knees. my face was deathly pale as if i had seen the ghost of my ancestors.
What did he want?

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