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Tuesday, October 13


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 13


Chapter 13
There is that one person in your life that you always have a soft spot for no matter how much they have wronged you. Your hardened heart always melts in the mention of their names. There he was ,standing before me. The only guy I can boast about having fallen in true love with. I smiled and he gave out a smile too. I got closer to hug him. I longed for the sultry of his body. His cologne just reminded me of the times when I would lay my head on his chest while we whispered sweet nothings to each other, our time in varsity. life can be cruel. I could bury my nose in the scent of his cologne all day long, not these cheap perfumes that always block your nose for days. Nobody wants to date a guy who smells like he just escaped from a pigsty.
He broke the hug and sat in the chair next to mine. His faced changed suddenly and I knew that the moment of truth was in hand. i was hanging on to the last shred of hope. Hoping I was going to hear it was all a joke.
"I came here so you can hear me out, hear the side of my story and maybe, just maybe you will understand why I'm doing this" he said avoiding eye contact with me.
i felt tears misting my eyes. I knew that very moment I have lost him for good.
"whatever it is that i have done to wrong you, i am sure it can be forgiven. We can work this out. I'm relly sorry if its something I said or did. How do you explain all this nonsense? you owe me more than an explanation, you cant just go and engage some woman without telling me it was over. No man, even the devil can't do that" I tried to be firm and strong.
He held my hands " you never wanted to get married, I wanted it. I want it. I have to get married"
Before I could say a thing to him. My parents entered. They had a bad timing because this was the time where I wanted to hear everything from the horse's mouth.
"Hello love birds" my mom said hugging me, then Mordecai.
Mordecai made an excuse to leave and he left. After the greetings I went to my room to try and get some sleep as all I did was toss and turn the previous night.
My phone beeped signaling that i had received a new message. i checked. It was Mordecai and he was still explaining his reasons but all I could see was unreasonable nonsense. Nothing made sense. I might not have wanted to get married at 22, but not having a job was my other problem. I didn't want to depend on Mordecai for eternity. I wanted a life of my own, not under him. Had he discussed how serious the marriage issue was, I would have agreed to it. I didn't want to lose him but now there was nothing I could do. Maybe I wasn't the type of woman he wanted for a wife.
My mom knocked and got in, this was a woman who never failed to recognize all my moods. She came and hugged me. I'm sure she read the tension me between me and Mordecai or she simply heard the hearsays.
"What did he do" she said breaking the hug. I narrated everything, I couldn't help the tears that have seemed to find a permanent place in my face.
She understood that Mordecai was my everything. It wasn't about the money or the looks but he had filled my heart to the brim with so much love it blinded me to an extent that i didn't even think he will forsake me.
" keep calm,there is more to life than getting dumped" Linda said with a sneer, waltzing in my room like it was hers .
"No linda, don't be like that, can't you see your sister is hurt, stop being insensitive" my mom said eloquently.
Insensitive? This was a self centered devil's spawned bitch from hell if you ask me. I was sure she had been smoking nyaope which seems to make people deliberately attract the disease of madness . Really? she had a nerve! how does one talk like that when someone is in pain? some things are better left unsaid but this girl loved bringing more misery to people's life.
"I know you loved him hey, but he wasn't meant for you therefore you will find the one meant for you, lil sis" as if that wasn't enough, she added more insult to injury. I could see she was enjoying every second of my misery
She went on and on but I wasn't paying attention. In my imagination I was rolling my eyes so much they would have rolled out of their sockets. Everything this girl ever said irritated me to the core. She was telling me exactly what I didn't want to hear and I didn't have the strength nor the drive to shout at her.
Pretty soon the anger turned to misery then sorrow. I wanted to cry so bad.
I needed to be alone to cry and I could barely hold back the tears. The tears though, it was like someone or something in side of me had died! Words hurt more than fists and Linda just got me where she wanted me . After those two left I sat in my window watching activities in the streets. To match my melancholy mood I listened to the most depressing songs on my play list. I just felt like rubbish. I turned to movies hoping to find solace but nothing was working.
I opted for the song "To Love You More" by celine dion. This was the song that Mordecai always lip synced pretending he was in a concert. Everytime when we were listening to music or I was mad at him , he would put it on, pretend his phone was the mic and start performing for me. I'd laugh until I couldn't laugh no more, but now I wanted him to hear the words as if they were coming from me. That's what I wanted to tell him. I played the song on repeat until I fell asleep.
"Take me back into the arms I love
Need me like you did before
Touch me once again
And remember when
There was no one that you wanted more
Don't go you know you'll break my heart
She won't love you like I will
I'm the one who'll stay
When she walks away
And you know I'll be standing here still
I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I'm the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more........."
A week had gone and one morning i had to force myself out of bed because Christy called me and said she was at OR tambo. I thought she was lying but later realized she was really there. I had no choice but to go there. I figured out she might have picked the news from social media because I haven't go the time to tell her. I haven't really gone anywhere after the whole saga. I did go out once but when I walked that day I could feel people's penetrating stares mocking me. Whenever people laughed I automatically thought they were laughing at me. It was no secret that every Jim and jack knew the drama that was unfolding in my life. I scooped an Oscar in the latest village gossip . I didn’t want that unnecessary limelight I was getting.
I became socially isolated and withdrawn and my house was the only place I knew.
We greeted each other and got into christy's car. I was actually getting tired of people feeling sorry for me. Christy wasn't all about the sob stories. She was for revenge and that was something I didn't ever think of doing.
" I know you love Mordercai with all your heart and soul but what he did is what none of us ever expected. He played you. After all these years? No man. We can't let him get away with being a jerk. I have actually took a leave to come and deal with this vark"
One thing about christy is she never backed down, I didn't want to avenge being dumped . I was going to get through it like everybody else. I appreciated having her around than being with this wicked witch Linda who continued stabbing me in the back when my mom wasn't watching. Nandi was busy with her marriage and couldn't come be with me. I was starting to feel like a spoilt brat who got to be treated like humpty dumpty.
One afternoon christy insisted we baked some cake for fun and to help me get my mind off things. I heard
Mordecai’s wedding was in a month’s time and he hasn’t called me ever since then. That guy was Satan himself, Diablo. I wish I could warn Lucy about that Lucifer. The poor girl didn't even know he played me and brought doom to my existence.
We were mixing everything laughing and having fun. I haven't had such fun in a long time. I wasn't much of a baker and christy was the one telling me what to do. We had laughs coming from outside. It might have been linda and her noisy friends who were celebrating my sorrows. Linda was the first one to enter, then Thato and the other girl, without a doubt was Lucy. I had spent so much time on her profile that I couldn't have mistaken her with anyone. Then it hit me. I have seen her before with Linda in this very same house. She was around this other day when Mordecai visited me. Did these ladies planned all this?
Those witches, marching here like it was halloween! I was pissed off to the greatest magnitude.
I was in bewilderment. My tongue tied in knots. The questions I wanted to ask were vivid in my mind but refused to form into words.
She wasn't all that in any case, I wouldn't call her unattractive but if looks & physical attibutes were everything in a man's world, between me and her, i'd be a man's first choice, but sadly, looks & physical attributes can get a man but cant keep one. I couldn't keep Mordecai.
Lucy struck me as a dumb broad with a personality as stale as her taste in fashion .
I'd indeed seen Lucy on her facebook,She dressed like a desperate hooker. It might have all been for facebook likes. She could never even define 'style' to save her life.
I took the cake mixture, without a second thought and poured it on her head,down to her all white out outfit. I took the next available thing which was the broom and tried to hit her with it while she was still mumbling about me ruining her expensive weave. She ducked the broom and it went straight to linda's face. I took the frying pan and without a miss it hit her on the head, she staggered twice,hit the door then fell flat on her face. I started hitting her continuosly until I lost count. Christy took the pan out of my hand, upon realising Lucy wasn't moving. Thato was busy screaming her lungs out while Linda was nursing her bleeding noise.
Lucy was indeed not moving. I have heard of people dying because of head injuries. Oh oh it was bad.
"What if she is dead" christy said checking lucy's pulse.
My four years of sweat and hard work at varsity was going down the drain. I was surely going to jail.!!

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