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Wednesday, October 14


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 14


Chapter 14
There is nothing worse than having an enemy who is a total loser. It's incredibly frustrating when seeking revenge against one, because you come to the realization that there is really nothing you can do to make the person's life worse than it already is. They have nothing to take, there is no way to screw them over if you have been their victim. It's maddening.
Ashly Lorenzana
I was freaking out after realizing what I have done. It was not even worth it to kill this girl. The person I should have been killing was Mordecai. If that girl was dead, then I was surely going to be thrown into a dungeon. They will then take the keys and throw them under the sea. Yeah I wasn't rich and famous like some people who only spend few months in jail after murdering someone. They were going to make sure I get 30 years in prison or worse life sentence . I would be a lesson to other girls so they don't act in a fit of rage just because they got dumped. Justice is far from being real in south africa, how can a rhino poacher get 15 years in jail while a guy who shot and killed someone intentionally gets 5 years. Hai ke!
The bleeding Linda, had already called the police and ambulance. Christy mumbled something about having found a pulse,but I couldn't care less. I was defeated. I had read somewhere that" Anger is stupid, and stupidity will kill you more surely than your opponent's blade."
I had battered this girl to a state which even her own mother would never recognize her. She might live with the scars in her face but I would live with the ones in my heart.
"I can assure you one thing, you are going to jail for life" linda gave out a smirk. You could swear this wasn't the girl who was bleeding few minutes ago.
I took that frying pan that christy has put in the counter and smacked her face with it. She didn't expect it and fell on her bums. I giggled to myself.
"I'm gonna go to jail alright but I will make sure that someone finishes you, if not,ill come back for you, Linda and this friend of yours Lucifer will see my wrath. Soon bitches soon"
The seriousness in my voice made me sound like a serious starring in those action movie, more like Arnold Schwarzenegger doing his famous "ill be back" line.
I turned to Thato" I will come back for you too because all these years you were pretending to be my friend while plotting to Stab me. You are judas of the worst kind.
I had accepted I was going to jail because these girls would make sure of it. They would go to an extreme of fabricating lies so that I could get a life sentence.
Christy came and hugged me, promising she would get to the bottom of it all. She wanted to tell the police that she was involved so that she would go to jail with me but I refused. I was going to face the music alone, and besides I wanted someone to make bail for me. Soon the sirens were on their way to my place. These guys though, they were now attracting owls's eyes all over the section. People in kasi loved everything that can create gossip, be it people fighting in the streets, someone getting arrested or whatever. They will be standing by the windows peeping through the curtains to get a glimpse of what's happening. Those who are the warriors and not scared don't use the curtains but they stand in front of their gates. Nothing excites them than being able to tell someone" I saw it with my own eyes".
The ambulance guys who took forever to come, attended to Lucy and Linda while the cops arrested me. I wasn't crying and the woman who was hand cuffing me was a nice young lady.
When I got there I made my statement and was taken to the holding cells. I heard the others would make their own statements. I wasn't in the mood. So I told that guy nothing but truth. When he asked the motive
I told him the mordecai saga and with a smug in his face, he said "Kanti nina amantombazane ani fundi? Ku sase khona umuntu o lwela I ndoda nga le sikhathi sa manje"( don't you girls learn, is the anyone still fighting for a man these days?)
I swear if I had some energy left I would have jumped on his pot belly and flatten it within a second. He then ordered me to be taken to the cell after telling me Linda and Thato have laid charges of assault with an Intent To Cause Grievous Bodily Harm and attempted murder. I didn't say a thing.
My only call was to my mom who didn't shout at me or anything. I guess Christina told her the whole story. Instead she was telling me to forget Mordecai . I wasn't in the mood so I made an excuse to hang up. I slept there with these two thuggish women who I overheard were arrested for robberies and hijacking. I made sure I didn't cross their path. Yoh I have heard stories about jail that I didn't want to encounter. I was feeling disappointed in myself for reacting that fast. Now the three musketeers were going to make sure jail was my permanet home.
That morning I was woken up by police opening the cells and calling my name. I wonder who said they had to shout like a drill instructor. I was excited that maybe christy finally paid for my bail. As I got into the reception I found Christy waiting for me. She ran to hug me while Mordecai stood beside her apathetically.
"What were you thinking? You know better than just starting unnecessary fights. lucy is in hospital fighting for her life while u almost rot in these jail cells" he said shouting out loud even the people who were passing down the street heard him.
This was the only time I wasn't excited in seeing Mordecai. It was his fault we were here anyways. We got out of the station and went to his car. The weather had changed dramatically , it was very cold. I was wearing an above the knee black dress from yesterday and with the cold weather, I looked like a desperate hooker. Mordecai gave me his coat. I mumbled "thanks" underneath my breath.
Christy sat in the back seat with me while Mordecai drove alone in silence.
Me: thanks for bailing me out guys, it means a lot.
Christy: well Mordecai got his fiancee to drop the charges
Me: I thought she was fighting for her life.
Christy:( she let out a mocking laugh) more like fighting for her face maybe. Girl she is very much alive but that face would need all the plastic surgery there is in the world.
I didn't want to laugh nor smile incase Mordecai would just change his mind and took me back to the police cells.
Christy: that step sister of yours take the worst step sister of the decade award. Those step sisters in cinderella story had nothing on her.
Me: I'm glad now you believe me. That girl has been sent from hell to come destroy me. Worst part, she is a prominent church goer. Everyone's favourite. Everybody at that church know her as a Proverbs 31 woman, such a cliché though…..who can measure up to the standards of the Proverbs 31 woman In this age and time?.
Christy: what's a proverb 31 women.?
Me: go read the bible man.
Christy went to church more than me but she hardly opened the bible. I think her father was a reason she went to church every sunday. I loved God and jesus but I hardly went to church because the gossip mongers seemed to have found a place there checking who was wearing what and why.I would go sometimes but I was hardly in the mood. The pastor was also a wolf in a sheep's skin and he irritated me for trying to get in between the sheets with any girl that allowed him. We drove all the way to my kasi with Mordecai's stealing just a glance in the rear view mirror everytime we talked or laughed. He never said a thing. When we got to my place, he opened the doors for us. I wanted to laugh but didn't. He was surely doing all these because he was feeling guilty. it was all his fault.
Mordecai: I think you need to eat, bath and get some proper sleep. I can come cook for you.
This time around I couldn't hold the laugh and christy just smiled. He was never a good cook and he hated such. I didn't even answer him because my phone rang before I could say a thing. It was Nandipha.
Nandipha: hey girl ,I heard about what happened. Are you feeling alright.?
Me: oh yh I'm ok.
Mordecai excused himself and said he wanted to use the toilet, while Christy went to run a warm bath for me.
Nandipha: I have to say this girl" I'm impressed" why didn't you knock off her front teeth?
Me: she would have made sure I rot in jail.
Nandipha: Mordecai might be a jerk but we all know he has a soft spot for you, otherwise he wouldn't have made her drop the charges.
Me: it doesn't matter. He is the reason I did all that but don't worry, I have decided to let go of him and the drama that he brings. I learnt my lesson.
Nandipha: what lesson? Is that what christy has taught you! No! No! No! It doesn't work like that. That man snatcher needs to be dealt with. A lesson must be learned by her not you so that she won't ever think of stealing anyone's man.
I giggled to myself hearing all that because Nandipha was a man snatcher as well. That old guy she married was married for 15 years with 5 kids and she came along, started as a side dish but eventually graduated to be the main course. Such hypocrisy though. I couldn't tell her that.
Me: I can't be doing all that for a guy who doesn't care anymore. Its pointless and ill just be wasting my time.
Nandipha: wait till you hear what I have in store for you and Mordecai
Me: what?
Nandipha: I am ready to Crush some dreams!!
( She let out an evil laugh, this girl was so dramatic really)
Me: spill the beans already.
Nandipha: I have been digging Lucy's skeletons in the closet. That woman has secrets that could send mordecai running 200m in 2seconds.
Me:( I laughed) I can't do gossips man.
Nandipha: this one is verified dear. All these times that Mordecai was acting up. It was because she was now in the picture. She wasn't only dating Mordecai but the pastor of your congregation as well. Infact they didn't stop even when she forced Mordecai to engage her. She continued with that married pastor. Now things got bad when she fell pregnant and I believe she knew it wasn't Mordecai's pregnancy. If it was his, she would have used it to trap him because we all know she is in it for the Money. The baby was going to be the power ball. Seeing that the pastor of yours is as dark as 5 nights combined and Mordecai got the custard skin. She opted for abortion because not only was the child going to look like Morgan Tsvangirai , he/she was going to have that pastor's big lips and that mango head. She knew that she didn't even need solve for X to get rid of the baby if Mordecai was to be kept around. She went and do it in this private doctor which happened to be the same hospital that olwethu, my cousin works at. It happened Last week. I know its not legal but I had to pull some strings to get the whole story. Funny part here is that girl have verbal diarrhea and she was telling olwethu everything. I have the biggest scoop that even daily sun can't get their hands on. You need to tell Mordecai and save him from the witch's claws because otherwise you will lose him for ever. That girl is a renowned gold digger. She is certified. Save the poor lad before its too late.
Me: I get how bad this whole thing is but Mordecai is a man now. He can think for himself and besides, he would never believe anything that comes from me. How do I even tell him that!
Mordecai: Tell me what?...
I was stuck between A Rock And A Hard Place. A voice was telling me " he is not worth it, none of this is worth it" while an excited one was shouting" this is your chance to get your man back, don't lose it"

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