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Friday, October 2


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 2


It was the guy. I just couldn’t believe I said that. Shame seared me with an unquenchable heat. He might have been thinking that I am a complete maniac.
Oh wait a minute what the hell was this guy doing here?. Did he by any chance noticed me from the dining hall and followed me here?
I was tempted to close my door on his face because the guy just stood there in bewilderment. I might have screamed enough to bemuse him but the least he could do was say something..... And then he did and it was just not what I wanted to hear.
“um is this Rochelle’s room or am I lost?”
Yh clearly you are lost. I bet Rochelle Is that coloured girl he helped that day. I felt like a fool for shouting all that. I’m very sure Mary isn’t pleased to hear I shouted her name in vain.
I couldn’t even answer the guy but all I did was shook my head in shame.
“Oh where are my manners. I’m Mordecai by the way”
he smiled and showed that flash of white teeth, the one that showed he was on good terms with his dentist. His hand was out for a shake but I was tongue-tied and lost in my own world. I was still cursing myself in my own head as to why I was acting like a total fool to even realize I was still making it worse. I came back to my senses when I saw him waving his hand in front of my eyes.
“Are you alright?”
His voice was amazing. I could just let him talk all day while I grin.
Ok focus Rianze. Your mother didn’t raise you to act like a total doofus when you see a guy you have a crush on. I actually brought myself to reality.
“I’m Rianze and it’s nice to meet you Mordecai. I love your name, it’s so rare.”
I kept my voice steady, confident that i looked a lot more composed than i felt.
“I love your name too. First time I’m hearing it and it was nice meeting you too. I have to run”
he closed the door and left.
He had an accent that I couldn’t really tell its origin. Well for a start this was my first time setting my foot out of Gauteng. I have never been anywhere. However I can differentiate most African’s accent but his was far from my vicinity. That wasn’t important though, people fake accents all the time after all. What was important was I acted like a total schmuck.
He might have thought that I was the weirdest girl he has ever had the misfortune of meeting. This was an appalling catastrophe. I might have had a crush before but I always had everything under control. Damn Rianze. Damn!!!
I spent the whole Sunday sleeping. When Monday came I was ready for my classes. It’s not like I came to Cape Town looking for a boyfriend. I came to study. The first class wasn’t bad; in fact the lecturer was a funny guy. He made me feel at ease and more at home. When we were leaving the lecture, I felt a pat on my shoulder and I immediately looked back.
It was Mordecai, luckily I didn’t shout this time around.
“Oh so I’ll be seeing a lot of you huh, seems like we are doing the same course?”
He was wearing a black jean, with a plain white t-shirt, white Nike sneakers and a black leather jacket. He was on point. I was feeling good myself wearing a black jean, with a black jersey printed number 86 in white. We were just a match made in heaven then a girl came. She was doing the Naomi Campbell walk. Damn!!I suspected she must have been the Rochelle. This was one of the woman allowed to sing “ Imma a diva, imma a diva” all day long. She turned heads with her fashion sense and flamboyance. She was wearing red ripped skinny pants with white tee shirt and a light blue denim jacket plus the timberland heels. This is the kind of woman who made everything she wore look extraordinary and expensive.
Mordecai tried to introduce me to her but she just smiled like she wasn’t interested and started talking to her boyfriend. It was safe to assume that they were dating.
I walked to my room and left the two chit-chatting. I took a nap and woke up to go eat lunch at the dining hall around 12. I had another class at 2 and I was hoping Mordecai wouldn’t be there.
I was wrong because he was there and he actually came and sits next to me during the lecture. I don’t know whether he was just feeling sorry for me or what but he was a funny guy who talked a lot. Every day when we attended classes he would come and sit next to me. We were now buddies. Truth be told, I wasn’t in the same league as this guy. The clothes he wore spoke volume about the kind of a family he might be coming from. I’m not talking about guys spending all their money on clothes. His gadgets were the latest. This guy was on premier soccer league while I was in national first division. In fact he belonged to the Laliga.
My bursary sent me some pocket money on month end and I was able to buy me some clothes so that I didn’t look so shabby. Hanging out with Mordecai was giving me stress to forever look stylish. I couldn’t compete with his model girlfriend. I didn’t stand a chance but I still didn’t want to look like a hobo next to him.
I don’t know how our friendship started but it started. We were visiting each other a lot. He stayed in the kopano residence and we actually shared the same dining hall so we would spend enough time together. I was actually surprised to learn that Mordecai was from Helderwyk near carnival. He was not a capetonian but a jorburger like me. We were good friends in such a short space of time
“Hey you”
Mordecai said getting inside the room.
“Oh why didn’t you knock Mordecai? What if I was naked?” I said bluntly
“I’m sorry man. I knocked my knuckles off. I thought you were not in” he protested and then came to hug me. He was such a character, this one.
He actually came to just chill with me. I mean this guy had a girlfriend, cool friends and was an active person in most activities here at varsity yet he did find time to chill with me.
“Well I have a huge problem. Rochelle is cheating on me. Not just cheating but she is sleeping with the guys in my soccer team. I mean who does that? She and those guys know very well that she belongs to me yet they have the nerve to go behind my back. When I first heard about the first guy she cheated with, I didn’t take much of it but a second guy, man that’s not a mistake. That is whorish. She can’t do it with people who are practically my friends. I mean she is disrespecting me and I don’t like it. In fact I have broken up with her.”
He was pacing up and down.
He heaved a sigh and sat next to me. I remained impartial. I really didn’t know what to say to him because all these time I thought he was the one sleeping around. He exuded so much charm plus he was very good looking. My conclusion was that he was a player and probably has one night stands every weekend. Instead of trying to be Doctor Phil with him, I told him we should go out for ice cream, off campus.
We did go out for an ice cream and then went to table mountain national park for some horse riding. Mordecai made me do stuff that I wouldn’t normally do alone.
After a fun day we went back to campus. I was so tired I didn’t hear myself doze off. A loud bang on my door woke me up.
I open my one eye cautiously, hardly lifting my eyelids. My body was so weak. I thought I might have been dreaming but the banging continued. I dragged my feet to the door and bam; she threw herself inside like she was ready to have the Floyd mayweather/mannie pacqiou fight with me.
It was the first time seeing Rochelle in my room and she wasn’t pleased to see me. It was like she thought she will catch somebody red handed.
Before I could say anything else, a punch landed on my nose, I thought I might have been dreaming. I tried to keep my balance but within a second I was down!!
Just few weeks in cape town and I was already receiving punches!
My ancestors have forsaken me.

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