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Saturday, October 3


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 3


I didn’t expect that and because it was unexpected it hurts more than it should have. When was the last time somebody punched me like that, well it has to be never. Rochelle was delusional and she needed to check herself into some mental facility. I got up slowly, with my hand holding my nose. I could still feel the pain and I was silently praying she doesn’t give me a second punch.
I have heard coloured girls can batter you up and rearrange your face. Who knows, maybe Rochelle didn’t just bring punches but she had a gun or a knife. She looked like a decent girl alright but you will never know.
‘’ I’m Rochelle Jacobs and I want you to stop messing with my man, otherwise ill moer the daylight out of you” she said giving me the “don’t you dare ” look.
I hate being caught up in a drama that doesn’t concern me. I was being beaten up for a guy I wasn’t dating; in fact the possibility of that happening is like hoping to find a river in the desert.
‘I think you have lost it and you need to just leave me alone” I took a step forward and hold the door ready to close it on her face.
I beg your pardon?’ she responded standing bolt upright as if she was preparing to throw in some more punches.
I remain calm and unmoved by whatever she was doing. She might have been from the dangerous and most feared cape flats but I was from a place where young guys aren’t scared to jump around a moving train. I have seen danger and I know it well.
Truth be told, I was scared but trying to keep my composure. I didn’t want her to walk all over me like I was her red carpet.
“Well I have got news for you girlie. Mordecai might have been fucking you like all these other bitches outchea but that is all he wants from you. You are not even close to be his type. Jy is ‘n fokken teef”
I have never been the kind of girl who would jump to the very first opportunity of arguing. It wasn’t for me. Mordecai was here earlier on telling me they have broken up and then she showed up telling me to stay away from him. I have never slept with that guy nor thought about it, let alone kiss him. I don’t like insinuations, this girl had a problem. If Mordecai told me the truth, then she ruined it for herself and she was blaming me for it. She was putting a lot of Afrikaans in the conversation; I didn’t know what she actually meant by some of the words.
“.he is actually trying to get away from the smothering attention of people like you. I know for a fact that you are forcing yourself into him. Give him some space, why don’t you?’
The more she talked was the more I was not up for it. I didn’t want to say anything to her. My mother had done well in teaching me to be polite otherwise I would have jumped on her and removed that Brazilian, Peru or Indian hair she had on her head. I could also throw in some punches that could send her front teeth flying.
Seeing Mordecai walked down the corridor was the best thing I had seen in that moment. Good gracious me! I was hoping all along that somebody would show up because this Rochelle chick meant business and I didn't know how to get rid of her.
I had been so unfortunate in life you would swear all the south african witches have had a meeting about me to make sure nothing goes right for me. When I was in grade 12, I almost got beaten up for a guy I had nothing to do with. Who still fights for a boyfriend/ girlfriend in this century?
Mordecai: what the hell are you doing here Rochelle?
Rochelle: oh so she is the new girlfriend? You dumped all this for that (she pointed at herself then me)
Mordecai: I don’t have time for this Rochelle and if you keep on terrorizing this girl then you will have me to deal with. If you know what's good for you, leave this room and never ever set your foot here…well I’m so sorry you have to be caught in this silly drama Rianze.
With that being said he took Rochelle by the hand and left.
That was it. I was done. My first attempt to get a boyfriend failed dismally. If I continued associating myself with this guy then it could end badly. I decided to go back and sleep. There was no way I was telling my mother what had happened because she would surely start a lecture on how I shouldn’t get closer to any guy because none can be trusted. I dozed off again. I did hear someone knocking after a while. It sounded like Mordecai but I couldn’t budge. I slept.
The next day he came knocking again. I let him in.
Mordecai: why didn’t you open yesterday when I knocked? Am I not important to you?
Me : ah really? Mordecai I’m not in the mood (I was feeling weak and had no strength to chit- chat with him, infact I was not pleased seeing him)
Mordecai : “I’m sorry about what Rochelle did yesterday. That girl is cray cray. I have put her at her place and I assure you she will never ever bother your pretty self again”
Me: “I’m glad Mordecai. But we should just stop this friendship of ours. I foresee danger here.
Mordecai: oh no, please. You are the only close friend I have here and we cannot stop being friends just because an ex of mine can’t handle break ups. Man I met that girl two months ago and now she acts like she owns me. Asseblief tog. I’ll be a good friend I promise.
Me: ok right. We should go grab some breakfast before we get late for class (I led the way and we left.)
After the confrontation with Mordecai’s girlfriend, I decided it was high time I had other friends. I only hanged out with Mordecai and some other people from my class only when I had a group assignment.
There were two girls I hanged out with; Christina and Nandipha. Christina was from Rondebosch while Nandipha was from bisho in Eastern Cape. These were my girls and whenever I was not with Mordecai I would be with them. Mordecai would complain about me hardly spending time with him now that I had them.
The pocket money from my bursary was enough for me to have a better life at the varsity and whenever I went out with Mordecai, he would be the one paying for everything. Mordecai loved spoiling me, from clothes to jewellery. Whenever he was shopping he would bring back a dress or whatever. I tried getting him to stop but he told me he enjoyed it. I couldn’t complain.
Thabiso , the urban redevelopment what what was the first guy I have dated ever since I came to the varsity. The first guy I have dated throughout my dating history. Thabiso and i actually dated for like two months and Mordecai knew all about it. He wasn’t really happy I was dating Thabiso. He would tell me all sorts of reason why he wasn’t good enough for me, one being that I shouldn’t date someone who isn’t from campus. He would made it a point that we talk about Thabiso every day of the week, sometimes I would go out with him without telling Mordecai because it was now a “Thabiso isn’t good for you “song.
Since his break up with Rochelle, she never came back to threaten me. I wonder how he tamed that wild cat. Mordecai was not having a stable girlfriend but just dating here and there. Today it will be Martha and tomorrow is Jane.
As much as he dated all these girls he never ceased to have time for me. If I called him while he was on a date, he would come back straight away. If I wanted to go to a movie he would go with me. I just didn’t even see the need for a boyfriend, while I had him and the library. He made sure we went out every now and then; in fact we had a timetable for fun and serious stuff. Mordecai was an important part of my life. Without him I wouldn’t have done a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t have bungee jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, surfing and mountain biking or whatever. Most of the things I did were one of those I swear I wouldn’t do. Mordecai was the guy who was mostly up for challenges. We usually went on picnics and when all this was happening we never talked about dating each other.I had now accepted that maybe I wasn't his type after all but being his friend was good enough for me. Everything was well except my dating life.
I did date; well let’s say I did try to date until Mordecai meddled in like a big brother. My second boyfriend Harry was a very cool guy and considering what happened with Thabiso. I didn’t want Mordecai to know just yet. oh I liked Harry. He was just too awesome. He would take me to romantic dinners, movies and he just had the right words to say. Dinners and most stuff we did were now things I was used to, thanks to Mordecai. A guy who want to take you out in the townships always take a girl to all these fast food franchises like KFC, wimpy, chicken licken where he can just spend hundred rand nje
Harry was a guy who took me out to camps bay for cocktails and gourmet burgers. Don't get me wrong here guys, you don't need to go all the way to pay for expensive food if you can't afford it. This guy was just doing stuff that a township girl like me wasn't used to. Mordecai had helped me a lot in taking me to all these expensive places. Harry was just like a another version of Mordecai. Two weeks into the relationship, I thought I was in love.
finally I had to let Mordecai meet Harry because he was nagging me every chance he got.
“Why cannot I meet him? He is not good looking eh? You scared to show him off. I’m sure Nandi and Christy haven’t met him as well”
Mmordecai would tease every chance he got so I finally arranged for them to meet
Mordecai: why is he taking forever? I hope you told him that if i don’t see him fit for you, I’ll make him vamooz.
Me: you talk too much dude. Harry is a cool guy. You will like him
Within a minute there was a knock. I went to open and it was him
Me: hey babe ( he bent over and gave me a hug) babe meet Mordecai, Mordecai this is bae, harry.
Mordecai: are you serious? Him? This is the Harry? You can’t be serious. This thing is not fit to be called a boyfriend.
Me: oh so you know each other.
I felt so stupid. Mordecai seemed to know more about the guy than I do. At least I didn’t paint a picture for harry to be seen as a saint. It’s like telling your parents about a certain girl that you love, who is obedient and loving and whatnot not knowing that your mother who is a nurse had met your bride-to-be a week before doing abortion. The worst part being, you even haven’t slept with her.
Harry: ah babe don’t mind this fool, whatever he will tell you is a lie. I’m a good guy and he is the devil
Mordecai: this is the guy that I hang out with, I know each and every girl he sleeps with, I can tell you the girl he slept with last night ......no you can't date this thing Ria.
Harry: what the frikkadel Mordecai! ( He hit him with the teddy bear) no man, don't do that!
Mordecai: This girl here is my little sister and I will never let something like you next to her.
Harry: as if you are better Mordecai!
Mordecai : I'm glad you let me meet him just after two weeks of dating coz otherwise you would have been left with a broken heart. This is a reason why I should meet all the guys you want to date.
From that point onwards I could see their lips moving but I couldn't hear them talking at some point they were laughing.my mind blanked out on me, again!!
Why was I cursed ?
Love doesn't seem to be a thing for me.
Mom was right " “indoda ayithembe khanga "

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