Friday, October 30

Mahlatse Ramatseba

A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 30

It's all overrated, man. Sex is only a great thing if you're not getting any.
Charles Bukowski
I know I shouldn't have been thinking about sex when serious issues were in hand, But truth be told I missed getting some. I find it ironic that when you not getting any sex you really do miss it and always go down the memory lane, reminiscing on the hot steamy sex you used to have. Once you start having it again, you like 'oh there wasn't much I was missing really, It is still the same old thing'. No wonder some married people resort to having sex once a week or month. It can just be tedious.
Here I was; a fat, pregnant woman who hasn't got some in months . I really was in need of some.
"Rianze are you going to stop staring at me and tell me the truth" Mordecai brought me back to reality.
Oh he meant the baby thing. I don't really know If I should tell him or not since Mr martins hadn't given me the go ahead. Its like my life's revolved around him.
I wanted to tell the truth to Mordecai so I can free myself and go live my life maybe find myself a hubby and settle down. Soon enough ill wake up, 30 years old still staying with these people and in more deeper secrets. I don't trust rich people. There had to be something bad they have done back then to be who they are today. All that gilters is not gold after all.
I just stood there grinning sheepishly like a mad person. Roger got in, just in time when I wanted a distraction. He might have heard Mordecai shouting or something.
"Well guys we should just discuss this as a family and not now" he suggested indicating that Christy and Nandi should leave.
" Family? This family?. Ya'all been going around my back making it look like I was stupid. I had sensed that ya'all are hiding something from me and worse these two also knows" Mordecai retorted pointing at my friends.
"Oh ok then maybe you should discuss this with Rianze alone." Roger mumbled taking a seat.
" That's what I'm planning to do. To come think of it, you were not there when we were making love after all" he hinted with a sneer on his face.
Mr Martins entered with two guys. They were carrying a lot of plastics.
"Hello people. Oh there was a baby shower and you forgot to warn me. That's not nice babe" he giggled.
I giggled too. It just felt weird especially that my friends knew the whole story.
He told us he had meat and drinks for tomorrow. Mordecai didn't say a thing further but just left the room.
I slept in the visitors room with my girls that night chatting about this and that. we slept late.
Nandipha woke us up, she was the troublesome among us after all.
"Wakey wakey. Its december 16. Happy reconciliation day" she shouted.
I covered my face with the blanket and she took it off..
"Guys we have meat to braai and alcohol to drink." She drawled.
Well traditionally braaing and beer has been for afrikaners but now every Tom,Dick and harry does so on every function. A lot of people were surely doing so today except those who were broke or joining the ‪#‎Zuma‬ must fall campaign.
I got up and get ready.
Roger called me to the study room. His dad was there. I assumed he had told his father about what had happened.
"Well Dad I think its time we tell Mordecai the whole thing. Even Rianze is tired of it all. She even wants to move out of this house."Roger whispered.
" You should know by now how that brother of yours operates. When he is down you will feel sorry for him but when his on top of his game. He acts like he owns the world. Stop feeling sorry for him. He needs to go dump that dodgy wife of his first, come back to apologize for being a thick-headed imbecile who can't put his head on one thing. Then he can know the truth, right now he doesn't deserve to know shit" Mr martins fumed.
This guy might have been angry with Mordecai on other stuff as well. Who treats his son like this though?
"But dad..." Roger pleaded
"No Roger. If you tell him you will realize you made a very big mistake I tell you." Mr martins insisted then left. We just exchanged looks and I left.
The braai got on and within few minutes Nandi was already tipsy. Lucy and Linda came as well. Allan and harry were around too. There wasn't bad air between me and harry considering what happened in Varsity. He might have been laughing at me for choosing Mordecai who ended up playing me for a fool. There were other people coming as well.
Everything was galore. people were drinking and eating. I didn't feel like eating at all. I spent most of the day watching tv, I wasn't really in the mood for people. When I saw Mordecai walked in the house I followed him. It was my chance to talk to him.
" Mordecai we need to talk" I said and he stopped taking the stairs.
"About what?" He mumbled lazily without looking at me.
"The stuff you asked about yesterday" I said softly.
"Oh finally someone wants to talk." He gave out a smile.
"Well the thing is, there is a lot I must tell you but let me just be straightforward with you. I'm carrying your child" I whispered hoping no one was listening. He looked at me in shock.
"Oh hold it right there woman. She is lying mordecai" Lucy shrieked getting in the house. She was surely eavesdropping.
"Oh lucy, kaizer chiefs just lost an important game and I'm not in the mood right now. Why can't you just leave me alone to breath. Like really now.? You have been plotting this right? You can't believe this liar Mordecai" I cried out.
" Yes because I knew you would do this. Linda bring him in" she sounded like the villains in a movie.
Linda walked in with Thabo.
I just couldn't help but laugh. I knew what these women were playing at. Thabo was a guy who stayed a block away from my house. He was one of those guys who kept on pestering me trying to be my friend. He would come to my house to just ask for a charger, or just said he was passing by. I didn't like him but I decided to hang out with him at times only to find out he wanted to date me. I was so pissed off. he wouldn't stop calling or texting, he would inbox me 50 times a day. Asking why I was ignoring him. I just never felt anything for him even though My relationship with Mordecai was rocky.
"This girl dated me the same time she dated you" Thabo cackled.
I laughed again. It was just silly. He sounded silly.
" So you cheated on me Rianze. All these time you acted like an angel while you were cheating on me" Mordecai purred like an over fed cat.
"Oh shut the fuck up Mordecai" I shouted. I was so pissed off to the last degree, pissed off at Mordecai for listening to stupid rumours.
"Well the truth of the matter is we started dating while she was doing her final year and I was there when your relationship was rocky. She wanted to dump you but we needed the money from you so we kept you around. She fell pregnant and she said she was gonna pin it on you" Thabo added. I just shook my head while he spoke.
"You know what. I aint got time for this bullshit.I can't listen to this otherwise I'm gonna throw up" I said walking out.
"No wait Ria. Where you going.? You so good with telling the truth. You might want to hear this so you can't twist it around, Again. After the baby is born I need paternity tests." Mordecai exclaimed and I stopped.
"What paternity. He already said the baby isn't yours. " Lucy said holding Mordecai's hand.
"Well I have got news for you mordecai. Go take that paternity tests and shove it where the sun doesn't shine because I don't ever want to see you anywhere near my son."
"Oh we having a boy?" Thabo asked with a sneer on his face.
"Oh shut up lowlife dumbass. Thabo you will wish you never took that bribe from these two witches because I'm coming for you.... And you Lucy; you are busy going around bribing people with money I'm paying you. Well consider yourself fired." I said folding my arms,
"But you can't do that. I'm taking you to ccma" she jumped in.
"Well we never actually signed a new contract with you. You lied about your profession on that fisrt contract. Chances of you winning against me are slim " I smirked.
"I'm really sorry Ria. My mom is counting on me . You can't fire me please. Um.. Mor..Mordecai this guy is an imposter" she stuttered.
" You lied to me Lucy? Again? I'm the dumbest person on this earth. " He shouted then ran to hold my hands. He knelt down.
"Ria forgive me please. I swear I'm gonna do all that you want please. Ju...just forgive me"he said softly with tears on his eyes.
"I.. Want you to stay away from me. For good"I yanked his hand and walked out.

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